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Chapter 55 Performance Change?

“That person is not Hu Xuehui’s boyfriend!” However, Tong Lei suddenly said.

“How is this possible!”

Zhang Lei couldn’t help laughing, “Didn’t you see how nervous Hu Xuehui was when I hit that grandson of mine? “With Hu Xuehui’s personality, other than her, no one else would care about her. Who else could it be if that grandson called Bian Chunlei is not her boyfriend?”

Tong Lei shook her head and said, “That’s true, but I’m sure that man definitely isn’t Hu Xuehui’s boyfriend. That’s without a doubt.”

“Oh? “Why?” Ji Feng asked with a smile, “Why didn’t I notice it?”

“It’s simple, because when Hu Xuehui looked at Bian Chunlei, there was no emotion in her eyes. There was even a hint of disgust, but from the looks of it, she seemed to be enduring it.” Tong Lei pouted, “Have you ever seen a girl look at her boyfriend with that kind of disgusted expression?”

Zhang Lei was stunned. “There’s such a thing?” Why didn’t I see it? Madman, you have the best eyesight, did you see that? “

Ji Feng lightly shook his head. “No.”

Tong Lei pursed her lips and smiled, “Of course you didn’t notice it. At that time, both of your eyes were focused on that man. How could you have noticed if you didn’t even look at Hu Xue Hui?”

Zhang Lei was shocked, and asked, “Lei Lei, you can even find out about this? “Heh …”

“What are you thinking!”

Hearing Zhang Lei’s smile, Tong Lei’s face instantly turned slightly red. Hearing Zhang Lei’s words, it was as if she had been observing Ji Feng’s reaction …

If that was the case, didn’t it mean that he was worried that Hu Xuehui’s appearance would cause Ji Feng to have some other thoughts? That was why he was paying such close attention to the change in Ji Feng’s expression.

Tong Lei naturally did not think so. Tong Lei could be said to understand Ji Feng’s experience the best, so she was very clear that Ji Feng already treated Hu Xue Hui as a stranger.

Just imagine, when your ex-girlfriend suddenly appears in front of you along with another man, and you two have a conflict, at this time, no matter what, you would feel a certain amount of resentment towards your ex-girlfriend, such as disgust, or maybe it was a kind of disappointment, or maybe it was a schadenfreude to think that after this woman left you, you actually found such a bear-like man …

But no matter what kind of emotion it was, there would always be a reaction from it.

However, Ji Feng completely ignored Hu Xue Hui’s existence. His gaze swept across Hu Xue Hui, but he did not stop. He treated her like a complete stranger.

It was because of this that Ji Feng did not notice the look in Hu Xuehui’s eyes when she looked at that man called Bian Chunlei.

“It seems like they really aren’t male and female friends. “This is really strange. Judging from that arrogant guy’s att.i.tude, he must have some power and background. Even with Hu Xue Hui’s personality, she didn’t rush to turn the tables on him!” Zhang Lei’s face was filled with ridicule and he clicked his tongue in wonder.

“That’s not right!” Ji Feng shook his head.

“What’s wrong?” Tong Lei asked curiously.

“Maybe Hu Xue Hui really does hate that guy called Bian Chunlei, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend.” Ji Feng said.


He was also very curious about what Ji Feng had said. In such an occasion, Hu Xuehui looked at Chun Lei with a disgusted expression, which was obviously not an act. Could it not explain the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them?

Ji Feng shook his head. “None of you understand Hu Xue Hui… “Of course, I don’t know much about her, but from what I’ve seen before, even if Hu Xuehui really hates that guy called Bian Chunlei, she might still be able to be his girlfriend!”

Tong Lei frowned. “That’s a contradiction. If Hu Xuehui doesn’t like that guy, why is she still his girlfriend?”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Lei Lei, you can’t always judge others by how you think about others. Hu Xue Hui has every reason to be that person’s girlfriend. It’s possible for money, power, or anything else.”

Zhang Lei agreed with her words, “Yes, there are too many women in this world who would use their own bodies as bargaining chips for what she wants, or simply as a tool. Hu Xuehui might not be that kind of woman.”

She was that kind of woman!

Ji Feng thought.

In fact, he was completely justified in saying this. This was because Ji Feng had personally witnessed Hu Xuehui going through similar experiences.

After parting ways with Hu Xue Hui, Ji Feng had gradually forgotten about her. Afterwards, Ji Feng, Tong Lei, and Zhang Lei came to Jiang Prefecture together. However, during the military training, because of a small conflict, Ji Feng left the military camp ahead of time.

