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Chapter 764: They dared to?


Hearing Ji Feng’s words, Ji Zhenguo merely nodded his head, saying, “Your words make sense. But don’t forget, you are fighting against a group of people by yourself. In fact, it might be you fighting against a group of large corporations by yourself. Are you confident?”

Ji Feng hesitated for a moment before replying, “I can only say that I will be cautious.”

“Since you have the confidence, then so be it.”

Ji Zhenguo nodded, then stopped the topic, “Next up, the police will interfere with your conflict with Hao Tai Hotel. If you smash someone’s hotel, you will have to compensate them. If you beat them up, you can do whatever you want with it!”

“Yes sir!”

Ji Feng replied immediately, “Second Uncle, don’t worry. Even if I have to detain him, I will admit it.”

Before he went to Haotai Hotel, Ji Feng had already made such preparations. He even thought that if Cheng Haotai brought the j.a.panese with him to attack, he would cripple a few of them. In the end, Cheng Haotai didn’t bring anyone, so he didn’t attack either.

Ji Zhenguo nodded and said, “Ah! It’s good that you are mentally prepared. Remember, just because your ident.i.ty is special, you don’t have to think that you can behave in a perverted and domineering manner. The more special your ident.i.ty is, the better you have to take care of yourself. “I remember that when you saw those popinjays bullying people in the past, you would also speak a few words of fairness whenever you were annoyed by them, right?”

Ji Feng subconsciously nodded his head.

“That’s right!” When you see an unfair situation, you still say a few words because you have more power than others. ” Ji Zhenguo said, “Then, if you start acting unbridled, you’ll be no different from those good-for-nothings. At a time like this, there will also be people who will say something fair!”

Ji Feng could not help but be solemn. He sat up straight, nodded his head seriously and said: “Second Uncle, don’t worry. I will never become a popinjay!”


Ji Zhenguo nodded. “Then that’s it.”

Ji Feng was slightly stunned. From Second Uncle’s words, the conversation ended here?

According to Ji Feng’s thoughts, although he had sufficient reasons, he had overstepped his boundaries. He was prepared to be criticized, but he did not expect that Second Uncle would just ask him a few questions and then end the conversation!

What did Second Uncle mean by this?

For a moment, Ji Feng didn’t understand what was going on.

But seeing Second Uncle’s intention, Ji Feng could only nod his head and leave Second Uncle’s office.

On the way out, Ji Feng’s mind was filled with thoughts of what his Second Uncle had said. He didn’t even have the time to respond when his Second Uncle’s secretary greeted him.

“What exactly does Second Uncle mean?” Does he agree with what he’s doing, or does he disagree? ” Ji Feng contemplated for a good while, but was still unable to come up with an answer.

Logically speaking, this time, the j.a.panese had protested. This should be considered a rather serious matter. However, Second Uncle only pa.s.sed on a few words. He seemed to be a bit unconcerned about it, and didn’t even seem to take it to heart.

This was rather strange.

“Young Master Ji, where are we going next?” the spider asked softly as he started the car.


Only then did Ji Feng react. He shook his head with a smile and said, “To the southwest.”

The spider froze for a second, then nodded and started the car.

On the way, Ji Feng frowned as he pondered over what his Second Uncle really meant. Today, Second Uncle had called him over to ask him about the cause and details of the disturbance at Haotai Hotel.

Ji Feng’s eyes suddenly lit up. Yes, Second Uncle actually meant that!

After his second uncle found out about the details of the situation, he asked himself a few more questions. They were all about his own thoughts or his own plans.

After hearing this, Second Uncle asked himself a few more questions. They were all about the loopholes in his plan, or rather, the loopholes in Second Uncle’s eyes. The questions he asked were all about this.

… …. Didn’t this mean that after Second Uncle found out about his plan, not only did he not stop him, he even showed his support?

The reason why he pointed out those flaws was to improve his plan and not let his opponents take advantage of it!

In other words, Second Uncle was actually supporting him!

However, perhaps it was because it involved the j.a.panese, so Second Uncle could not say it openly. Perhaps it was also because Second Uncle’s character was too calm, making him unwilling to say many things, or … He was testing himself.

But no matter what, Second Uncle’s support was unquestionable.

Although Second Uncle didn’t say anything, Ji Feng was sure that when he moved, Second Uncle would also do something. However, his methods were definitely much better than his own.

After understanding all of this, Ji Feng could not help but smile faintly. It seemed that Second Uncle understood this more than anyone else.

Thinking about it, perhaps Second Uncle was very dissatisfied with the fact that some people from China were willing to be the henchmen of the j.a.panese and that they were in cahoots with each other. That was why he wanted to do something.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, he was the representative of the Ji Clan, and in the Jiang Prefecture, he was the representative of the Second Uncle.

No matter what he did, outsiders would think that it was the second uncle’s will.

