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Chapter 36: A sliver of hope

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and ELka.s.sar

After a.s.sisting the Blackthorn tribe in annihilating the 107 Mutalisks, Sheyans reputation had soared once again. In actual fact, only a madman like Sheyan dared to take this gamble; because at the moment he leapt out out of Shenxu, he would definitely suffer from the deadly spore jets of the Mutalisk. Although these spores only contained 50% of the full damage, Sheyan would have to at last receive 14 of these spore bombardments! If not for his ‘endurance’ physique, he would’ve melted on the spot!

Of course, high risks signified high returns. After his boost in reputation, Sheyan had already attained the ‘Wors.h.i.+pped’ reputation amongst the Blackthorn tribe! He could now view and exchange for the most superior items! Upon receiving the purchasing list from the Mother of the Blackthorn, he and Mogensha both gasped in astonishment.

Your Blackthorn reputation has reached ‘Wors.h.i.+pped’ status within the Blackthorn arachnid tribe. Under the current difficulty, you are unable to exchange for more special units.

But you can exchange for the following pa.s.sive abilities:

Zergling’s genetic: ‘Improved Adrenaline’ – Increases your movement speed permanently by 33%. Fee of 15,000 reputation points, 2500 utility points.

Hydralisk’s genetic: ‘Fleshjet hormone’ – Increases your far range attack range/distance by 15%. Fee of 15,000 reputation points, 2,500 utility points.

Arachnid race: ‘Chitin nursing fluid’ – Increases your defence permanently by 2 points. Fee of 15,000 reputation points and 2,500 utility points.

Mother nest: ‘Helping-hand’ – Increases all your attributes by 1 point. Fee of 25,000 reputation points and 5,000 potential points.

Pointer: Pa.s.sive abilities of the same kind cannot be overlapped, only the highest value will be valid. (For example, if Sheyan had purchased the zergling’s ‘Improved adrenaline’ and increased his speed by 33%; in the future, he still could return to purchase the upgraded ‘Improved adrenaline (II)’ and increase his movement speed by 50%. But the overall bonus movement speed will only be 50%, and not 83%)

Pointer: You can help other contestants to purchase.

Very obvious, the best deal was that Mother nest’s ‘Helping-hand’. If the exchange was successful, then undoubtedly that would instantly compensate for their loss of basic attribute points in this world, but in fact gained more!

This was the total reputation points Sheyan had: Neutral to Amicable (3,000 points), Amicable to Respected (6,000 points), Respected to Revered (12,000 points), Revered to Wors.h.i.+pped (21,000 points). Sheyan’s current reputation was at the most esteemed ‘Wors.h.i.+pped’ status, and still had leftovers of 6,000 reputation points. In total, he had ama.s.sed 48,000 reputation points. Moreover for Mogensha, he had just broke through to the ‘Revered’ status, hence his ama.s.sed total was 22,000 reputation points. However, there was one primary concern – If Sheyan made the exchange with the Mother nest, then his reputation would fall from grace; he would no longer be able to view the ‘Wors.h.i.+pped’ purchasable list.

After a series of discussions with Mogensha; Mogensha would first transfer him 20,000 reputation points and 5,000 utility points, then he would top up 5,000 reputation points for Mogensha to exchange for the Mother nest’s ‘Helping-hand’. Following that, Sheyan would then exchange for his own ‘Helping-hand’. After their attributes increased by 1, his reputation had plunged to 18,000 points; currently lingering at ‘Respected’ status (9,000/12,000).

Of course, even though Mogensha’s reputation had declined to the ‘Neutral’ state, his personal relations.h.i.+p/friends.h.i.+p with Overmind Mozi and the Blackthorn Mother still persisted. Hence, nothing much was changed, just that the arachnids wouldn’t salute him anymore and that he could no longer engage in transactions with the Mother nest. Just when the two rolled up their sleeves, determine to travel to the Redliner tribe to acquire more reputation points, a sudden horrendous thing happened!

Their achievement points took a sharp decline! Due to the previous deaths, within a short span of 10 minutes, their achievement points had once again dwindled by a full 4 points!!! The only consolation was that not all deductions would go into effect, because their 6 point cap for the main mission had already been exceeded! Currently, if anyone else dies or the main lead of the mission dies, no more achievement points would be deducted.

But the underlying meaning was grave. This meant that the combat strength of Reef’s party had already reached its extreme limit. Hence, after a dozen hours without any casualties, once a sudden disaster descended; it had caused a horrifying domino chain reaction, as their forces had instantly crumbled apart!

The black Mogensha observed his string of achievement points being deducted, his heart felt rather regretful. People would occasionally make the wrong decisions. Comparing his capabilities to Crazy Harnik and Qiaoer, although they were slightly inferior; they were still pretty outstanding. The only difference was that they had chosen Reef as their fortress, while he had invested in this Seaman. Looking at things objectively now, this Seaman was really a mysterious fiend; he could actually force out a side mission wreathed in dangerous arachnid conflict, to create a heaven for himself!

