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Chapter 58: Metal digestive system

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elka.s.sar

Trapped in this perilous situation, at the instance he pulled open the door he cried out loud and leapt backwards. He obviously didn’t receive any injuries, but he purposefully bit his tongue and sprayed out blood! It appeared as if he was struck backwards by an immense force.

When he landed, he rolled violently and feigned unconsciousness as blood streamed from his lips. If one were to carefully observe him, he would certainly be exposed. But Sheyan determined that the Metals professor, in his current fanatical state, wouldn’t be concerned about him and would only care about Fanu’s condition! Therefore, he dared to pull off this performance.

As expected, his gamble paid off. Only Phelps rushed up to examine his injuries. Instead, the Metals professor urgently walked ahead and peered into the the bar, he did not indicate any concerns about Sheyan’s conditions. After confirming there weren’t any dangerous snares at the entrance, he took the lead entering. Only Fanu looked back as he pa.s.sively asked Phelps.

“Still alive?”

Phelps nodded, then Fanu’s words were extremely succinct.

“Carry him in.”

When everyone entered the bar, they couldn’t help but gasp at the architecture of this place. Various races of guest, gorgeous female staff, big bearded dwarves, ale foam, copper kettles, old fas.h.i.+oned rotary candlesticks, even bread, chicken drumsticks and drinks on the table! Everything was imitated to perfection as though the lively atmosphere lingered in their ears, as though the food and wine still released their sumptuous fragrance. It gave an illusion that time flashed back several millennia to the europeans legends, where G.o.d roamed the earth, and different races lived in harmony.

Alas, these were all sculptures of rocks.

Carved out with icy cold boulders.

Time seemed to have congregated in this instance.

Causing all the laughter and celebrations to freeze…… for a thousand years!

After a brief search, they found the only other pa.s.sageway.

That was the flight of stone stairs up, at the side of the bar. These stairs circled a ma.s.sive stone pillar and extended up. The pillar was incomparably solid, it gave off an aura of penetrating through the roof, the sky and s.p.a.ce itself!

Everyone ascended to the second floor before they witnessed a s.p.a.cious huge hall.

This hall was so s.p.a.cious, it was at least half the size of a football field. The 4 stone walls had a queer ashen color, giving off an impregnable feeling. Besides the entering door, everything else was sealed shut. A line of mysterious, powerful and ma.s.sive characters were carved at the centre. Although Sheyan didn’t recognize that line of characters, he could feel a certain respect and mystery from the pattern. Solely looking at those characters, their heart involuntarily beat faster and their blood flowed with solmeness.

“This, this is the ancient hebrew language.” The semi-conscious Sheyan was carried by Phelps, hence he could hear his faint amazement. “The original dead sea scrolls learned in history cla.s.s were written with this language!”

“Greed….is human’s…..original sin, the lost sheep…..if, if…..unrepentant, requires blood to cleanse the filth in this place.”

Fanu slowly read out the phrase beside the metals professor. Instead, the metals professor ignored it as he eagerly continued up the lateral spiral stone stairs. But he was stopped by a firm stone door behind the pillar.

Two sculptures were erected at the sides of the door, it was a statue of a delicate dwarf slightly taller than 3 metres. The carvings were imitated to perfection, even the beard was extremely detailed. Their hands were equipped with a s.h.i.+eld with a mysterious crest. One of them raised a ma.s.sive warhammer. They had a ferocious glaring expression as though about to start battling any second.

On the door, there was an extremely clear hole.

This could only mean one thing.

Even separated by thousands of years, it still meant that same clear reason.


Atop the keyhole, were actually chiseled out ancient hebrew characters.

Sheyan persisted in his fainted state. In his ear, he could hear Phelps’s recital murmurings, gently explaining.

“Speed, courage is the only way to open this door.”

“Benevolence is my intention.”

“But an arrogant person will inevitably fall into the abyss of suffering and despair.”


The Metals professor closed his eyes, after reopening them he smiled evilly as he stepped forward, his cloak slowly lifting.

