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Chapter 26: Gamble

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elka.s.sar

Once he entered the cabin, Sheyan then pulled out Chris, who was hiding at the back. Saying one word at a time.

“Who gambled with you at the start.”

Chris pointed with his finger and said:

“Him, him, and that one-eyed.”

Concentrating his eyes, Sheyan softly announced:

“So it’s you guys who did this, hand over the item you played off him, then we will treat it as today’s events never happened.”

The 3 guys cast glances at each other, then the one-eyed took initiative and lazily spoke.

“Christ above! If you agree to bet you must accept losing, this has been a regulation for centuries. We did not openly rob Chris of his things, we also produced our own gold and silver as wager. If we had lost, then we would surely give up our items and not be like that, going back on our deal. This sort of logic is publicly known, if not we can find chief officer or navigator to reason. If they both nod their heads, then the things we won, we would personally return!”

Money moves the heart of man, these three knew Sheyan’s status but still dared to mess with his ‘cousin’, they definitely wouldn’t be brainless people. Amongst them was a tall and skinny guy named Rat Shande, he was ordinary except that he was exceptional in reading the weather and making forecasts, thus he became navigator Xiaer’s right hand man. He wasn’t afraid to even talk with Ammand because once Xiaer was busy or something happened to him, he would replace him. Furthermore that one-eyed man was normally a swindler, committing all sorts of misdeeds, yet he was still able to mingle freely amongst the people he ill-treated. This was because his eye was blinded whilst saving Scarface Harry.

These two despicable people had two huge backings in Xiaer and Scarface Harry, in addition Ammand was still relatively suspicious of Sheyan. Thus, if Sheyan continued doing whatever he pleased, he was bound to hit a difficult hurdle in the future on the Bell and Mug, and his interests would take a huge blow. To Sheyan, he had already put in his best effort and hitting a stroke of luck, he managed to climb to his position, how could he risk any impulsive actions that would bring about a huge conflict? Thus, after gathering information about those 3 from the blockhead Ben Mugen, Chris’s small emergence of hope had once again submerged.

However, life is full of surprises, faced with such a situation, Sheyan instead walked boldly to the 3 guys, staring intently he overbearingly uttered.

“Do you guys dare to loudly say that: You did not play any tricks on Chris’s gambling cards?”

These 3 had obviously eyed and set Chris up, how would they not play any tricks? Sheyan contemptuously gazed at them. Rat Shande and the other guy hesitated and dared not speak, and yet the rude and unreasonable scoundrel, one-eyed, tipsily smack his hand onto the table and pointed his right finger to Sheyan’s nose loudly scolding out.

“This d.a.m.ned yellow skinned monkey, I did not play any tricks, what do you want to do?”

Sheyan’s eyes flashed an icy look, furiously grabbing the imprudent finger pointing at his nose, and then exerted strength upwards. His current strength had already reached a 14 points high, one-eyed groaned miserably as he reflexively stood up and his whole body trembled with shock. At this moment, a loud and clear shout came from outside:

“Hold it!”

That tone obviously belonged to Scarface Harry, his footsteps were wide and heavy causing one to think of the Alaskan enormous carnivores brown bear. Instead, Sheyan had already viciously exerted strength! “Krack!” One-eyed shrieked out in agony, his finger was already clearly bent beyond its limit, it was obviously already mercilessly broken.

Scarface Harry fumed, he was already tall and st.u.r.dy, and now he widened his bell shaped eyes showing his ferocious appearance. A faint silverish glow emitted from his body as he clenched his fist and charged in like a solid piece of wall. At this moment, one would suddenly realized that this tall and study outspoken man was actually a savage killing machine. Consecutively, Sheyan noticed the thick reddish veins in Scarface Harry’s eyes.

Sheyan swung out his hand. “Pam!” He blocked Scarface Harry’s fist, retreated several steps from the impact as the two got caught in a deadlock, starting fiercely at each other. It was as though sparks were forming in mid air between the gaze of their eyes! Sheyan’s eyes was blazing up, as he coldly enunciated word by word.

“n.o.body can insult my skin colour! n.o.body!”

He immediately penned this conflict on racism, Scarface Harry turned speechless as Xiaer had quickly rushed in here as well. He was currently eagerly antic.i.p.ating Scarface Harry acting against Sheyan and was spectating by the side. Instead, Scarface Harry was extremely experienced, coldly snorting as he withdrew his fists causing Xiaer to be disappointed. Once Rat Shande saw his backing, he couldn’t resist the urge to fan the flames.

