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Chapter 934 – Odd People

New York.

At this time, the New York City was completely shrouded in darkness, but the number of cars on the road did not decrease at all. Ji Feng and the other two were stuck on the road and could only slowly move forward with the traffic ahead.

Ji Feng sat in the back of the car with his eyes closed. The white spider sat beside him, fiddling with a few inches long dagger in its hand. The sharp blade occasionally reflected the light from the outside and emitted a cold light.

Li Guoliang concentrated on driving, honking his horn from time to time, hoping to urge the cars in front to drive away.

Ji Feng opened his eyes and asked, “Guo Liang, how far do we have to go?”

Li Guoliang said, “If we drive normally, it will take about an hour, but from the looks of it …” I’m afraid it will take longer, but it won’t take too long. “

Ji Feng lightly shook his head. “We can’t wait like this. We have to hurry over as soon as possible.”

Li Guoliang said, “Mr. Ji, don’t worry. This is a busy road, so traffic jams are a common occurrence. But looking at the situation today, we should be able to pa.s.s this road within 20 minutes.”


Ji Feng’s brows twitched as he asked, “Why are you so sure?”

Li Guoliang pointed at the car in front and said, “Look, although the car in front is heavily blocked, it’s still moving. This means that the traffic must be too large and that the congestion didn’t happen. If that’s the case, we can slowly get through the intersection in front.”

Ji Feng nodded with a smile. Li Guoliang was observing the car carefully. He could tell the traffic situation just by the speed of the car. He was either an experienced old driver or a meticulous person.

But no matter which one it was, it was clear how old Li Guoliang was.

“Is there such a congested intersection up ahead?” Ji Feng asked after some thought.

Li Guoliang answered with a smile, “There are a few more. For a city as big as New York, it’s impossible to not have a congested road. However, there’s an underground tunnel in front of us, it’ll be much more convenient if we go through it directly.”

“That’s good!” Ji Feng nodded.

Tonight was simply too important, and Ji Feng couldn’t ignore it.

Ji Feng originally only planned to investigate the company that was related to the dynasty to see what was going on inside. If he was lucky, he might be able to catch a few important people. What he should do next would depend on what he could find.

However, what was out of Ji Feng’s expectations was that he unexpectedly met Lu Guowei, who was chatting with the White Spider at the airport. Next, Lu Guowei pa.s.sed on an extremely important piece of information — the CEO of this company, Hunter, was also from the dynasty. Furthermore, he seemed to be in charge of the empire in New York.

More importantly, according to what Lu Guowei had said, the head of the dynasty in New York, Mr. Hunter, was entertaining another important personage today — His Royal Highness!

It was said that his son, the little gongzi, was also accompanying the prince!

The prince and the young n.o.ble were actually in New York, and in such a sudden manner at that. Ji Feng was informed of the news.

This was truly unexpected news. Not only was Ji Feng surprised, he was also pleasantly surprised.

We must catch them!

This was the first thought that came to Ji Feng’s mind when he heard the news.

No matter what, they had to capture the prince and the little gongzi. They couldn’t let the little gongzi escape this time, and the prince was even more important than the little gongzi. Ji Feng couldn’t let them off no matter what.

It could be said that Ji Feng had heard of these two for a very long time.

However, Lu Guowei didn’t know where Hunter and his father were. Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown. Fortunately, Hunter’s girlfriend knew.

Even though Hunter’s girlfriend had surprised and rendered Ji Feng speechless, he had automatically ignored the dirty things that had happened between him and Hunter.

What Ji Feng valued the most was Hunter’s current position.

Apparently, Ji Feng was more concerned about finding the Prince and Young n.o.ble after the fight. Ji Feng didn’t care about the dirty things between Hunter and the middle-aged man.

However, even though he knew where Hunter was, Ji Feng did not dare to be careless. Because no one knew if Hunter would stay there forever.

Especially since Hunter was accompanied by the prince and his son, Ji Feng was even more uncertain.

Ji Feng was very clear that the prince and the young master were too vigilant, especially the prince. From the beginning to the end, Ji Feng had never come into contact with this person, no matter what methods he used, he had never found any trace of the prince.

He wasn’t the only one who couldn’t find out who the Prince was, even though he had used all of the military’s power during the battle.

