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Chapter 149 – Manager w.a.n.g Xin

“Su Yan, what did you say?”

Ji Feng felt that he shouldn’t have heard it too clearly, or perhaps he had misheard, “Repeat it again!”

“Young Master Ji, my father is about to be forced to death!” Rong Luo Yan’s voice rose a bit more, and her tone became hurried. “Where are you now? I want to meet you …” Right now, the only one who can help me is you. “

“How could this be?!”

The sudden call from Rong Luo Yan almost made Ji Feng bite his tongue. What did Rong Luo Yan just say? Was her father, Rong Peng, about to be forced to death?

This joke was too outrageous!

Rongpeng Group, with a.s.sets worth tens of billions of yuan, was the giant of private enterprises in the southern and southern provinces. Even when compared to many large state-owned enterprises, it was not inferior in any way. Although it was still lacking when compared to the truly large state-owned enterprises, in private enterprises, especially in the southern and southern provinces, it could be considered a giant.

As the chairman of Rongpeng Corporation, who would dare to force Rongpeng to his death? Isn’t this a joke!

The chairman of such a large corporation was definitely the focal point of the news media. Such a person, not to mention forcing him to his death, even if he had some conflict with him, or did something to him, once the media reports about it or was found out, it would be enough to cause a huge uproar.

Therefore, even some rich and powerful families would not dare to be so excessive. The more powerful one was, the more one had to pay attention to public opinion and influence.

There were only two ways to deal with someone like Rongpeng. The first way was to directly find evidence of his crimes, and even so, he had to keep a low profile and not create too much of an impact. Otherwise, if the influence was too great, even a government official would have to bear the immense pressure.

The second method was also the best method. It was called killing with a soft knife or drawing with a soft knife. It was truly piercing pain on one’s waist, but at the same time, leaving the other party helpless.

This is called boiling a frog in warm water, slowly diagram!

Besides these two methods, Ji Feng couldn’t think of any other good way to deal with such a heavyweight. If he didn’t commit a crime and if he didn’t violate the law, who could force him to his death?

Could it be the Wu Clan?

Ji Feng was a little uncertain. The Wu Clan would not dare to do such a thing. He, the Wu Clan, would not be able to cover the sky with one hand!

“Young Master Ji, Young Master Ji …” Rong Luo Yan’s anxious voice came over the phone, causing Ji Feng to snap out of his thoughts.

“I’m listening, go ahead.” Ji Feng said.

“Young Master Ji, I can’t explain it over the phone. Are you free? I want to see you.” Rong Luo Yan said.

Her voice sounded a little anxious, making Ji Feng realize that this matter might not be simple, so he nodded immediately: “Alright! Where shall we meet? “

“I’m not too familiar with the Jiang Prefecture, so I’ll leave the location to you.” Rong Luo Yan said.

Ji Feng pondered for a moment and immediately said, “How about this, we’ll meet at the café opposite Rong’s Wind Vault. You’ll find that place eventually, won’t you?”

“Okay, give me a call when you get there …”

After closing the line, Ji Feng looked at the road sign and could not help but shake his head. Just as he was about to reach the Tongzhou Road, he received another call from Rong Luo Yan … He stepped on the accelerator and headed straight for Soaring Sky.

She wasn’t in a hurry to settle her matters with Rong Luo Yan, but since Tengfei Network Company was already in front of them, she had to go take a look no matter what.

Arriving at Tengfei Network Company, Ji Feng found that the place was no longer as chaotic as it used to be. The offices were all in an orderly manner. It seemed that the manager of this network company was not bad.

As he thought of this, Ji Feng was slightly stunned. He suddenly thought of something. Even now, he still did not know who the manager of Soaring Network was!

The original Tengfei Network Manager was transferred away because Han Zhong wanted to establish the Tengfei Corporation’s headquarters. After that, it was said that a new manager had arrived. Ji Feng had never met him, so he didn’t even know if this manager was a man or a woman. What was his name?

“Little Four, it’s your turn to be on duty today. This is the local area network’s pa.s.sword conversion method, and it’s the same as before. The pa.s.sword can only be entered after it has been converted.” A voice suddenly came from the front of the stairs.

“Alright!” In front of one of the computer tables, a young man with looked up and made an OK gesture.

At this time, the others had already started packing their things and were getting ready to leave work.

“How did you convert the pa.s.sword?” Ji Feng walked in with a smile and asked that young man called Little Four.

The young man was shocked and then looked at Ji Feng with vigilance, “Who are you? This is our office, how can you just casually come in? “

Ji Feng smiled, “I’m looking for w.a.n.g Xin and Yang Yu from your company. May I ask if they are here?”

“w.a.n.g Gong and Yang Gong are both busy. If you want to find them, please enter through the next door …” The young man called Little Four said cautiously.

