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Chapter 31 Seventy percent confident

“So it’s Mister Li!”

When Liu Chao heard that the man standing in front of him was Li Ruo Nan’s older brother, he was stunned for a moment before revealing a brilliant smile. He extended his hand and said, “h.e.l.lo!”

Li Weidong merely nodded slightly towards Liu Chao’s courtesy. He shook his hand and let it go. Li Weidong seemed a little reserved, “h.e.l.lo.”

Liu Chao had a bright smile on his face, as if he didn’t feel Li Weidong’s arrogance at all. He couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Li came to Fringe City because of Chief Li’s matter, right?”

Seeing Li Weidong nod, his face suddenly turned cold, and said, “The criminals these days are really lawless, especially in the recent days. Director Li will be injured while capturing the criminals, and we will definitely help her!”

Li Weidong glanced at him and nodded, “Thank you.”

Liu Chao waved his hand and said, “Hey! No need to thank me, Mr. Li. As the vice-captain of the border guard, I naturally cannot allow criminals to rampage like this! Moreover, from a personal perspective, I and Chief Li are very good friends. We have worked together many times and cooperated very well. Now that Chief Li is injured, I naturally cannot just sit by and do nothing. “

“Captain Liu, you, really say everything!”

However, he only nodded once, and did not continue with this topic. Instead, he said, “Captain Li was injured in the process of arresting the criminals, which is a heartbreaking loss for us, but because of this, we must seriously fight the criminals, and we must suppress the arrogance of those criminals!”

“That’s right!”

Liu Chaoyi said indignantly, “Director Xu, Mr. Li, I, Old Liu, am a boor. I won’t say much, so long as it’s to combat crime, we will cooperate fully in the work of the police! If there’s anything that you need my help with, just ask me! “

Hall Master Xu nodded, “Alright! Captain Liu, this time, I really need your help in order to invite you here. “

Liu Chao immediately said, “Director Xu, please speak.”

Director Xu said, “It’s like this. Because of Chief Li’s injury, Wei Dong was extremely worried, so he came to Fringe City to visit Chief Li. It’s just that by chance, Wei Dong found a very suspicious person near the hospital, followed him to a district, and even found a modified car…”

Liu Chao’s expression suddenly changed. “Criminals?”

Hall Master Xu shook his head and said, “We can’t be sure about that for now, but there’s no doubt that these people are not in the midst of doing business or working in an honest manner!”

“Eight to nine times out of ten!”

Li Weidong took over and said in a deep voice, “Even if they aren’t 100% sure, at least 80 to 90%. Because few people would spend time and effort modifying a van, and they even converted all the windows of the van into dark opaque gla.s.s!”

“That’s suspicious!”

Liu Chao nodded. “But what if this is just an ordinary petty thief, or some illegal merchant who is worried about being found out by the police for hauling goods in a van? Is that why the van was modified so that it could be used as a decoy?”

Li Weidong said in a deep voice, “Even if it’s only a one percent chance, we have to check!”

“Ha ha!”

Captain Liu smiled and nodded, “That’s right, this is also a clue!”

Li Weidong frowned, “Captain Liu, is this funny?”

“Li …”

“Captain Liu!”

Director Xu quickly said, “It’s like this. The police are very nervous now and are searching for clues in their hands. There really is no one left, but Wei Dong did find a suspicious clue. That’s why he invited you here!”

Liu Chao immediately understood. “Director Xu, are you saying that you want me to investigate this clue?”

Hall Master Xu nodded and said, “Captain Liu, I can only entrust this matter to you. Even if you give it to someone else, I won’t be at ease!”

“But …”

Liu Chao hesitated for a moment and said, “Director Xu, it’s not that I don’t want to help, but we, the border guards, are duty-bound to fight crime. However, this isn’t a police investigation, nor is it a task from our superiors.

“I know you’re in a difficult situation, but this is a special period after all!”

Director Xu winked at Li Weidong, who nodded and walked out. Director Xu picked up a cigarette from his desk with a smile and handed one to Liu Chao, saying in a low voice, “Old Liu, I really have to trouble you this time.”

Liu Chao said, “Director Xu, it’s not that I don’t want to help, it’s just that there’s no name here…”

“I understand, I understand!”

Hall Master Xu nodded with a smile and said, “But I’m in a difficult situation too. You saw that Young Master Li came straight to me. I really can’t refuse him. And right now, I don’t have anyone on my hands …”

“Young Master Li?” Liu Chao froze.

“Since you’re one of us, I won’t hide it from you. Do you know who the father of Li Ruo Nan is?” Director Xu lowered his voice and said, “Jiang Prefecture’s Mayor Li!”

Liu Chao suddenly widened his eyes. “My G.o.d!” So Commissioner Li has such a background? “

Hall Master Xu said, “Do you understand this now?”

Liu Chao nodded slowly and said, “No wonder. Like I said, how could you, Hall Master Xu, suddenly give me such a difficult question. So it’s like this …” “Alright, since that’s the case, let’s do it in the name of training, but not for too long!”

Hall Master Xu laughed, “It’s just catching a few bandits. How long can it take?”

“Alright then!”

Liu Chao nodded, “Director Xu, I will help you with that.”


Director Xu patted Liu Chao’s shoulder, “Captain Liu, I owe you a favor this time!”

Liu Chao was flattered, “Director Xu, you are too polite. Then, the next coordinated action is…”

“Just talk directly to Wei Dong. Old Liu, Wei Dong might be a bit impatient, you have to take more responsibility when the time comes.” Hall Master Xu said.

Liu Chao nodded and said, “I can see that Mr. Li is a man of integrity. We will try our best to communicate with him. Don’t worry, Director Xu.”

“That’s for the best!”

Director Xu smiled and nodded.

When Li Weidong and Liu Chao exchanged contacts, Liu Chao went back to prepare, while Li Weidong stayed behind.

“Wei Dong, how much credibility does your suspicion have?” Hall Master Xu suddenly asked.

“If there was only a fifty percent chance of success before, then there is at least a seventy percent chance of success now!”

Li Weidong stood in front of the window and watched the uniformed Liu Chao leave in the jeep. He sneered, “I didn’t know before, my old man’s name is actually so useful, even giving him face in this city’s border guard team, even more useful than your words, isn’t that strange?”

Hall Master Xu also nodded as if he was deep in thought, “If it’s really him, then he definitely won’t be able to escape!”


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