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Chapter 26: A hard earned victory!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: ELka.s.sar

After releasing the shot, Sheyan’s vision had also blacked out and was on the verge of collapse. During the battle with Qiao Gun, he looked rather pathetic but he was always sure of victory. However, after encountering the blood sucking Edward, his life had plunged to a dangerous mark of 30 points, he could collapse anytime. But Sheyan knew the current Edward was incapable of attacking him, thus he first wolfed down the last mouthful of the ‘endless spirited vodka’, His health restored to 55 points. Afterwards, he instantly consumed the medicine ‘aspirin’ that Qiao Gun had gifted him previously, and restored his health to 100 points! Immediately, he regained mental concentration, a.s.serting himself with his hatchet on his left and the musket on his right!

The vampire Edward was thrown back upon impact, instantly cras.h.i.+ng into the icy cold mud and rolling a few rounds in a total mess. He looked extremely miserable. But afterwards he immediately climbed back up. Clearly seen, half of his head had been utterly decimated! Around the reddened wound, the flesh there were frantically weaving together and growing. Occasionally black smoke would emit out, and after 10 seconds it restored back to before. Except, the vampire had already lost his calm and gentlemanly nature, he straightforwardly raised his blooded fist and barked out.

“This moron that dares to offend a sacred blood race! You think you can kill me with that? Never! Your behavior only serves to further intensify the torture you will suffer before you die!”

Sheyan replied.

“Is it? I obviously know that only holy water, silver weapons, and the cross can inflict mortal damages to you. You can easily regenerate from ordinary attacks….but you should know, this is Harry Potter’s magical world! You are a famished creature that was locked up for 7 years and 2 months, you don’t even belong here. Even your own life essence must is reliant on absorbing from people in this world to live on! The more life essence you use to treat yourself, this would only imply one thing: the more your time left in this world is shortened.”

(TN:It means using the blood he used to treat himself, the blood left in his body is lessened.)

Until here, Sheyan adopted a mocking tone.

“Now, respected Mr Edward, you can try attacking me. But after regenerating your broken skull and a portion of your brain, how long can your remaining life essence last? 1 minute or 30 seconds? If you take another one of my shots, then no doubt you wouldn’t have any life essence left to treat it. What then would your pathetic outcome be?”

Sheyan’s words penetrated Edward’s key point. If Sheyan was dying at left with 20-30 HP, then this vampire wouldn’t mind charging forward. But Sheyan kept some rejuvenating cards up his sleeve, he had completely restored his HP to 100 points. This was a huge problem. Previously, that bullet not only pierced into Edward’s brain, it further pierced his confidence.

As the saying goes, the best defence is offense. His previous impression of the harmless Sheyan suddenly changed to a sinister blade that had no qualms of dis.h.i.+ng out severe damage. Besides Edward had a huge misgiving, he completely had no clue of the long 1 minute cooldown of Ambition. In addition to the musket special effect: Ready to reach an entire 50% explosive strike probability, it needed 50 minutes to slowly charge up!

Vampire Edward’s onslaught was not as courageous as before, his previously unrestrained grandeur was abandoned. Thus, his threat had greatly declined. Instead, he brilliantly resumed his graceful and quick wittedness completely pressuring Sheyan from the front. He repeatedly breezed against Sheyan like the wind, on the way removing chunks of meat from Sheyan. Under the rain, lumps of sorrowful flesh splattered onto the floor.

If Edward had adequate time, using this controlled dicing tactic complementing the raging storm was like a blunt knife slowly grinding Sheyan down! Sooner or later, Sheyan would be mutilated into tiny bits and pieces. But what Edward lacked now was time!

For now, such attacks were not considered fatal to Sheyan. As long as that crow black weapon ‘Ambition’ was in his hands, it would project a tremendous pressure onto Edward as his brain would subconsciously recall the decapitating explosion of the gunfire. Once he unconsciously got reminded of his former predicament, he would bitterly retreat! Therefore after persistently dis.h.i.+ng out attacks for 3 minutes, that vampire finally halted its movements 10 metres away. Unwillingly staring at Sheyan for the last time, before he vanished into a black mist and faded away. Only his tattered swallow-tailed coat remained in the mud.

