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Chapter 15: Three fists and one gun!

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN, XRCO and Elka.s.sar

The seconds and minutes slowly drained away along with the repeated thrilling encounters. Admittedly, the life force of ‘Scorching mouth’ was steadily and firmly declining. Another volley of ‘DA DA DA’ burst shots, another explosion from the last bullet projectile.

The rear joint of the beetle’s leg suddenly distorted weirdly, stumbling backwards under the heavy pressure. As the leg tried to exert strength, instantly “SNAP!” the joint directly broke as yellowish-green fluid gushed out. The bullets persistently pounded against the thick leg causing it to fly 2 – 3 metres out before landing.

After its rear leg snapped, ‘Scorching Mouth’ didn’t seemed like it was greatly impacted, but its turning speed had taken a huge plunge. This allowed Sheyan more ease in dodging; even if he didn’t managed to dodge the trampling foot, he was able to occasionally deliver ‘Resistive block’ effects to lessen the damage.

Yet when ‘Scorching Mouth’ changed to target Mogensha, the relatively agile Mogensha was able to easily shake it off when he fled. Sheyan seized the chance to aim towards the beetle’s vile wounds as he emptied his shotgun. Even though the shotgun was a white grade weapon, it could still be considered as lethal within the close radius of 1 metre.

Gradually, its abdomen wounds expanded rapidly, inversely to its declining movement speed. But at this moment, it once again sprayed out a huge billow of yellowish-green flames! This time, Sheyan and Mogensha were prepared, preventing it from succeeding. But in a huge shocking twist, seizing the chance when the two humans retreated, the gigantic beetle suddenly changed its orientation. Swaying its huge plump a.s.s as it hobbled towards the sand pit it dug out from previously. It was actually trying to escape!

Sheyan’s pupils contracted in. “This fat s.h.i.+t roasted your daddy here to this state, and trampled over him for so long; you actually think of running away? There’s no way you can commit such a cheap move under the heavens!” He suddenly roared loudly.

“Trying to flee? In your dreams!”

At present, Sheyan was still left with close to a 150 HP; moreover ‘Scorching Mouth’ had already release its strongest technique, hence even if something unexpected happens he was sufficiently confident! Without speaking much, Sheyan patted his battle armour as he injected the ‘Stimulant’ into him!

Sheyan felt a sharp pierce against his chest, before a tinge of fiery spark ignited within his body. The next moment, the tiny spark rummaged through his body frenziedly as it extended over every limb and bone! A fanatical thrill collided into his mind, causing him to release a carefree exclamation.

Sheyan’s HP instantly fell by a quarter, but his sprinting speed rapidly surged. He wasn’t a speed base person; but in this instance, the ‘Stimulant’ effects allowed Sheyan’s feet to sweep through the sand dunes with ease. He finally caught up to the side of ‘Scorching Mouth’. Sheyan leapt up high, grabbing onto the crippled wing of the gigantic beetle; in an attempt to flip up onto its back.

But at this moment, ‘Scorching Mouth’ probably sensed an immense danger. A legendary creature couldn’t be compared to an ordinary beast. It released an oppressive screech and violently swerved its body to the left, drifting through the sand like an off-road vehicle. Caught off guard, Sheyan stumbled as he was swept up into the air; if not for his steady grip onto the beetle’s sharp protruding backbone, he would have simply been swept away. But inevitably, his hand was cut by the incisive thorns, the friction continue lacerating his palm until his bone could be seen; dark crimson blood flooding the area!

“DA DA DA!” The piercing gunshots resounded again! Mogensha’s MP was almost dried up after releasing the burst fire, his vision turned blurry as he slumped to the scorching sand; panting heavily. His hands jerked uncontrollably.

The first bullet struck straight in the left eye of ‘Scorching Mouth’, and a green fluid exploded out as it shrieked in anguish. The second round swerved around its head closely as it smashed against a nearby rock. “BOOM!” The rocks shattered out, as the fragments was blown coincidentally underneath Sheyan! The third round was frighteningly precise and carried insane prediction, as it headed straight for the rocks beneath Sheyan!

Sheyan felt his leg interacting with something, naturally pus.h.i.+ng against it as the rock was kicked down. Instead, the third bullet struck in at an immaculate timing as it propelled the rock up. Sheyan borrowed the resounding impact as he finally flipped onto its back.

