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The Ultimate Evolution is a web novel created by Juantu, Volume Of Soil, 卷土.
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Chapter 56: Pursue and being pursued

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: TN and Elka.s.sar

Amongst the survivors; after Mogensha witnessed the Sunken Colony exploding, he directly fainted and collapsed to the ground. His mental powers (MP) had been sapped, he was persisting based on sheer willpower. Naturally, his willpower would vanish after the Sunken Colony was destroyed. Reef had suffered severe crippling to both his legs. Baiise, was needless to say. He had lost a hand and a leg, there was nothing much that he could support with no.

Therefore, the only one left standing now, was actually that bare fisted, soaked thoroughly in corrosive acid Sheyan! As he stood imposingly alone on the spot, he gave off a lonely majestic demeanor like an unyielding mountain range.

Sheyan glanced at Reef, as he couldn’t help asking.

“Have you used your honorary dosage? How much health are you left with?”

Reef was currently wrapping his knee with bandages, shaking his head as he smiled grimly.

“Hundred and sixty-four points.”

Sheyan nodded, his heart was filled with perilous vigilance. One had to understand, from the beginning of this battle, severable unexpected variables had surfaced. Especially those few arachnid units hiding underground in ambush, it could be said that they had completely foiled Sheyan’s plans. Hence, Reef had to tank for a much longer duration. According to Sheyan’s calculations, even if Reef had attained a certain bonus from reaching a 50 points boundary limit physique, he would still able to barely make it. And this was under the pretext of no other surprise arachnids!

But with Reef’s current answer, it signified one thing. That was the bonus that Reef acquired from reaching a 50 points physique, had vastly exceeded Sheyan’s imagination! But at present, it wasn’t the time for Sheyan to muse about such a thing. He hastily charged towards the nearby region of the Tyrannical Spore Colony. Initially, it was enveloped with a layer of thick exterior skin; but after the elite Sunken Colony had been smashed into a blood mist, its exterior layer had shrivelled away, exposing its internal red flesh.

Within its interior, 7-8 tremendous hideous deep purple vasculars were twisted and knotted together, deeply leading into the depths of the Tyrannical Spore Colony. The vasculars were glossy and rich with mucus, every bunch was as thick as the diameter of a person. Even without approaching closely, one could vividly see the vasculars pulsating like a rhythmic heartbeat; waves of fluids were consistently pumped upwards with great might.

Undoubtedly, those were the vital spots of the of the Tyrannical Spore Colony. In view of having to deal with 7-8 tremendous vasculars, Sheyan had to abandon his 27 points of strength supremacy; opting to engage his ‘Prometheus III Flamethrower’ with an AOE effect instead. He pressed firmly onto the trigger.

TN: the flamethrower probably works on structure now cause its initial defence layer is already gone.

Twin fiery dragons roared out, engulfing the deep purple vasculars as the emitted crackling sounds; as though they were currently being barbecued. Not long later, gigantic blisters started forming over these tremendous vasculars, before being fried. It seemed like this triggered the automatic defensive mechanisms, as it attempted to utilize its body fluids to extinguish the flames. Of course, such tactics were totally futile.

During the manufacturing of the ‘Prometheus III Flamethrower’, this factor was already considered. Therefore, the flames of the flamethrower were equipped with pota.s.sium sodium grains, which possessed a natural chemical reaction with water. Hence, it only served to fuel the blazing heat! Therefore the more body fluids released, the fiercer the flames!

A contradicting twist, within only 20 seconds, the supposedly ‘ultimate boss’ the onion looking Tyrannical Spore Colony was engulfed in a sea of flames; roasted thoroughly. From far, one could also tell. It’s internal fluids would also have a violent reaction under high temperature – transforming from light green to emerald and finally dark green. It appeared just like a balloon filled fully with boiling water. Green and lush brilliance radiated from inside, as it continued to bubble and froth up!

Ultimately, this huge tyranny exploded, crumbling down like a gigantic waterfall. Its body fluids poured down in torrents, like a huge damp exploded. The blazing flames released choking white fumes into the atmosphere. If Sheyan didn’t evade in time, he would been thoroughly drenched in the body fluids.

At this emotional moment, Sheyan and the rest finally received a notification from the nightmare imprint that they had always wished for.

“You’ve destroyed a Tyrannical Spore Colony.”

“The fundamental condition of your side mission: ‘Eradicating the Spore Colonies’ has been met.”

“Mission summary: For every additional destroyed Tyrannical Spore Colony, you will receive an additional reward from the human and arachnid race.”

