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Translated by: CHua

Edited by: TN and ELka.s.sar

After the golden ancient character appeared, Melody’s fingers exhibited a beautiful sword dance as she carved out 12 cyan colored ancient elf characters consecutively. It was like the stars revolving around the moon, as the 12 cyan colors cup the ancient golden character, forming a profound mystery; thriving with nature vitality.

Next up was naturally to invite the perfect intact spirit coconut egg into the boiling pot. Sheyan took the initiative as he delivered the coconut egg directly towards the ancient elf characters, sparing her the effort of using psychokinetic to the move the egg.

Within the ancient elf characters, the coconut sized egg gradually turned transparent. An astonis.h.i.+ng pocket-sized Ocean-freak Moria octopus appeared within, its eyes still closed but its tentacles were frantically struggling. Yet, it was completely futile against the pressure of the ancient elf characters.

Very quickly, the pocket-sized octopus within the egg sh.e.l.l turned rigid, gradually disintegrating into speckles of faint blue, but not dissolving into fumes. The speckles directly swivelled around the 13 ancient elf characters. Gradually, the golden character at the nucleus started swelling, causing the other 12 cyan colored ancient elf characters to become slowly plated over with gold. When the egg was utterly extracted, Melody breathed in heavily; the 13 glittering gold ancient elf characters were sucked into her mouth.

Melody shut her eyes. Sheyan could sense a rapid temperament transformation within her. If she was described as the fresh bud of spring previously, then right now she was the luxurious fragrance of late spring and the early summer. Previously, only still green leaves were present, not blossoming flowers sparkled between the leaves. It was obvious her might had transcended a new level, nature smoothly poured with from the reserved Melody.

Sheyan hinted for Melody to continue absorbing, but she shook her head. Currently, it was her limit, besides she was still a newly awakened twilight elf. However, her current strength could be compared to a twilight elf who had been cultivating for an entire 20 years! If she continued to force her way up, then more harm would befit her than benefit.

Thus, Sheyan and Reef starting their own absorbing process. The process now was much simpler. Pursing her lips, the 13 golden characters flew out of Melody’s mouth, as it revolved around her without her needing to carve anything; it was like the servant acknowledging their master. With their aid, Sheyan and Reef easily absorbed the essence of 2 coconut eggs.

No matter Sheyan or Reef, they both reaped a huge bonus. Apart from a marvellous +2 to all attributes, their HP and MP were permanently raised by 50 points!! Of course, this effect only happened for the first time they absorbed, it not they could very easily break through into the 50 points attribute world limit.

Actually, Reef nearly miscalculated and commit a sequence error. If he had first absorbed the coconut sized egg before trying to absorb the ones Sheyan gathered, that extra +1 to all attributes of the latter would’ve been utterly overlooked. If not for Melody alerting them, Reef would have really wasted such a golden opportunity.

Observing Melody’s power once again expanding, Sheyan couldn’t help but ask.

“How strong do you think you are now? Are you able to compete against that uruk-hai leader, Lurtz?”

Melody had nearly been raped by an uruk-hai before; although she had miraculously raised two levels of strength as a twilight elf so far, the emotional bane of that traumatic experience still lingered within her. Whats more to compare against the uruk-hai leader, Lurtz? His power was so dreadful, he could even kill Boromir of the Fellows.h.i.+p! Hence Melody didn’t reply to him, but merely casted a pitiful expression at Sheyan. Sheyan then slapped his forehead and sighed.

“Alright, then how about an ordinary uruk-hai?”

This time, Melody shyly nodded her head. Even though her past life and experiences had returned to her, she was still an elf maiden who had just reached her coming of age. Naturally, she still had an air of youthfulness and inexperience.

Sheyan’s eyes glittered as he continued.

“We definitely have a chance if you can deal with 5 uruk-hais at one go……oi oi what’s with that expression. Fine, fine, 5 is indeed demanding, how about 3?”

“Still no? Two?”

“What! In addition to us, only can deal with two……”

At present, Melody was still using yesterday’s standards in judging him and Reef, she had no clue the two of them were reduced to a pathetic state without their equipment. Although they just earned several benefits, it was still vastly far from the overall bonuses their equipments provided.