Sheyan leaned against the nearest tree for 5 seconds, making sure nothing odd followed up. At present, black spots appeared in his eyes as his legs turned jelly causing him to fall to the group. His current life points had reached a dangerous border, perhaps if vampire Edward had relentlessly delivered two more blows he would have sunk into near death state. If not for his unwavering willpower, he probably wouldn’t have lasted till now.

The rain continued to shower down. Sheyan laid in the icy cold mud, too tired to even move his fingers. He opened his mouth, allowing the rain to satisfy his thirst. After a short while, he regained his strength and managed to half kneel. The mud was cold and filthy but this didn’t deter Sheyan, as his s.h.i.+vering hands cupped together to scoop the muddy water to drink. After several mouthfuls did he turn his head to Qiao Gun.

At this moment, Qiao hadn’t died! He only sank into a near death state. Not only did Sheyan have his own hidden cards, similarly Qiao Gun managed to use a special medicine to save himself. If the vampire had managed to eliminate Sheyan, then victory was his. Yet now….Qiao Gun was just a meat paste waiting to be trampled on!

Sheyan didn’t offer Qiao Gun a pleading chance, he stomped down mercilessly into his throat. The dying Qiao Gun couldn’t even groan out as he died instantly, his eyes filled with despair and a thread of hatred. After Qiao Gun’s final breath, the incomparably exhausted Sheyan also received notification from the nightmare imprint:

“You killed a contestant under the free world setting.”

“Because the contestant initiated battle, your slayer value is not raised.”

“Milestone: Suspect activated. Kill 10 contestants. You can accomplish this milestone in any world. Completion rate 1/10.”

Just as Sheyan was about to drag Qiao Gun’s corpse to the mountain troll, he discovered a blood red key falling out from Qiao Gun! Sheyan suddenly recalled something which was a pointer notified when he entered the world: killing a contestant will result in a 33% possibility of loots……. Then this blood red key, it should be the dropped loot?

Sheyan picked up the blood red key, the notification sounded into his ear:

“You acquired contestant no. 33192 dropped legacy key. Below are your following options:”

“1, receiving 50% of the remaining potential points and utility points of the dead contestant.”

“2, 50% chance of receiving an equipment that the dead contestant was wielding. Note: equipment is randomly chosen.”

“3, randomly receive 3 objects from the contestant’s storage s.p.a.ce.”

“4, 33% chance of acquiring a related ability scroll. Ability can belong to any ability the contestant had grasped (Inclusive of basic abilities, advance abilities, innate abilities) and successfully convert into a learning scroll. Ability scroll level will be based on the original level/2.”

For example, if Sheyan chose that, then he had a chance of drawing Qiao Gun’s basic meditation lvl 6, and the scroll he would obtain would be ‘basic meditation lvl3’. If it was indivisible, then the number would round up.

These 4 options no doubt caused one to be at a loss. Especially the first, how would he know how much potential and utility points he had, what if he had zero? Or the second, there was a 50% chance of obtaining nothing, and even if it succeeded the equipment may not be compatible. The 100% chance of obtaining something for the third option was slightly better, but obtaining a highly valuable object was slim. Regarding the fourth, Qiao Gun’s innate ability ‘flash’ was definitely a power ability, yet the chances of drawing it was equally tough.

If it was under any other circ.u.mstances, Sheyan would have definitely hesitated much on this choice. But now, without hesitation he selected the third option! Randomly obtaining 3 objects from the storage s.p.a.ce. Perhaps his may not be the best option but to Sheyan, he wasn’t done with this Harry Potter world. If he could obtain any of Qiao Gun’s prepared objects, then he could definitely proceed with that……

A red glow brightly twinkled, creating a small blood red hole. Sheyan slowly observed it, and gritting his teeth he shove his hands in. The blood red hole simultaneously vanished, and 3 objects floated down in mid air.

A flas.h.i.+ng blue glowing key, a jade translucent stone, and an issued stock of the Bank of England worth 50 pounds.

Sheyan glanced at that blue key, his heart surged with delight! He initially determined that Qiao Gun would have consumed his medicines excessively, and did whatever he could for the sake of his underhand plan. Therefore, by the time he died he probably exhausted most of his items. Besides being able to draw 3 objects meant there was naturally a good chance at obtaining the key Qiao Gun had prepared prior to this. He never thought he would received two other bonus rewards.


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