That metallic textured cloak!

Naturally, it seems like he didn’t want to delay any further. Using his strength, he exerted force. But in the next second, his face immediately changed, as he disappointedly scolded.

“Why is there a strong arcane interference object here! All my active abilities cannot be activated!”

Everyone who heard it turned pale with fright, they likewise encountered the same situation. At the same time, the Metals professor seemed to have activated a certain catch. From the back, a viciously glaring enormous dwarf statue dropped from the top. Its appearance showed off the perfect craftsmans.h.i.+p of its creator, even its beard seemed to be grazing against the air. In its hand was a golden warhammer, coincidentally sealing their exit route!

Ahead was a difficult situation!

Behind their path was obstructed!

Following that, a strange glow appeared above the warhammer. It carried the density of a laser, but didn’t release a penetrating or eye glaring personality. It gave off a mild aura just a the warm winter sun. Clearly seen, that glow shot out from the warhammer, as he reflected unendingly around the entire hall. Even if it bypa.s.sed anyone of their bodies, it didn’t hurt them at all.

When that glow shot out, the warhammer instantly lost its golden brilliance, returning to its stone appearance. Even though the statue looked perfectly imitated, it had lost its soul and spirit, looking just like a gloomy lifeless sculpture. But because of this, the symbiosis sect’s escape route was utterly severed. They fundamentally didn’t even had a clue on dealing with his ma.s.sive dwarf statue. But now, even if they had a method, it was probably relying on violence if they became desperate.

After a short moment, something strange started happening in the hall after the light beamed across the entire hall, radiating with concentrated illuminations lighting up the sky like a searchlight. Because the lights were soft yet bright, it was like a light cloud had formed and suspended in the middle of the hall. At this moment, the atmosphere was like walking into a pitch-black house, but yet a sun ray penetrated through a hole on the roof. When that happened, all the minor details, particles and dust could be clearly seen.

“What’s that? Dragonfly? Deke suddenly pointed to the air and curiously asked. Under the illumination, there was indeed something slowly flying into the air, before more and more appeared. From far it looked like dragonflies, but it had a uniquely carefree laziness. Occasionally flapping its wings, as it glided slowly against the air.

A pa.s.sional glow exuberated from the metals professor’s eyes, he couldn’t help but call out loudly.

“That is the key to opening the door!”

As more and more of these ‘objects’ appeared, everyone could see, flying in midair were actually ancient metal keys. These keys came in various sizes, big or small, long or short. Most of their colours were brown or silver. Behind the key grew out two dragonfly looking transparent wings. That should be the main reason why they could drift in mid air.

Fanu retrieved his parchment scroll, carefully looking at it.

“The scroll records. In ancient times, dwarves and goblins loved to set up defence installations called: Metal digestive systems. Such defensive sets were relatively advanced, and even many great wizards who studied ancient civilizations, greatly admires such design concepts. Hence, they even replicate such defensive models for themselves. Significantly, within the great wizards, this included Dumbledore.”

The Metals professor slowly nodded.

“Our entire process, is really similar to the way Harry Potter and his group acquired the philosopher’s stone. This scroll is correct, Dumbledore had borrowed this defensive concept of the metal digestive system. And what we are facing, is naturally the complete original version, thousands of years ago!”

Fanu kept his parchment, contemplating as he spoke.

“In the original storyline, the main key to important the door is hidden amongst all those winged keys. Harry Potter utilized his capabilities as a seeker as he rode his broomstick to capture that key, however this agitated the other keys and resulted in numerous cut wounds on Harry. And currently, we do not require any broomstick to catch they key…..according to the instructions on the door, after seizing the key we have to swiftly open it. Furthermore, we must prepare our minds to face death with courage!”

At this moment, Deke’s brows twitched as he interrupted.

“Do you guys feel that the illumination is a little dimmer? My eyes are extremely sensitive to light, it should’ve turned slightly dimmer.”


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