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Chapter 622 – Reverse! 1)

He had long known that it was powerful, and he had also learned some of it. Back then when he went to the Shen family with Zhang Lei, he had also consulted Shen Jingyi’s grandfather and father, but he also knew that it was impossible for them to teach him the skills they knew.

As expected, what he had learned was not enough in front of Luo Ping.

If he didn’t have the advantage in speed, he could have been beaten to death after Luo Long seized the opportunity, and didn’t even have the strength to fight back!

Because every time he attacked, he would just stand up and before the new power was released, he wouldn’t be able to defend against it!

What a powerful attack!

The ancient Chinese martial arts techniques were in fact a conclusion made by the predecessors, or it could be said to be a series of attacks. Once the opponent was. .h.i.t, then the martial artist could attack in accordance with what had been calculated by their predecessors, and the attack was also extremely fierce.

For example, if you were in close combat with an opponent and you were suddenly hit in the chest by their fist, you might subconsciously hold your chest because that was a person’s instinct and pain would cause you to have the most instinctual reaction.

At this time, the opponent already knew that if he were to cover his chest, it would expose his weak point. If that was the case, his fist would have long been waiting for him!

This was Ji Feng’s understanding of the rules, and it was also in accordance with the laws of science. This meant that after a long period of experimentation, he had already figured out the reaction of a person who had suffered a blow.

Of course, the effect of this tactic would depend on the user’s level of cultivation.

For example, if a strong man were to punch you, it would probably cause you pain for a long time, or even make you unable to breathe. But if a newly weaned child were to punch you, it might not even be enough to tickle you!

However, what Ji Feng was facing right now was not a newly-weaned child, but a genuine expert.

Ji Feng couldn’t tell just how strong Luo Yu was, but he could be sure of one thing, that she was very, very strong. Ji Feng was still feeling pain in his chest. Even when he was gasping for air, he felt a bit stuffy. And this was after he activated the bioelectric current. It was clear how strong Luo Long was!

Ji Feng had truly experienced the power of Luo Long!

This was also the first time Ji Feng met such a formidable opponent. In the previous few attacks, he was actually in a situation of being completely pa.s.sive, making it impossible for him to retaliate!

Seeing the gloomy look on Ji Feng’s face, Luo Yu immediately laughed: “Kid, now you know how strong I am?!”

Ji Feng nodded. “Not bad, interesting!” However, his strength was still a bit lacking! Did you not eat in the morning, or did you just run away with your tail between your legs, feeling tired? “

“Insufficient strength?!”

Luo Long grinned evilly: “Since that’s the case, then try my fist again…”


Before he could even finish his words, he had already pounced over.

At this moment, Luo Qiu’s head was pulled back, his body was bent, his hands were half-stretched out in front of his chest, and he looked like an angry monkey as he attacked with lightning speed.

Monkey Fist!

Ji Feng was sure that Luo Long’s fist attack was Monkey Fist!

Monkey is agile and fast, and his attacks are also very fierce. There’s an ancient saying in China that no tiger in the mountain calls a king.

Without another word, Ji Feng retreated abruptly. He had already suffered a loss once in such a short time, how could he possibly suffer another loss?

Not only did he not want to suffer any more, he also wanted to fight back. He wanted to take advantage of Luo Kui’s complacency and hit him hard on the head!

Thus, the moment Luo Yu attacked, Ji Feng suddenly took two steps back, and then kicked with his other foot. His speed was extremely fast, as if he was a bolt of lightning.


Luo Jiao suddenly yelled and his hands changed shape. He suddenly changed his body. He felt like he was a fierce tiger coming down from the mountain.

Tiger Fist!

At this moment, Luo Long’s attacks suddenly changed from small and nimble to large, each move was powerful and heavy, grabbing Ji Feng’s ankle, at the same time his elbow struck, an elbow hit!

“Break for me!”

Luo Ao shouted. He was going to break Ji Feng’s leg in one move!

“In your dreams!” Ji Feng was infuriated. A terrifyingly strong bioelectric current burst out from his body, spreading to his limbs and bones. The next moment, his other leg suddenly jumped up and twisted, kicking out!

Luo Ping stretched out his hand to block it.

Boom! *

In a split-second, Luo Long’s body trembled, his feet staggered, and he almost fell to the ground. He quickly stabilized his body and tried to attack again, but Ji Feng had already broken free.

“Is this your greatest strength?” Looks like it’s not much either! ” Ji Feng laughed coldly.

“It’s enough to deal with you!” Luo Ping sneered.

“Then try and see if my fist is strong enough!” Ji Feng bellowed and sent a fist flying.


Luo Qiu blocked, but his body was shaken. He was shocked. Ji Feng’s strength was too strong. If he didn’t rely on his techniques, he probably wouldn’t be a match for Ji Feng!

