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Chapter 1044 didn’t get it!

“Professor Tong, you guys are …?”

Looking at the dozens of people in front of him, Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown.

Professor Tong said, “Mr Ji, this is the person I’ve told you about before. They all have a certain level of technical foundation, but they all follow Mr Ji’s arrangements and commands, including mine. So I ask you to arrange their work!”


Ji Feng couldn’t help but think to himself, this Professor Tong really brought these dozens of people here, and he really wanted them to come here as servants or even as laborers?

Ji Feng was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. He did not know the technical level of these people, but since these people were sent here, they should be researchers from the military. Such technical staff should be more than enough to be professors in the university.

Why does this sound so unreliable!

Even … It could be said to be a little ridiculous!

“I don’t need that many people, just five or six of them first!” Ji Feng waved his hand and said to Professor Tong.

“What specialized field do you need, Mr. Ji?” Professor Tong immediately asked.

“Anything is fine!” Ji Feng casually replied, “As long as it can operate the equipment.”

“This… “Fine!”

Professor Tong nodded, but he couldn’t help feeling troubled in his heart, as he didn’t know what to do. Honestly speaking, he was not afraid of the complicated, heavy tasks that Ji Feng had arranged, much less the demands that Ji Feng had made. He was only afraid that Ji Feng would casually say a few words and make an extremely general arrangement.

As long as you can operate the equipment?

With the skills and knowledge of the people present, anyone could operate the equipment in the workshop. However, this was not their purpose in coming here. They had come to Jiang Prefecture this time to learn how to use technology!

“Arrange for people to transport some of the ores here, and then we can close the workshop!” Ji Feng said. After saying that, he prepared to change his clothes and start his experiment.

“Mister Ji, the remaining people …” Professor Tong immediately asked, if Ji Feng only had five or six people, then what about the other forty people, what should they do?

Ji Feng said, “You can do whatever you want, but don’t disturb me while I carry out my experiments!”

When Professor Tong heard this, he was secretly happy and quickly nodded: “Okay, no problem. I won’t let them disturb you. ” The others also revealed a happy expression. They were very clear on the reason why they came. Although it was not stated above, Professor Tong had hinted at it when he brought them here.

Initially, when they heard that Ji Feng only needed a few people, they were slightly anxious. If he couldn’t get close to Ji Feng, how could he learn any techniques?

But now that Ji Feng seemed to have tacitly agreed, things were much easier.

Ji Feng nodded. He turned around and walked towards a device in preparation to start his experiment. The others immediately followed, but Professor Tong quickly waved his hand and selected a few people to follow. Currently, Ji Feng’s att.i.tude was still unclear, if all these people were to surround them, if Ji Feng became impatient, then they wouldn’t be able to watch anymore.

However, Professor Tong had his reasons for choosing people. He had chosen people from all different fields of expertise, so that no matter what Ji Feng did, at least some of them would be able to understand.

The Alpha Ore was soon delivered, and Ji Feng began experimenting with it.

The first thing he needed to do was refine and purify the ore. He would purify the alfa ore with a lot of impurities and turn it into an energy block suitable for making the laser gun’s energy source.

Professor Tong and the others knew this principle, but they didn’t know how to purify and refine the alpha ore into an energy source. This was like how everyone knew that atomic bombs used the destructive power of nuclear reactions to kill enemies. Everyone knew this, but the problem was, most people didn’t know how to use this principle to create atomic bombs.

Professor Tong knew that he had to purify the Alpha Ore, but he didn’t know what he should do.

Therefore, they looked at it very carefully, especially the technical staff in the field of metallurgy. They did not even blink, afraid that they would miss any of the steps.

However, what made them feel at ease was that Ji Feng’s movements were not very fast. It could even be said that he was very calm. Every movement he made was very clear, and it was very easy to remember. However, what was a bit strange was that the equipment that Ji Feng used was brought by himself. The equipment was not big, and could actually fit in a single suitcase.

In addition, the equipment was very rough, and there were many places where the electrical lines were exposed, causing people to be a little worried. They were afraid that if they accidentally knocked the electrical cord off, it might cause the equipment to malfunction or cause dysfunction.

However, very quickly, some people’s thoughts were not on this. Instead, they were attracted by Ji Feng’s experiment.