Just like the human skull was the hardest bone, the carapace sh.e.l.l of ‘Scorching Mouth’s head was also the hardest of its entire body! Even though its HP had roughly only 400 points remaining, even though Sheyan was a couple of inches away from its most vital spot; yet he still felt a sense of helplessness.

The gigantic beetle was wildly charging forward, a couple dozens of metres only required mere seconds. Once it dived into the sand pit, if Sheyan still dared to follow it; there was a chance for it to turn the tides and slaughter the human within its territory! Hence, in order to slay this hideous beetle and make a full retreat, it was critical for Sheyan to cherish the few seconds he had. Once the beetle dragged him into the pit, then undoubtedly the tides will overturn!

Sheyan raised his fist up high towards the sky, it was still covered with sharp spikes. A faint glow flickered in the daylight, slowly scattering into the atmosphere. An ethereal essence floated towards his right metal knuckles, slowly the steel spiked knuckles in his hand gradually turned semitransparent; exactly the texture as a ghost!

Ghost Whetstone!

The formidable object that Sheyan had stole from Qiao Gun previously! Upon usage, the next 3 attacks will neglect all forms of defensive abilities!


The next second Sheyan’s first smashed heavily down, a faint ethereal remnant shot out from his first as it landed! “Crrackleee Crkkkk” The sounds of thin ice splitting open resounded. On top of ‘Scorching Mouth’ incomparably thick carapace; with Sheyan’s first as the nucleus, 7-8 cracks extended out in all directions!

The second fist! Solid rough fragments of the nearly 30cm thick carapace burst forth everywhere, an obvious wound could now be seen over its head; just like a cobweb designed fragment when a rock was catapulted onto a car’s windscreen. White viscous liquid could be seen slowly sipping out!

The third fist! Amidst the agonizing shrills of ‘Scorching Mouth’, Sheyan’s first mercilessly pounded against its head! The first was so vicious, it caused its entire shoulders to sink deep into the beetle’s body; the white fluid forcefully squeezed out under the pressurizing fist. Then it wildly gushed out into the distance, projecting an image of ‘Scorching Mouth’s head turning into a white fountain! Yet the creature persisted on, pressing on fanatically as its 7 long legs scurried across the earth disorderly, churning a huge stand storm behind it. Right ahead was the sandpit, its safe haven.

Sheyan’s eyes flickered with a icy-chill. That same chill emanated onto the cold hearted periphery of ‘Ambition’, releasing a glaring glimmer as it disappeared from the nightmare imprint s.p.a.ce!

“Eh?” Originally resting as he sprawled over the ground, Mogensha suddenly swung his head. “How is that possible……” It must be a hallucination. In this d.a.m.ned forsaken desert, how could there be a tidal gus.h.i.+ng sound?”

He quickly lowered his head, as he saw the hairs on his arms erecting upright. He murmured to himself.

“What a terrifying murderous aura!”

Back atop ‘Scorching Mouth’, a loud oppressive sound reverberated through; like the sound of a balloon wrapped in blankets popping but amplified a hundred times, or the thunderous rumbling in the darkened sky. Vividly, ‘Scorching Mouth’ was clearly buried halfway into its sandpit already, but after the sound its front legs suddenly started convulsing violently. Its ma.s.sive carca.s.s directly folding up as he collapsed forward. It was like an excavator trying to make its way deep into the ground but suddenly halting because of a sudden obstructing rock.

In this situation, the beetle’s entire nervous system had been severed from its head to the limbs. Its brain had died, but the body still fought on loyally, trying its best to fulfil the last command from the brain.

The gigantic beetle continued tumbling forward, convulsing repulsive and violently before coming to an abrupt halt. Its thick burly logs gradually loosened, and then hardened motionlessly.

At this moment, both received a notification:

“You slayed a junior rank legendary creature: ‘Scorching Mouth’.”

“Your reputation has been raised by 1000 points in all human factions!”

Finally, Sheyan crawled out despondently from the sandpit, his entire body was drenched with the filthy white paste from ‘Scorching Mouth’. Rolling around in the sand pit, he ultimately transformed into a sandman; before leaking out two eyes, looking rather comical. Presently, he wasn’t even able to open his mouth to say anything; once he did, then an unmeasurable amount of sand would instantly fill his belly.


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