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Chapter 335 – I hope you won’t regret it in the future!

He Hui’s face was so dark and gloomy that it seemed as if water would drip out of it at any moment. What Kato said made him extremely angry.

In Kato’s words, China was simply nothing. Especially compared to j.a.pan, China was only fit to be a second-rate country with second-rate technology, or even a third-rate, fourth-rate country …

How preposterous!

Especially when Kato mentioned China, his aloof att.i.tude made He Hui even more infuriated.

The old man tried his best to be humble and polite, but the arrogance he exuded when he spoke could not be concealed.

Obviously, from the bottom of his heart, Kato didn’t look up to China, and naturally he didn’t even look at the Chinese. The arrogance he had when facing them was completely ingrained in his bones.

This kind of feeling caused He Hong to be extremely infuriated.

“Kato, is this how you understand China?” He Hongfeng took in a deep breath as he didn’t want to slap that old fogey’s face a few times. This old fogey was simply too annoying.

“He Sang, you misunderstood. This is not what I know about China, but the truth!” Kato had a smile on his face, “Indeed, in recent years China has improved very quickly, but most of it is just you bragging. China has almost a fifth of the world’s population, but the value and wealth it has created is far less than your population!”

He Hui’s face was sullen, but just as he was about to speak, he heard Kato say, “Moreover, with China’s economy and all those beautiful figures, I think He Sang knows better than me how real they are! “According to what I’ve learned in China over the past few years, the Chinese people love to do face projects the most, and they like to cheat …”

“Kato, right?”

Suddenly, before Kato could finish his words, he was interrupted by Ji Feng.

Kato was momentarily stifled, but his face showed some displeasure. “Ji Sang, it’s very rude to interrupt others.”

Ji Feng slightly nodded and said, “Of course I know that. Being polite is a traditional virtue in China, but even if you want to be polite, you still have to know who your opponent is!”

“Why, can’t we j.a.panese be treated with courtesy?” Kato asked in a deep voice.

“That’s not it!”

Ji Feng shook his head as a mocking smile appeared on his face, “It’s just that we have a tradition in China, I don’t know if you have heard of something like this before.”

Although Kato was arrogant, he was not stupid. Looking at the smile on Ji Feng’s face, he realized that what Ji Feng said next might not be good news, so he merely snorted and did not answer Ji Feng’s question.

Ji Feng did not mind, and only smiled: “Hua Xia has a saying! “My friend is here to drink. If that jackal is here, the one who will welcome him will be the hunting rifle!”

Ji Feng’s words were very straightforward, and he did not need to translate them clearly to hear what he said. Without a doubt, Ji Feng was saying that he was a jackal in disguise, and all the j.a.panese turned into jackals in Ji Feng’s mouth!

“Ji Feng!”

Kato lowered his voice, not even calling Ji Feng ‘Jishan’ anymore, instead directly calling Ji Feng by his name, “Can I understand that you are unfriendly to all of the j.a.panese?!”

Ji Feng nodded his head and replied, “It’s fine if you think so.”

In fact, Ji Feng never had a good impression of the j.a.panese!

He had never had any dealings with ordinary j.a.panese. The j.a.panese he came into contact with were either ruthless, scheming and scheming people like Ono, or a haughty and cunning old man like Kato. One could imagine what kind of impression these people had left on Ji Feng!

It would be too difficult to make Ji Feng friendly to the j.a.panese!


Kato snorted coldly, and said: “Ji Feng, I see that you know about our collaboration with the Glorious Group, so you feel uncomfortable, don’t you? You Chinese are just such a pathetic bunch. If you can’t compare to others in terms of strength, then go all out to humiliate others, to belittle others to the point of being useless, and to brag about your incomparable glory … “

With that, Kato shook his head with a look of pity on his face and a hint of pride, “But unfortunately, no matter how much you belittle us, you are unable to stop us from cooperating with the Brilliant Group. As for you, you can only stand by the side and watch!”

The moment he finished speaking, He Hui squinted his eyes. This old thing was extremely arrogant!

However, the information that Kato was revealing only made him more vigilant.

Obviously, Kato had long known that he and Ji Feng were trying to stop the collaboration between the Wanxiang Corporation and the Linlin Corporation. This old fellow, was he that knowledgeable about the situation in China?!