They only saw Ji Feng use a small iron dustpan to scoop up some of the Alpha Ore that had been broken by the crusher, then pour it into a small funnel and heat it up high. During this time, Ji Feng used his equipment to make some of the liquid with a slight fragrance, and added it into the Alpha Ore powder …

After that, a scene that stunned everyone appeared.

… …. As the high temperature continued to heat up, the powder from the Alpha Ore was added into the liquid. As the temperature rapidly rose, the funnel was turned upside down, and a thick, fiery red liquid flowed out from the filter and into the mold that was already prepared.

An object the size of an adult’s thumb, viscous to the size of a jellyfish, formed. At the bottom of the funnel, however, were some large particles of dregs.

The surrounding people stared at Ji Feng’s hands without moving. Professor Tong, on the other hand, would occasionally glance at other people’s faces. In the end, he discovered that all of them were frowning, as if they had encountered a difficult problem.

Even if he was not in the field of metallurgy, he could understand that this was the process of purifying ores. However, because the amount of experiments was relatively small, he used this kind of small scale equipment, but the principle should not be a problem.

But why did he notice that a few of the technicians were frowning? Did they not understand?

Professor Tong originally wanted to quietly ask, but seeing that Ji Feng did not stop, he could only suppress the doubts in his heart and patiently watch.

Roughly an hour later, the first round of purification was completed. During which, there was a rest and waiting process. Professor Tong took this opportunity to call the technicians to the side and inquire about the situation.

However, the technicians could not help but shake their heads.

“Professor Tong, we don’t understand.” One of the technicians said, and the others nodded to show that they, too, did not understand.

This made Professor Tong stunned: “You didn’t see clearly? All of you are in this field, how can you not understand? Could it be that none of you understood? “

The few of them nodded at the same time.

“Heh ~ This is so weird, I can see it, but you guys can’t see it?” Professor Tong said, “Didn’t he just crush the ore and refine it? Don’t you know about this?”

“Professor Tong, of course we understand this principle.” One of them said with a wry smile, “But, the most important thing is not only this, but also the process of refining and purifying the ore, as well as the parameters and various technical indicators. This is the main point!”

Professor Tong, there are too many parameters involved, such as the degree to which the ore will be crushed, the diameter of the particle, how to refine it, the temperature, and so on. There are all kinds of strict requirements, but just by standing at the side and looking at them, one can’t see them!

“So that’s how it is!”

Professor Tong nodded slowly, then asked the others, “You also didn’t understand?”

The remaining few people could not help but smile bitterly as they nodded their heads.

Professor Tong didn’t know what to say. He originally planned to use this method to learn techniques in stages, but he didn’t expect that even these few technicians in front of him couldn’t understand it.

“The most important thing is his equipment!”

A technician suddenly said, “His equipment is very crude. There’s only a simple electronic thermometer. Other than that, there’s almost no other instruments. That’s why we can’t see those technical indicators at all.”

Speaking of this, the few of them were speechless.

The equipment that Ji Feng had brought with him was a bit too simple and crude. Although it looked small and small, it did not have any convenient experimental equipment such as a barometer. This made it so that even if they were watching from the side, they did not know the technical specifications.

Professor Tong hesitated before saying, “Then I’ll think of a way for him to use the equipment in the workshop later. You guys need to take a good look later!”

The technicians nodded.

Professor Tong stood where he was and thought for a moment. Then, a smile hung on his face as he walked over to Ji Feng, who was resting and drinking tea, and said with a smile: “Mr Ji, did the experiment go smoothly?”

Ji Feng chuckled, “This is just the beginning, not bad!”

“As long as everything is smooth!”

Professor Tong laughed, “I saw that the equipment you’re using was a bit crude, and I was worried that it might affect the experiment… “Mr. Ji, how about this? If you need any equipment, just tell me directly. As long as it’s not something too special, I will definitely find a way to help you arrange it. Don’t use your equipment next, right?”

A smile appeared on Ji Feng’s face. “Sure, no problem!”

Professor Tong didn’t expect that Ji Feng would agree so readily. This actually surprised him a bit, but Ji Feng being able to agree to this was a good thing, so he immediately said: “Then let’s do it this way!”


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