From this, it could be seen how cunning the prince was.

Therefore, even though Ji Feng had already found out where Hunter was, he didn’t dare to be careless. His Royal Highness was like a cunning fox; if Ji Feng wanted to catch him, he couldn’t be the slightest bit careless.

However, Ji Feng had never expected that after dealing with Lu Guowei and Hunter’s’ girlfriend ‘, he would rush over to Hunter’s location, only to encounter a traffic jam!

Ji Feng looked through the winds.h.i.+eld. He could vaguely see the traffic lights. According to Li Guoliang, as long as they reached the intersection, they would be able to enter the underground pa.s.sage. It should be soon.

Please don’t let anything happen to him!

Ji Feng lightly shook his head. He knew that he was getting impatient, this wasn’t good.

There was a very famous rule to the effect that the more you worried about something, the more it would happen. In fact, it wasn’t actually a bad idea, but a psychological one.

Therefore, Ji Feng simply closed his eyes and waited silently.

“Beep, beep, beep…..”

The horn outside sounded unceasingly, and the car slowly moved forward.

After about ten minutes, Li Guoliang suddenly said, “We’re finally here!”

Ji Feng abruptly opened his eyes and discovered that the car had already entered an underground tunnel. Moreover, the sound of a rapid and deep engine rumbling could be heard as the car began to accelerate.

“Guo Liang, be quick!” Ji Feng said concisely.


Li Guoliang nodded and immediately accelerated. In reality, speeding up in this kind of underground pa.s.sage was dangerous. However, Li Guoliang knew that this matter was more urgent, so he didn’t have time to worry about it.

Moreover, he believed that with his driving skills, even if he met with an unexpected situation, he would be able to handle it.

The car rushed out with the sound of a low engine. It sped along the underground pa.s.sage for about ten minutes, then entered a relatively sound road and sped on its way.

When Li Guoliang drove the car out of the city, he finally let out a sigh of relief and said, “Mr. Ji, we’ll be there in half an hour at the most!”

Ji Feng glanced at his surroundings before nodding his head.

The car was heading to the suburbs, and Hunter was in the suburbs. Ji Feng thought to himself, if we want to make a move in the suburbs, we have to be fast and light. If we alert the prince, it won’t be easy to capture people in the suburbs.

Ji Feng pondered on how he should proceed when the time came.

… ….

At this moment, in a villa in the suburbs of New York, a few eccentric people were conversing in the living room.

It was a strange person because of their attire. Sitting on the sofa was a foreigner with a head full of white hair. He was a typical western man with a high nose bridge, blue eyes, and gray hair.

Of course, there were also plenty of body hair … The back of his hand was covered with furry hair, making him look like a gorilla that had not evolved well.

Opposite him were two masked men, one of whom was still sitting on a wheelchair.

These two people were naturally the prince and his son, the young gongzi.

The one sitting on the sofa was, needless to say, the CEO of the company Ji Feng was looking for, Hunter.

Compared to the weird behavior of the father and son, who were wearing masks at night, Hunter looked even weirder… Especially when he was talking.

Hunter did not know what they were talking about, but he suddenly grinned, revealing a mouthful of metallic teeth. However, they were not silver or gold teeth or porcelain, but were pieces of pig iron, the color similar to black iron!

Such a mouth was truly too strange.

“Your Royal Highness, please forgive my bluntness, but your request has put me in a difficult position.”

Hunter bit his cigar with his iron-like teeth and said, “You know what? Although I’m in charge of organizing all the activities in New York, the United States government is aware of our activities. If we were to use force to deal with the president of the Weida Group, that would cause a lot of trouble for us, and the United States government would certainly cause trouble for me as well!”

“Hunter, are you trying to lie to me?”

Hunter said exaggeratedly. “How is that possible!?” “Your Highness, you and my superior are friends, how could I pretend to be friends? Please believe me, what I’ve said is the truth!”


The prince coldly snorted and said in a deep voice, “You aren’t just fawning on me? “But as far as I know, you already started harming the Widal Corporation a long time ago and even sent killers to the head of the Wida Corporation, Ji Nanyue. When you were doing these things, weren’t you afraid that the American government would cause trouble for you?”


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