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Chapter 471 – Solutions

The next morning, Ji Feng and the others had a night’s rest at the Grand Hotel in Yuncheng before they began to discuss the matter of rus.h.i.+ng to Jinling.

Aunt Li Yueqin and her older sister Li Yantong insisted that they must go to Jinling and that they would not go to Beijing or Jiang Prefecture. Ji Feng naturally could not say much and could only nod in agreement.

After all, they were already quite familiar with Li Yueqin and her daughter, but they had only known each other for a day. Moreover, no matter what, they were considered outsiders, so Ji Shaolei wouldn’t be able to say much about it, so it was naturally more difficult for them to say anything.

Just like this, Ji Feng arranged for Zhang Lei to drive the Land Rover back to Jiang Prefecture with Du Shaofeng and the other two in the dorm. Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei decided to stay behind.

Thus, Ji Feng drove the business car. On the car sat Xiao Yu Xuan, Tong Lei, Li Yueqin, and her daughter. Ji Shaolei drove the rest of the Mercedes-Benz to Jinling.

The journey from Yuncheng to Jinling could be considered a long one. At least, it wasn’t much less than the journey from Yuncheng to Jiangzhou.

Therefore, along the way, Ji Feng had raised the speed to the limit. The comfort of the Mercedes-Benz didn’t make Li Yueqin and the other three feel the slightest bit dizzy. Instead, it was extremely comfortable.

Although the speed of the car was very high, Ji Feng was occasionally distracted. He was hesitating as to how to take care of Li Yueqin and her daughter after arriving at Jinling. That was indeed an extremely troublesome question for Ji Feng.

For now, even though Li Yueqin and her mother had brought everything from their home with them, the item they brought before was only the small shop that was only 30 square meters. Moreover, the store had yet to be sold. How much money did they have on them?

In this situation, Ji Feng had to give them help. However, what Ji Feng feared the most was that they would not accept it!

From Li Yueqin’s words, it could be seen that although Li Yueqin was often bullied and was only an ordinary woman, she had a strong side to her. At least, from their insistence on not going to Jiang Prefecture or Yan Jing, it could be seen that they wanted to preserve their dignity!

In this way, they would no longer have a source of funding. In that case, how would they live in Jinling?

“Sis, I haven’t asked you, which school did you go to in Jinling?” Ji Feng asked casually while driving the car.

Naturally, Li Yantong didn’t have the slightest suspicion as she whispered, “I am studying at Jinling University.”

“That powerful?!” Ji Feng immediately smiled. Jin’ling University was also an extremely famous university in China. Compared to the United University, it wasn’t any less. There were even some majors, one of the best in the country, and its admission score was extremely high.

Ji Feng could not help but be secretly happy. His sister Li Yantong actually had such good results. Perhaps she was a poor child that presided over the family.

Li Yantong embarra.s.sedly retched, “I never thought that I would be able to pa.s.s Jinling University. At that time, I might have gone overboard.”

“That’s because your studying foundation is better!” Ji Feng chuckled, “What major are you studying?”

“Law!” Li Yantong blushed slightly, “I don’t think I know how to do anything else either. It’s just that my memory is quite good, I can remember it by studying law.”

“That’s good too. In the future, elder sister will definitely be a great lawyer!” Ji Feng immediately laughed out loud. In his heart, he was somewhat surprised. If he was a lawyer, he would have to be a little more tough. With his sister’s gentle personality, how could she be a lawyer?

“Not really.” Li Yantong’s pretty face turned slightly red. Many of her cla.s.smates were curious about her choice. Why did someone with such character choose to study law?

She whispered, “I don’t intend to be a lawyer. It’s also better to do some other legal work!”

Ji Feng slightly nodded his head. There were many kinds of legal departments, so one didn’t necessarily have to become a lawyer.

“Oh right, Sis. You’re a graduate student, so you should have some allowance, right?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

“There are some grants, but it’s not too much. It’s just that when you do some projects with a teacher, there’s usually a subsidy. Usually, the school sends you some basic living expenses.” Li Yantong said gently.

Naturally, she did not know that Ji Feng was circling around to ask some questions. In reality, he wanted to ask her about the circ.u.mstances of her income so that he could decide on the measures he should take.

“That’s good too!” Ji Feng slightly smiled and fell silent.

From the looks of the current situation, it was more or less like what he had imagined. Li Yueqin and her daughter did not have much of a source of funding, and this could not only be seen from Li Yantong’s words, but the truth was, from Li Yueqin and Li Yantong’s clothing, it could be seen that their lives were not very abundant.

Aunt Li Yueqin was originally in her early forties, but because her clothes were very ordinary, she looked a bit tired from work, which made Ji Feng’s heart sour.

Seeing Li Yueqin made Ji Feng think of his own mother, Xiao Sumei. Back then, his mother was the same as well, no matter if it was when she was out selling vegetables or at home, she was dressed in the most ordinary manner.

Even during the new year, his mother only revealed a slightly relaxed expression, but her clothes didn’t change at all.

Then he looked at his sister Li Yantong. She was also wearing ordinary jeans and a simple down jacket.