However, Ji Feng only shook his head and laughed, “Looks like you’re very proud of yourself for obtaining the Brilliant Group’s project!”

Kato harrumphed and did not reply, but the smug look on his face could not be any more obvious.

The corner of Ji Feng’s mouth curled up into a sneer. He nodded and said, “Seems like it is… Kato, do you really think you can be so proud just because you have mastered a few important projects of the Glorious Group, as well as that super alloy technology? “

“Shouldn’t it?” Kato asked.

“Yes, of course!”

Ji Feng snorted and said, “I just hope that you won’t regret it in the future!”

“Me? Regret? “

Kato stared blankly for a moment before bursting out into laughter. He felt that Ji Feng’s words were too ridiculous. He really couldn’t understand what was so regretful about him.

In this transaction with Splendid Group, the company had come up with technologies that were on the verge of being eliminated. They couldn’t even be considered second-rate. Even if these techniques were obtained by the Chinese, with a certain level of breakthrough, China would at most be a second-rate technology. It would be impossible for them to catch up with j.a.pan.

In addition to the technology, under his efforts, the company had only paid a small sum of money in exchange for the super alloy technology, as well as some other important items, including some resources that j.a.pan needed.

j.a.pan completely held the upper hand in this transaction. Kato really did not understand why he needed to regret!

“If Ji Sang has the ability to make me regret it, then I’m really looking forward to it!” After Kato finished speaking, he immediately burst out laughing again.

“Heh …”

Ji Feng also smiled and said, “Then just wait and see. I think there will definitely be a day like this, and it won’t be too far away!”

Kato smiled and nodded, “Then I look forward to Ji Sang’s amazing feat!”

Ji Feng smiled as he shook his head. He did not mind this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Kato, using the wrong words as long as he understood what he meant! One day, Kato would feel regret for what he had done today, and so would the j.a.panese company.

Moreover, this day was not far away!

“He Sang, Ji Sang, I still have some things to discuss with Boss Zhai, excuse me!” At this point, Kato couldn’t be bothered to continue arguing with Ji Feng and the others. In Kato’s eyes, Ji Feng was simply too arrogant, but He Hong was too prideful, and liked to boast about himself.

According to the information that Kato had gathered, Ji Feng and He Hui were both disciples of the two most powerful families in China. However, after seeing their skill level, Kato could not help but want to laugh out loud.

Even the best families in China can only nurture such children. One can only imagine the overall strength of the elite families in China.

China would never be able to catch up to j.a.pan!

With a bright smile on his face, Kato bowed slightly towards Ji Feng and He Hui, before leading the others and leaving quickly.

Ji Feng looked at the front desk receptionist of the Glorious Group greeting Kato with a smile on his face. He led them up the elevator and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. Replacing it was a deep one.

He Yingguo’s expression was equally ugly. First, there was Zhai Yandong and Shao Jie who were arrogant and despotic, especially Shao Jie. He was arrogant to the extreme, and then there was also Kato Kuang who was arrogant and conceited.

How could He Hui’s mood get any better?

“This old thing is truly arrogant!” He Hui snorted coldly.

“The j.a.panese have always been like this!” Ji Feng didn’t seem to be that angry, but he didn’t look too good either. “Especially that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Kato. He has been so arrogant since that time in the Jiang Prefecture!”

Back in Jiangzhou, Li Weidong was responsible for receiving these foreign merchants, held a business salon event, Kato was very arrogant at that time.

However, at that time, Kato had yet to obtain the projects of the Brilliant Group, so he had restrained himself a little. Today, however, he was extremely arrogant.

Especially when he wanted to express his modesty and elegance, but his tone and manner were always unconsciously filled with haughtiness, as well as contempt for China. It was even more intense than usual!

“Gentlemen, we have an important guest here right now. If you have nothing else, can you please leave?” Suddenly, a girl’s voice came from the side.

Ji Feng and Bai Xun turned to look, only to see a young receptionist looking at them with a professional smile on her face.

“You …”

He Hui frowned. “Those j.a.panese are our guests. Are we here to cause trouble?” How preposterous… “Humph!”

He Hui was furious. It was one thing for the j.a.panese to look down on them, but now, even the reception of Glory Corporation was showing such an att.i.tude.

But it wasn’t good for He Hong to get mad at a girl, so he could only wave his hand and turn around to leave.


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