“Do you wish to continue in your mission to destroy the other Tyrannical Spore Colonies?”

“If yes, then this mission will be deemed incomplete, and you will have an additional 12 hours to accomplish it.”

“If no, then you will immediately receive your rewards, and the mission is concluded.”

While wrecking the Tyrannical Spore Colony, Sheyan and attempted to summon another Overlord over. But regrettably, once that Overlord approached 50 metres into the Spore Highland, it would be instantly decimated. Evidently, the defence system of the Spore Highland was still tight as before, not showing a single loophole.

Faced with the list of notification, Mogensha had already fainted after his MP was depleted. Furthermore, he didn’t even have this mission to begin, thus he did not have a single reaction. Instead, Reef released a long sigh of relief; he was about to accept to instantly receive the rewards, but couldn’t help gazing towards Sheyan. Sheyan gently shook his head, as he carried Mogensha. He then carried the similarly fainted Baiise as he strided towards the edge of the Spore Highland with big steps.

“Hurry up, the second wave of patrol is about to arrive.”

After a hardfought battle, Reef suddenly recalled that. The first wave had already included a terrifying arachnid unit. According to their nightmare imprint, the waves would become increasingly tougher! Reef started to limp and chase after Sheyan’s rear view. Based on their current state, if they really encountered another wave of lively dragon and animated tiger; there wouldn’t be a need to fight, they would just strangle themselves and suicide.

The second wave was actually slightly bigger than the first; it was roughly the same composition of the first patrolling wave. Apart from a slight increase of zerglings and hydralisk, there was still only 1 Lurker present! But, there was another new arachnid creature! This arachnid unit was able to levitate and fly in mid air, it was a Queen zerg. (Queen zergs would only be able to sp.a.w.n with a cla.s.s ‘II’ base. The blackthorn tribe’s rare elite queen zerg belong to that category).

Although there was only 1 Queen zerg, it created new offensive possibilities for the arachnid wave. Of course the most headache inducing ability, apart from that instant kill ‘Sp.a.w.n parasite’; it was that harmless but annoying speed reducing ‘Capture’ web. Once Sheyan and the rest were caught within in, undoubtedly those nimble zerglings would be able to charge past them, and directly rummage through the long range combatant backlines.

As they were about to board their escape tool, an Overlord, they were discovered by the blood-gold Queen zerg. Naturally, she spat out an alluring golden web towards them. Fortunately, Sheyan still had a wildcard up his sleeves. He straightforwardly commanded the remaining few Scourges to congregate together, a.s.sembling this suicide squad to collide head on with the Queen zerg. Before she could fully release her ability, they self destructed in her face, finally venting their inner resentment.

While fleeing within the safety of the Overlord, they all started recovering steadily with their regenerative abilities. Or at least, their condition wouldn’t worsen further. Baiise didn’t possess a regenerative capability as strong as contestants. After having two of his limb severed and losing too much blood, he sank into a deep unconscious state before boarding the Overlord. The Overlord had to use its tentacles to lift him inside. With the several straps of tentacles inside binding his decapitated wound tightly, it prevented any further loss of blood; as he finally woke up from his ‘sleep’.

After awaking, Baiise’s expression was gravely dejected. Actually, who wouldn’t be after losing a hand and a leg. His appearance really caused the surrounding people to fear that he would commit suicide. Reef suddenly broke the awkward silence.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to block those vile zerglings.”

Baiise continued his silence, but suddenly erupted with a vengeful frustration.

“You idiot! If not for your foolish command to gather up, we would still be able to slay those dogs from our positions! Every one of our Pebbles squad died here… and it’s only me left. Look at me, just look at me. I will never be able to pilot, never be able to race with them anymore. I can’t even kick your a.s.s right now. All this is all because of you!!! It is all you!!!”

Until here, Baiise had really lost his cool. Ignoring his severe injuries, his eye had turned blood shot. Saliva spat out incessantly. His gaze was filled with animosity, his tears welling up with vengeance. If he still had a weapon beside him, he would’ve really gunned Reef down. Sheyan faintly sighed, chopping down onto Baiise’s neck, allowing him to faint once again. Currently, being calm was of importance to the overall mission objective.

Actually, Baiise’s extreme behavior was fueled by his personal state of mind, after such a traumatizing experience, it was not really a surprise. Just like common occurrences in the present world, where people would vent their anger on random cars, or beating others, when they just broke up or loss an important loved one. Furthermore, actually Baiise may not be very ‘compatible’ with Reef from the start, hence, such a violent reaction was not uncommon. But when Sheyan turned around to try and console Reef, he got a huge shock.


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