Presumably, this was one of the reasons why Second Uncle did not stop him.

“Ding … …”

As Ji Feng was thinking, his phone suddenly rang. He picked it up and saw that it was his Second Uncle calling. “h.e.l.lo, Second Uncle.”

Ji Zhenguo’s voice sounded from the phone, “If you have any doubts in the future, you can give me a call or discuss it with your elder brother. At your father’s place, you must also give him a call frequently.”

“I know.” Ji Feng nodded.

“In addition, the technology of Tengfei Group is so eye-catching that it has to be protected even more. At the same time, we also have to try our best to develop it, and the more people do not care about other people’s means, the more it will prove that the Tengfei Group’s development direction is correct.” Ji Zhenguo said.

“Yes sir!”

Ji Feng nodded his head vigorously. This was already clear support from Second Uncle.

“Hm!” “We must also pay attention to our own safety to prevent those who have ulterior motives from jumping into a wall in a hurry!” Finis.h.i.+ng his words, Ji Zhenguo hung up.

Ji Feng quickly understood what his second uncle meant. He was afraid that if he were to face the j.a.panese alone, he would be at a disadvantage. Ji Feng smiled and looked back at the direction of the office building.

Second Uncle was a person like him, and everything was good. It was just that there were very few smiles on his face. It was too dignified. No wonder second brother was like a mouse that saw a cat when he saw him.

However, Ji Feng wasn’t afraid of him at all. On the contrary, he was extremely amiable.

Many times, being lectured by an elder was actually a type of happiness.

“White spider, hurry up!” Ji Feng’s voice was slightly louder.

“Yes sir!” The white spider replied.

Ji Feng leaned his body against the soft ground and sneered. The j.a.panese, as well as those of their henchmen, we will slowly play with them!

With the support of his second uncle, Ji Feng’s fighting spirit grew even more.

… ….



A man with ferociously kicked the table. The table that was already crooked immediately flipped over after being kicked, almost falling apart.

“They clearly know that you are a friend of us j.a.panese, but they still dare to do such a thing. This is slapping us in the face. d.a.m.n it, Chinese people, they deserve to die!” He growled.

His face was filled with a malevolent expression, and his eyes revealed a beast-like radiance. His previously refined demeanor instantly disappeared without a trace, and was replaced with malevolence, malevolence, and malevolence, and viciousness.

“Little Ye is right, those Chinese people who came to make trouble all deserve to die!” Another person beside him said.

“Cheng Jun, what are you going to do?” Ono, who had been talking, turned his head and asked.

Cheng Haotai’s face was gloomy as he scanned the surroundings. His expression became even more gloomy.

At this time, Ji Feng and Han Zhong had already left for more than two hours. Cheng Haotai was kicked a few times by Han Zhong in the hotel lobby and almost lost all face. Plus, he called the police several times consecutively and didn’t see the police coming, so his heart was already filled with fire.

After Ji Feng and Han Zhong left, Cheng Haotai went upstairs. He saw that the rooms on the third floor and the decorations in the corridor were all smashed into a mess. It was as if someone had smeared dog s.h.i.+t on his clean face …

In his rage, a wave of anger rushed to his head, causing Cheng Haotai to almost fall down!

If Xiao Ye and the other two did not rush over, Cheng Haotai would have used his secret experts to kill Ji Feng and Han Zhong.

Even though Cheng Haotai seemed to be very calm, and had an imposing aura about him. But in reality, he was a proud and arrogant person. Furthermore, he had a lot of face, as his reputation was more important than anything else.

Ji Feng and Han Zhong only thought that they didn’t do anything to Cheng Haotai today, but Han Zhong kicked Cheng Haotai a few times. And Liu Xin and the others only smashed a few rooms in the hotel under Ji Feng’s instructions.

All of these were just to disrupt Cheng Haotai’s rhythm.

However, the two did not know that when Cheng Hao said that they would do this, they might as well just smash the hotel or find a secluded place and beat him up. He would not be as angry as he was now.

At this time, Cheng Haotai hated Ji Feng and Han Zhong to the bones. If possible, Cheng Haotai wished he could tear Ji Feng and Han Zhong into shreds!

Just because… Ji Feng and Ji Feng had greatly humiliated him!

Back then, there were quite a number of people watching. Not only were there frequent customers, but there were also the hotel’s staff and even … His mistress, Liu Jing!

After today, his lofty and imposing figure would probably disappear.

This was the most important thing to Cheng Hao, how could he not hate him?

So when he heard Little Ye’s question, Cheng Haotai immediately gnashed his teeth and said: “What do we do? Humph! Those two little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I will definitely not let them go! “

“Little Ye, I plan to leave according to the plan for now. Let’s take down Teng Fei Group first. As for that Ji Feng … I request for you to use your super soldiers to get rid of him! ” Cheng Haotai said with deep hatred.


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