Ji Feng could not help but take a deep breath. He rubbed his nose and slightly increased the speed of the car.

“Beep! Beep!” “Beep, beep!” The car’s speed limit sounded and Ji Feng immediately came back to his senses. He slowly slowed down his speed.

“Ji Feng, don’t drive so fast …” Xiao Yu Xuan said softly.

Ji Feng smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry, I was a little distracted.”

Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei looked at each other and both saw the doubt in the other’s eyes. In the past, no matter when Ji Feng drove, he had never been distracted. It seemed a little strange today!

“Ji Feng, are you alright?” Xiao Yu Xuan couldn’t help but ask out of concern.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine!” Ji Feng smiled.

Seeing that Ji Feng was unwilling to speak, Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei didn’t say anything else, but they were a little worried. There was clearly something wrong with Ji Feng today.

Following that, the two cars stopped at a service area. As Xiao Yu Xuan and the rest got off the car, Ji Feng went to find his second brother, Ji Shalei.

The two of them lit up each other’s cigarettes and took a couple of sips.

“I’ve been driving for a few hours and now I’m smoking a cigarette. This tastes really good!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh.

However, Ji Shaorei keenly noticed that something was wrong with Ji Feng’s expression. He immediately asked, “San’er, from the looks of it, you don’t seem to be very interested?”

“Auntie Li’s life… It’s very embarra.s.sing! ” Ji Feng leaned against the door and could not help but bitterly smile, “But it seems like they do not want my help!”

Ji Shaolei instantly broke into laughter. “I thought what was going on. Just a small matter and you got stuck? “I think you’re just worrying. San-er, this isn’t about you!”

Ji Feng was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“Are you dumb?”

Ji Shalei immediately smiled complacently as he took a long drag from his cigarette and said with a chuckle, “I heard big brother slowly explain it to you …”

“You’re showing off, aren’t you?” Ji Feng’s face suddenly turned unfriendly, “Originally, I had already thought of a way to teach you martial arts, but now it seems that I will have to think about it…”

Before he could finish his words, Ji Shalei interrupted him. “There’s no need to think about it, isn’t it a solution? Isn’t this simple! Listen, after coming to Jinling, Auntie Li will need a place to stay, right? You buy a house first, with your own name, or someone else’s. Since the house has been bought, anyone can live there. As the saying goes, don’t hit a smiling person with your hand. Moreover, don’t make others feel that you’re living under someone else’s roof by being a little friendly with them, if that’s the case, how could she not live? “

“That’s right!” Ji Feng nodded his head vigorously, but then asked: “What about the money? They definitely won’t ask for money … “

“As I said, care makes sense!” Ji Shaorei interrupted him, “Why do you insist on paying?”

“Then what should we give?!” Ji Feng asked.

“… “Forget it, leave this matter to me. Kid, learn a little!” Ji Shalei said directly.

Ji Feng’s brows twitched as he laughed, “Second brother, what do you plan to do?!”

Ji Shalei said, “Listen well, kid. From here to Jinling, it will take six to seven hours. The journey is not short.”

“That’s right, but what does the road have to do with the solution?” Ji Feng asked in surprise.

“For the rest of the journey, we’ll have to walk slowly. Hmm, it would be best if we can meet the minimum speed limit.” Ji Shalei said, “Do you know what to do with the rest?”

Seeing Ji Feng’s puzzled expression, Ji Shalei could not help but helplessly say, “Brat, think carefully about it. Who is in Jinling?!”

“Who’s in Jinling?” Ji Feng suddenly frowned. He didn’t know many people, and most of his friends were from the university, but he didn’t have many friends in Jinling, not to mention, he didn’t know many people …

Suddenly, Ji Feng seemed to have thought of something. He frowned and asked: “Second Brother, is Big Brother in Jinling?!”

“What do you think?” Ji Shalei said in an unfriendly tone, “If I remember correctly, I have told you personally that big brother’s job was transferred. He already went to Jinling three months ago, and you actually don’t remember him?!”

Ji Feng smiled coyly, “About that, there have been too many things happening recently. I think my mind might be a little muddled. Sorry, second brother, please don’t talk to my brother about that!”

“You little brat, you just don’t have any conscience!” Ji Shaorei snorted, saying, “Don’t worry, I already called Big Brother before I got on the highway. When we get there, everything will be arranged by him.” But of course, I have to give you a chance to show off, so this house is yours to buy! “

“No problem!” “No problem!” Ji Feng was overjoyed. His entire body relaxed a lot. “Second brother, don’t worry. When we return to the Jiang Prefecture, I will teach you martial arts!”

“I say, it seems like you’re here to make a trade, right?” Ji Shalei snorted with an unfriendly expression.

Ji Feng laughed heartily, “No, no… “Hey, they’re already out of the toilet. It’s time to get going!”

The fifth message was sent over. I’m really sorry. Ever since I got back from work, I have been thinking about the following plot. However, I realized that the plot that I had thought of was a little unreasonable, so I decided to overturn it and reconstruct it … This was a very painful feeling. Just from this fifth update, he had already written it several times. No matter what, he was not satisfied with it. Hopefully, he would be in better condition tomorrow.


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