Thus, Luo Long didn’t dare to be careless, and didn’t waste any more words with Ji Feng. He started to attack like a torrential storm.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that they were both experts, but Luo Long had originally wanted to completely defeat Ji Feng, no matter what the reason was, after all, it was very difficult to find a worthy opponent like him. But now, he realized that he was recovering, and Ji Feng was also recovering, and Ji Feng’s power was even stronger than his.

This made Luo Yu very nervous. Therefore, he no longer viewed Ji Feng as an equal opponent, and decided to use any means possible to kill Ji Feng!

Sure enough!

When Luo Long used his attacks, Ji Feng was clearly at a disadvantage.

Although Ji Feng could counterattack, he would be hit at least seven or eight times out of ten times. He could only counterattack once or twice because he was at an absolute disadvantage!


Ji Feng was sent flying once again. He learned from his mistakes and used his outstanding physical attributes to perform some difficult actions. Luo Yu did not know what his next action would be.

Luo Yu knew that Ji Feng wasn’t someone who could be easily taken lightly, so he decided not to chase after him!

Even so, there were no good spots on Ji Feng’s body. There were footprints and mud everywhere.

“Brat, it’s here. It’s time to end this!” He stared at Ji Feng and laughed sinisterly.

“Yeah, it’s indeed time to end this.” Ji Feng nodded with a dark expression.


Luo Yu laughed coldly: “You’re still so stubborn about this. You really won’t cry until you see the coffin!” Since that’s the case, I will send you to see Hades! “

Even though he could occasionally counterattack, he was still at a disadvantage. For experts at their level, even if there was a slight difference in strength, the final result would still be fatal. Not to mention, the gap between Ji Feng and him was not small!

Luo Long had full confidence that he could kill Ji Feng in these few moves.

He had already figured out Ji Feng’s true strength. This kid’s inner strength was deep, and his recovery speed was not any slower than his, but he didn’t have much skill when fighting, and relied entirely on speed and strength. Perhaps one of his moves was very sharp, but as long as he dodged it, there would be no follow-up attacks!

“You have the ability to kill me?” Ji Feng asked with a cold smile.

“If there isn’t one, just try it and you’ll know.” Luo Ping’s killing intent was dense.

Ji Feng narrowed his eyes and said, “Since that’s the case, can you tell me how you joined the dynasty? What position do you hold in the dynasty now? Also, that strange weapon, did you bring it back from the dynasty? “

Luo Yu laughed coldly, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you sure have a lot of questions!”

Ji Feng said, “Since my death is at hand, why don’t you tell me about it? Unless you think you can’t kill me! “

“Boy, you don’t need to follow me in order to provoke me. This is useless against me. You are still too inexperienced to play this trick in front of me!” Luo Ping sneered.

“It seems that you are indeed afraid.” Ji Feng sneered.

Luo Yu’s face darkened: “Little brat, you don’t need to provoke me, even if I told you, so what? I am a member of the dynasty, what can you do to me?”

Ji Feng replied, “What can I do!? I’m just curious, with your top martial arts skills, even if you’re in the country, you can definitely make a name for yourself. Even being wealthy isn’t rare, so why do you insist on joining this evil organization? What benefits did they give you?! “

“Evil organization?”

Luo Yu sneered: “It seems like you have also been brainwashed by the Chinese government. You are another fool!”


Upon hearing these words, Ji Feng’s heart stirred.

He thought for a while, but his expression did not change at all. He just asked, “Alright, based on your words, the dynasty is not evil, but this organization is after all from outside the country, and it even has some relations.h.i.+p with j.a.pan. You joined the dynasty not to work for foreigners, but to attack your own country? If you are not trying to take advantage of the situation, then what are you trying to take advantage of?! “

“Brat, seeing that you have such a strong inner force at such a young age, you must have a sect as well, right? As a martial artist, aren’t you working for the Chinese government? “Speaking of which, aren’t you an eagle dog?”

Luo Yu laughed coldly: “How much more n.o.ble do you think you are than me? What can the Chinese government give you? It’s just money and power, that’s all! “

Ji Feng sneered. “You make it sound as though you didn’t join the royal family for the sake of money and authority!”

Luo Yu laughed coldly: “What do you know!” Did he really think that he knew a lot about the dynasty? Even if it was the Chinese government, did they really know the dynasty? What a joke! “

Ji Feng’s mind raced. Luo Yu’s words contained too much information. He immediately realized that perhaps he could learn about a completely different empire from her.


Ji Feng immediately said: “Then you tell me, how is it that I don’t understand dynasties? This evil organization, other than studying disgusting things all day, what else can they do? “


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