The others were all in military training, while Ji Feng was bored and idling by himself, just in time to catch up with the ore trade fair in Jiang Prefecture. It was at that trade fair that Ji Feng used his extraordinary eyesight and earned the first pot of gold in his life, and it was also a large sum of money.

Of course, it was also during that exchange that Ji Feng met Hu Xuehui. At that time, Hu Xuehui was also with Hu Xuehui’s sister and her cheap brother-in-law — they seemed to be a small explosive household in Jiang Prefecture.

At that time, Ji Feng had also carefully observed that Hu Xuehui’s nouveau riche brother-in-law was not only interested in Hu Xuehui’s sister. He was also interested in Hu Xuehui.

However, it was laughable that Hu Xuehui was dressed in revealing clothes and looked quite gorgeous … From what Ji Feng knew of her, Hu Xue Hui must have dressed up like that on purpose.

Hu Xue Hui knew that her cheap brother-in-law was interested in her and had even harboured malicious intentions. She had probably been planning on how to kill two birds with one stone, but Hu Xue Hui still purposely dressed like that.

Since then, Ji Feng knew that Hu Xuehui had changed both her values and her outlook on life. To be more precise, she had revealed her true colors.

As for why Hu Xuehui did it, he could understand it with just his toes. Hu Xuehui was doing it for money — because to her rich and cheap brother-in-law, he seemed to have nothing else to give to the two sisters.

Of course, Ji Feng was not sure if the nouveau riche had succeeded or not, but he did know that the nouveau riche had a problem later on and sold Hu Xuehui’s sister for money.

In the end, Hu Xue Hui had even asked Ji Feng to help her solve this problem.

It was then that Ji Feng stopped seeing Hu Xue Hui and her sister … He didn’t want to see it either.

If not for the fact that they had coincidentally met today, Ji Feng would have forgotten about the two of them.

Just think about it, at that time, just for money, Hu Xuehui was already able to do that. Bian Chunlei was clearly much more handsome and young than her newbie brother-in-law, and it even looked like he had some power and background. Why couldn’t Hu Xuehui endure the disgust in her heart and become Bian Chunlei’s girlfriend?

“How did a person become like this …” Tong Lei couldn’t help but mumble softly, with a blank look in her eyes, is money really that important? She had lived in Mang s.h.i.+ County for so many years. The commoners that she had met weren’t wealthy, but weren’t they happy throughout the day?

Those who were rich weren’t happy at all …

However, Zhang Lei smiled and said, “People have already become like this, it’s just that you don’t know it, my silly little sister! “Madman, in my opinion, you can’t always protect Lei Lei anymore, you have to let her go out and give it a try, if not she will always be like this, she will probably never know how sinister the human heart is …”

“Get lost!”

Ji Feng laughed and scolded, “I think Lei Lei has a lot more experience than you.”

Zhang Lei shook his head helplessly. “I won’t say anymore, just protect him with all your might …”

Ji Feng waved his hand and said, “That’s enough, stop laughing. Lei Zi, there’s something that I need you to do.”

Zhang Lei casually asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ji Feng replied, “It’s that Bian Chunlei. You think of a way to investigate his background? He’s in the police department, so it’s easier for you to handle this matter.”

Zhang Lei agreed, “It’s just a small matter, no problem.”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded. Then, he took out his phone and made another call, “Old Yi, it’s me … You find two good people to keep an eye on a person. Remember his license plate number. His name is Bian Chunlei. I’ll send you his photo later. I only know his approximate location, but he should be going to the hospital … “

Yi Xing said on the phone, “Don’t worry, Boss, as long as he’s still in the hospital, I’ll make sure to find him as soon as possible!”

Ji Feng nodded with a smile. “Thank you for your trouble.”

Yi Xing said with a smile: “It’s not hard at all. But Boss, it’s the New Year’s Eve, so a lot of the security department’s brothers haven’t gone home yet. Are you interested?”

Ji Feng immediately laughed, “Of course there’s no problem, it’s only right… “How about this, you just tell Han Zhong to approve the bill, take some money from the finance department, and first give out some bonuses. After I take some time out, I’ll specifically treat you guys to a meal. Everyone gather together, it’s very lively!”

Yi Xing immediately laughed loudly: “That’s great.”

Withdrawing his thread, Ji Feng still had a smile on his face. The impression that his subordinates had someone under them was indeed not bad. They were completely different from those in the United States, where they had to rely on outsiders for everything.


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