“F*****…….” Thinking of that, Mogensha starting recalled the side mission that he had given up on – ‘Eradicating the Spore Colonies’! He started to seeth in self-agony and regret! If he knew that the war between the Blackthorn tribe and the Redliner tribe was bound to happen, how could he have given up on this supremely difficult mission? Fortunately, Seaman this fella was rather forthright and seemed to possess the disposition of a mighty general. For now, he may have wasted his golden opportunity, but in the long run he would still certainly gain.

Suddenly, both of their nightmare imprint starting shuddering faintly, before a violent coughing sound transmitted over. This was followed by a frail female voice, which sounded rather familiar. With one hear, Mogensha could differentiate it; it was indeed that support summoner, Tulip.

《Whoever you are…… whatever demands you seek….we will accept.》

《Save us please, our coordinates are – x.x.x x.x.x.》

《Our situation is terribly desperate, with us are the 4 main storyline characters. At most, we can only last for……6 more hours…》

After Mogensha heard this soft request for aid, he slightly shook his head. Naturally, two paths laid ahead of him. One was to complete the side mission with the Redliner tribe and earn some reputation points, the other was to rescue Reef and the rest. The first path, the Blackthorn tribe had already usurped aerial control, the path on from now was bright and glamorous. Yet the second path was dark and treacherous, its risk immense yet its rewards minute. Even a fool would know which was the best option.

From young, blood shed and death was already second nature. Even the few years he roamed within the nightmare realm, Mogensha had seen it all. He calmly stood up and patted his golden AK.

“Let’s go, boss. Those Redliner arachnids are still waiting for us.”

A flicker emeged in Sheyan’s eyes as he heard Mogensha address him as ‘boss’. He didn’t refute him but suddenly exclaimed.

“How is it that we can hear that b.i.t.c.h Tulip’s voice?”

Mogensha pondered for a moment before replying.

“That’s probably a special method like the Mother nest’s mental transmission, but it probably wasted a shocking amount of utility points. Who knows, it may also deduct basic attribute points. Right, boss, you also think that female is a b.i.t.c.h?”

Sheyan smirked.

“Only a person like Reef would be tricked. While we were fleeing previously, her peak speed was even faster than crazy Harnik. If she hadn’t had other tricks up her sleeves, that would be strange. Forget it, let’s not talk about her. I’ve already calculated, the coordinates that Tulip transmitted over isn’t very far from here, it is only roughly 1,100 kilometre. At present, the Blackthorn Mother nest has been upgraded to the ‘II’ cla.s.s, its gene research has also improved drastically. Even an ordinary Overlord is now equipped with that frightening flying speed that the elite ‘Shenxu’ possess. Of course, their HP and defence still cannot be compared. If we purchased an Overlord, we would only take 2 and half hour to reach there.”

Mogensha was taken aback.

“No way, are you thinking of rescuing them?”

Sheyan glanced at him, releasing a long sigh before saying.

“Do you wish to have 3 points of your highest basic attribute deducted just like that?”

Mogensha suddenly paused, his heart was slightly stirred.

“Are you really thinking of rescuing that main lead ‘Johnny Rico’?”

Sheyan laughed.

“We need to play by ear, anyway I’ve already investigated. The current enemy of the Blackthorn tribe is solely that Redliner tribe. They are currently engaged in a war for district/region supremacy. Hence, if we ride that Blackthorn Overlord over, and we do not encounter any Redliner b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, the other arachnids would only express a cold or neutral att.i.tude towards it. But of course, once we surface from the Overlord, the other arachnids would certainly no delay in a.s.saulting us, and even the Overlord.

“But……” Mogensha was pretty stumped. “If we go over now, it really is not worth it at all. From there and back, we still need at least 5 hours, what if the Redliner tribe decides to attack then? Also, if we use these 5 hours to battle and slaughter some Redliner arachnids, then our rewards would not necessarily be lesser than going to rescue them; even our risk would be greatly reduced!”

“Wrong! If we hadn’t finished off those over a hundred Mutalisks, then the Redliner tribe may very well engage in a surprise attack. But now, the possibility of them attacking now is low.” Sheyan resolutely nodded his head. “But if we rescue them, our rewards may very well be much greater than staying. Still I leave you with the same words. It’s your free will, you can choose to stay.”

Afterwards, Sheyan took some utility points from Mogensha and went off to seek the Mother nest to hire one Overlord. He also hired two Mutalisks as escorts. These two Mutalisks were not for attacking, it was to attack any potential threats, and allow the transporting Overlord to rapidly flee.


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