Sheyan released a long sigh, then looking towards the few Tentacled-freak mingled amidst the orcs and uruk-hais. This Tentacled-freak in his eyes was essentially a 360 degrees machine cannon without a blind spot, that had the appearance of an octopus. His initial idea of attempting to slaughter his way out was instantly extinguished. Hence, he could only do the thing he hated the most to do – wait for heaven’s will to manifest.

Since the path ahead was impossible, Sheyan could only try thinking of a solution for the way backwards. Although their prowess had matured a little, but compared to two legendary creatures, they could still be described as ants maturing into crickets; the same fate of being trampled laid ahead. But also because of their insignificance, they would not be noticed easily. Thus, he was trying to see if there was a sliver of hope to pull chestnuts out of fire.

After Sheyan cautiously crept back nearing the mountain belly, he was shocked to discover the temperature had been raised substantially. Peeping closer, he could see a weary and injured Ocean-freak Moria; it had already retreated towards the west underground lake. Two more tentacles had been severed, as its severed flesh convulsed incessantly. However, the fiery intensity of the Balrog’s superficial body was also flickering miserably, not as overbearing as before. It was obvious both sides had been considerably wounded.

Yet Sheyan didn’t have the slightest desire of trying to exploit the clash of the two mythological t.i.tans; waiting for them to inflict mutual damage before being the main lead, reaping mind-blowing profits from taking advantage of the situation. His only desire was for an opportunity for the 3 of them to escape.

Unluckily as Seyan extended his head into the mountain belly, it was the same timing as the Balrog charging towards the octopus. A scorching heat wave surge against his face, its pressure unfathomable like an unyielding mountain. At that instance, Ocean-freak Moria released a blood-curdling whine, a sound wave swept out from its beak as though it was a solid formless slab; causing Sheyan to instantly turn giddy. Its largest twin tentacles immediately drilled forward like a pike, deeply stabbing into its opposing opponent!

The core body of the Balrog was abruptly skewered! The flames rolling ferociously, but two shocking deep holes were formed from the impaled aftermath!

Once again, the Balrog flickered in transformation!

As for the fiery whip in its hand, it cruelly lashed against…the floor directly in front of the Ocean-freak Moria! He could distinctly see in this instance, the flames of the whip seemed to be divided and dropped off. In a flash, the whip was demoted into a queer, sinister, pitch-black bone whip! The flickering flames of its body instantly divided into a thousand fiery spirits, issuing a crazed hysterical laughter as it submerged underground……

Instantly, huge fissures erupted out over the originally moist ground surfac. Through the fissure cracks, a terrifying red glow like lava sprung out. In a flash, over the entire ground surface of the mountain belly, a ma.s.sive crisscrossed network fissure of red lava glow appeared!!

Sheyan’s pupils instantly contracted, he could already see clearly the Balrog’s intention…..Actually, this flame devil’s intentions was actually not to a.s.sault Ocean-freak Moria! The Balrog obviously was clear that even if its might was superior to this humongous octopus, slaying it beside a water source was virtually impossible.

Hence the undying Balrog’s goal was very simple. Why had the Ocean-freak Moria visited this mountain belly? It was obviously to breed its future generation. Hence, if it dashed this very matter, then Ocean-freak Moria wouldn’t continue staying over here.

The lava like fissures swiftly spread towards the surrounding walls. Once the Ocean-freak Moria’s eggs had reached its tangerine sized second phase, it would sink down towards the rock surface to continue its incubation. In a flash, the Balrog controlled its flames as it binded towards every single egg that was pasted against the wall!

Blossoms of flames erupted as they insatiably devoured and roasted every egg, it was an utterly wicked a.s.sault originating from the Balrog’s evil soul. How could the frail eggs withstand the overwhelming might of the Balrog? In that instance, every single life force was destroyed!

Sheyan instantly understood something – that was about the Ocean-freak Moria’s eggs that he had gathered previously. The reason why it was so peculiar, the charred insides that seemed like it carried a blazing perishment; it was all because of this Balrog!

Having its future generation ma.s.sacred even before they were borned, Ocean-freak Moria was utterly enraged. It no longer had any apprehensions as it furiously retreated and dove into the underground lake behind, inciting a tremendous torrent das.h.i.+ng to the heavens. Within the next second, the water level of the lake declined by 3 metres, its surface surging violently. And in the next second, an unbelievably shocking sparkling and translucent, 8 metre high water wall was hoisted up!


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