“Even if he misspoke, it shouldn’t warrant a broken finger right?”

Sheyan turned his head around, coldly saying:

“The how about I call you a black b.a.s.t.a.r.d, would you mind?”

Rat Shande’s expression turned ugly beyond comprehension, looking at his appearance he seemed to be about to pull out his sabre to attack but did not have the b.a.l.l.s. Finally, Xiaer decided to step in, standing out as he smiled insincerely and said.

“Seaman Yan, your mouth is indeed ten times dirtier than Old Bloke’s toilet.”

Sheyan glanced from the side of his eyes, as he persistently replied.

“To these cheating instigators that belong on the hanging posts, there is no need for courtesies.”

Xiaer’s face turned red, he immediately drew out half of the sword on his waist, suddenly a silver sword flew in out of nowhere. “Thump!” it cut into the wall in between them, as it vibrated back and forth, the sword was covered with a dense aura of brilliance. This was undoubtedly Ammand’s merciless sword!

Following that, Ammand strided in as he surveyed the surroundings with his keen eyes, speaking out with a low tone.

“Who can tell me what’s going on?”

n.o.body replied.

Ammand suddenly raged, punching the table in front of him as the table was broken and and blown away. He loudly boomed.

“WHAT’S GOING ON! TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON! There’s still half an hour to Herb Island, but the Bell and Mug’s crew head, chief officer and navigator are starting an internal strife! Do you want to throw my face in front of the other pirates?”

Scarface Harry then stood out, skipping agonizing one-eyed, he scrimped through the other pirates interrogating them to reach a clarity on the current matter. He then whispered a few words to Ammand. The listening Ammand’s expression became clear, as he swung his cold gaze towards Sheyan and said.

“You really want to stand up for him?”

Upon hearing that, Chris’s whole body including his a.n.u.s tensed up, even a blind man would know that Ammand harbored heavy suspicions towards Sheyan. Presently, he obviously wanted Sheyan to pay a huge price, yet without hesitating Sheyan replied.

“Our body flows with the same blood, and I owe him a life debt! Captain!”

Ammand snorted, then he composedly said.

“This matter is straightforward, you reckon that they schemed and cheated, but you have no proof right?”

Sheyan humbly replied.


Ammand then coldly swept a look at Rat Shande and the other two, just like glancing through rubbish.

“Although I have heard before of these three’s conduct. How about this, we follow in accordance to the pirate’s convention, what you have lose is considered lost. Instead, I will give you an opportunity to win it back. You gamble another round with them, if you lose this matter is settled, if you win, then the item returns to the owner. No matter the outcome, this matter ends with that! What do you all think?”

This method fulfills the pirate’s customs, winning back what was lost. To Rat Shande and his crooks, they have full confidence in gambling, furthermore they did not dare to not give face to Ammand and agreed without objections. To Sheyan who had an entire 13 points in perceptive sensing, he also had no issues in terms of gambling. Going by logic, Ammand’s method was prejudiced towards Sheyan as Sheyan did not have to produce any form of betting chip. Even if he lost he would not be losing anything else.

Ammand’s action widely contradicted the public’s expectation. However, only Scarface Harry ,who had followed him, for years knew the underlying reason. Sheyan looked like he was offending everyone on the s.h.i.+p through his actions, but this meant that he had no hidden ambitions of forming his own faction. As a captain, Ammand’s worst fear was someone thriving with ambition, therefore his personal position would be under immense threat. Based on Ammand’s personality, no matter how magnanimous he would not go easy on him.

However, with the recent event, Ammand had personally seen Xiaer and a few other pirates who were enraged by Sheyan even want to draw the swords, thus his heart finally relaxed. There’s a phrase called your a.s.s determines your brain*, to the fully ambitious Ammand towards the seven seas, if his underlings were cruel, untamed, vicious in their actions and even excessively greedy, these were not important and could even be be considered good. If a soon to be pirate lord did not have such open mindedness towards his underlings, then he should just pack up, buy himself a n.o.bility and enjoy life. As long as that brat Yan did not run around purchasing people’s loyalty, then such an outstanding talent no matter how unyielding will remain as one of his personal blades!
(* means your position determines how you think)


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