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Okay, thank you. However, I am still interested in the conversion method you mentioned earlier. Can you talk to me? I think this pa.s.sword conversion isn’t too important, right? “But for your Soaring Network, it is a demonstration of strength.”

“My apologies, but I have no comment!” Little Four looked at him warily, “Just what are you doing here?” If you don’t leave, I’ll call the security! “

The others also noticed Ji Feng, and they all stared at him warily.

“Very good!” Ji Feng smiled and nodded, “Your vigilance is quite good. However, the security needs to be strengthened as well. I can just walk in casually, not to mention other people. Although it’s business time, it’s not good …”

“I say, who the h.e.l.l are you? What are you doing?! “

“Yes, please hurry up and leave.”

If it was anyone else, they would have been the same. They would have been working well here, but now, a stranger suddenly barged in and criticized them. This was not good, this was not good, what was this?

“Hehe, I’m leaving now!” Ji Feng waved his hands and smiled as he walked out.

However, just as he left, he saw two tall men standing in front of him. They were very calm and intimidating. They were w.a.n.g Hu and Du Shaofeng. Behind them were a few other security guards.

“Yo, you guys reacted really quickly!” Ji Feng smiled.

On the other hand, w.a.n.g Hu and Du Shaofeng were stunned for a moment before they reacted, “Boss (Ji Feng)?”

Ji Feng laughed, “Your reaction speed is not bad. However, the security arrangements are still lacking. This kind of mistake might cause a lot of trouble. This needs to be corrected.”

The two of them immediately blushed and nodded their heads in agreement.

w.a.n.g Hu hesitated for a moment, but still explained, “Boss, it’s like this. They are all working in the front office, and with the current weather, it’s hard to avoid a bit of heat. Also, it’s not convenient to go in and out, so they opened the door. It won’t be like this in the future …”

Ji Feng turned his head to take a look. The front door was a steel roller shutter. If all the shutter doors were closed, the ventilation and ventilation wouldn’t work well. Even if there was an air conditioner inside and people stayed inside for a long time, they would still feel uncomfortable.

“I have not considered this and have misjudged all of you.” Ji Feng knew he was wrong, so he calmly admitted his mistake. “How about this, I’ll go see your manager and change this place to only a security door, so we can increase our guard.”

However, Du Shaofeng didn’t say a single word. His relations.h.i.+p with Ji Feng wasn’t ordinary, but the more it was like this, the more he couldn’t speak. Regardless of whether Ji Feng’s criticism was right or wrong, he would listen attentively.

If Du Shaofeng saw that Ji Feng was criticizing him, he would explain things to him. He was a person who was proud because he loved others. If this was seen by other employees, they would have thought of it sooner or later. Even though Du Shaofeng was honest, he wasn’t stupid. Even if Ji Feng intentionally made him suffer a little, he was still willing.

As his own people, if Ji Feng was able to do anything to his own people, it meant that it was not easy for him to do so to outsiders, or perhaps it was just for outsiders to see … Regardless of the reason, Du Shaofeng had to listen carefully.

“Alright, I’ll go look for your manager. You guys get busy!” Ji Feng laughed, “Oh right, who is your new manager? “What’s your name?”

“Boss, you don’t know?” Our current manager is w.a.n.g Xin! ” w.a.n.g Hu laughed.

“It’s w.a.n.g Xin?” Ji Feng was startled, but he immediately smiled and said: “She’s actually the manager? It looks like you did pretty well. Alright, I’ll go find her right now! “

Ji Feng did not expect w.a.n.g Xin to be the manager. Furthermore, from the way the employees were organized, it was clear that w.a.n.g Xin was quite good at managing the employees. This was a huge improvement compared to the past.

Ji Feng went straight to the manager’s office and saw that the door was open. Looking from the door, he could see w.a.n.g Xin at the computer, her fingers rapidly typing away on the keyboard. It was unknown what she was busy with.

“Dong, dong, dong!” Ji Feng knocked on the door.

“Come in!” w.a.n.g Xin also nodded and said softly.

“Manager w.a.n.g, I’m busy!” Ji Feng smiled as he walked in, “It’s already time to get off work, and you’re still being so serious?”


When w.a.n.g Xin saw Ji Feng, her face was full of smiles and she quickly stood up, “Boss, why did you suddenly come here? Please sit down! “

“I’m not here for a surprise inspection. I just found some time. I came to take a look, but I didn’t expect you to have become the manager. Not bad!” Ji Feng smiled.

w.a.n.g Xin’s pretty face couldn’t help but blush, and she said shyly, “I didn’t manage it well in the past, so I studied for a while with the former manager and also read some management books myself. I’m still trying to figure it out, so I still haven’t done enough …”

As she spoke, she quickly stood up to pour some water for Ji Feng, not daring to even glance at him.


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