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Chapter 703 Extension (1)

“So fast?”

The moment he received Yang Dehao’s call, Ji Feng was taken aback. Indeed, he had called his father’s secretary about the patent application, and casually mentioned that it was to prevent those people from the Patent Office from getting it.

Ji Feng was well aware that this patent was a genuine one. It was definitely the only one in the world, and there was no need to worry about the similarities. There was also no possibility that it could be violated.

In such a situation, if those people from the Patent Office were too greedy, then they would annoy the honest Kang Yuan. In the end, it was very likely that everything would be messed up.

Because of this, Ji Feng decided to greet his father’s secretary.

However, he didn’t give them any paperwork or anything like that. He had never asked for anything from them before, and logically speaking, these things should have gone through some sort of examination, which would have taken him a while to approve. He had originally planned to apply at Jiang Prefecture, and with his second uncle here, things would be more convenient.

Ji Feng, on the other hand, did not expect Kang Yuan to get the production approval so quickly, which was out of Ji Feng’s expectations.

“Could it be that Father’s secretary did it together? Or did Kang Yuan have another way? ” Ji Feng muttered to himself.

However, Yang De Zhao didn’t know what Ji Feng was thinking, he happily said: “Boss, the person you’re looking for is really capable. When I arrived at the Patent Office with Engineer Kang, there was already a deputy director waiting for us. I, Old Yang, have been dealing with these officials for so many years, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone who can handle things so efficiently!”

Ji Feng smiled slightly and said: “As long as you succeed! Uncle Yang, after you get the patent, come back immediately and I’ll celebrate for you! “

“Haha …”

“Boss, this credit doesn’t belong to us. If we don’t have a strong support, it would be useless even if we run over a hundred times, so there’s no need for celebration. As long as the pharmaceutical factory can become popular, it would be the best reward for us!”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile as he replied, “That’s good. We’ll talk about the rest when you come back. Uncle Yang, thank you for your hard work.”

After hanging up the phone, Ji Feng shook his head with a smile. With a strong relations.h.i.+p, what others painstakingly did not manage to achieve was actually just a phone call. The matter was settled just like that. People could not help but sigh in amazement!

As a matter of fact, living in this kind of interconnected society, Ji Feng did not dislike relations.h.i.+ps and relations.h.i.+ps, and there were certain reasons for the existence of every kind of thing.

What he wanted, was to ensure fairness and do his best to keep himself clean, not to harm others with his connections and relations.h.i.+ps.

For him, although this time he was using his father’s relations.h.i.+p, he didn’t feel any guilt or guilty because he knew very well that what he did was legal and that was enough.

This feeling only flashed across Ji Feng’s mind, and then he dialed Kang Yuan’s number. He wanted to ask them what exactly was going on with this batch of doc.u.ments, but he had never asked them to write them before.

Moreover, if the approval letter was really sent by his father’s secretary, then this was a favor and had to be repaid.

“Boss, it’s Kang Yuan!” Kang Yuan’s voice sounded very excited as soon as he picked up the call, “Director Yang, did you tell me everything?” We can get a patent tomorrow. “

“Yes, I know.” Ji Feng smiled and asked, “Uncle, I heard from Uncle Yang that you have obtained the production doc.u.ments and other procedures as well?”

“That’s right, I thought it was along the way anyway. Coming to Beijing was a waste of time so I might as well find some old cla.s.smates of mine. Since they also have the ability in this area, they decided to approve the doc.u.ments!” Kang Yuan said, “Don’t worry, Boss, I won’t do anything illegal. Our paperwork was only received after the proper procedures and strict trial.”

Only then did Ji Feng understand. No wonder, Kang Yuan worked in the medical industry in Beijing. After so many years, he had some connections.

Plus, Kang Yuan was also considered the son-in-law of the Ji Family. Many people couldn’t even curry favor with him in time, so how could they possibly refuse his respect?

It’s not enough. Kang Yuan probably wouldn’t realize these things. He probably thought that the other party did it for his old cla.s.smate’s sake. What he did not know was how complicated it would be from the beginning to the end of the process, how many steps would be required, especially for a small company like Teng Fei Pharmaceutical Company.

But no matter what, it was fine as long as it could be done. As for anything else, it would have to be done slowly in the future.

… ….

At noon the next day, Kang Yuan and Yang Dezhao, who had obtained the patent certificate, all the formalities and approval doc.u.ments, flew back to Jiang Prefecture by plane. At this time, Ji Feng had already taken out the doc.u.ments he had prepared in Jiang Prefecture and locked them in the safe at home.

One must not a.s.sume that Ji Feng’s safe was like those corrupt officials’, containing such shameful things, personal accounts and private secrets.

In reality, when Ji Feng had first started buying the safe, Xiao Yu Xuan and Tong Lei had teased him like this before. In the end, he had ruthlessly spanked the two girls!

He had set up such a safe in order to keep important doc.u.ments safe.

After that, Ji Feng decided to start the production of Kang Yuan Slimming Powder!

In the early stages of production, the production rate was very low and the production rate was very small. In fact, the production rate of a single production line was much lower than what Ji Feng had expected.

After discussing with Yang Dehao and Han Zhong, Ji Feng could only decide to produce one week’s worth of Kang Yuan Skinny Body Powder to make a name for himself, before gradually increasing his output.

However, in order to make a name for himself, he still had to do it step by step. At the very least, his sales might not be too high in the early stages.

As for those products that had yet to even be listed on the market, the ads were already crazy to the point of blotting out the sky. As for those products, they were already crazy to the point of blotting out the sky before they were even listed on the market, which could only be done by some companies and enterprises with the ability and capital to do so.

Rather than spending the money earlier on, it would be better to spend more time to warm up the market. When the time was almost ripe, he could launch the advertis.e.m.e.nt. By then, not only would the effort be saved, the advertis.e.m.e.nt would also have a much better effect.

Of course, there was a prerequisite, and that was to ensure that no one could imitate Kang Yuan’s Slimming Powder.

This was because once it was copied, once the initial hot period of the market was over and the product was officially launched on a large scale, then the advertis.e.m.e.nt would be for someone else.

Ji Feng knew, China’s fake goods were definitely the world’s largest, and also the most crazy.

Although many people claimed that they were lying and wanted to punish them harshly, how many people’s interests were involved with that fake merchant. In a society where relations.h.i.+ps were rampant in China, could they really lie?

Hence, Ji Feng had to make preparations in this area.

… ….

At the Jiang Prefecture People’s Hospital, Ji Feng and Tong Lei were sitting on a bench in the corridor, watching the patients coming and going.

These patients were different from the other patients. Their illnesses were very different from the other patients because all of them came and went in large quant.i.ties. The male patients weren’t less than two hundred kilograms and the female patients were like a small mountain as they shakily pa.s.sed by.

“These are all obese patients?” Tong Lei looked at these people in astonishment. She seemed very surprised, “I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with seeing those obese men on the streets in the past. Besides, I didn’t think that there would be so many obese men in Jiang Prefecture!”

Ji Feng smiled, “If these obese patients were all placed in such a big Jiang Prefecture, it would indeed be rare, perhaps not even once every few days. But in reality, there are quite a few of these patients, and many of them are incredibly obese people.

“Is this the reason why you started promoting Kang Yuan Slimming Powder from the hospital?” Tong Lei giggled, “You are really crafty! They actually took the initiative to buy our body medicine. “

Ji Feng’s face was filled with black lines, “How can this be crafty? This should only be managed by others!” “Besides, it’s not something that can be chosen by any hospital. Only hospitals like this one with a department that specializes in the treatment of obesity can be trusted by those patients, and only with that can we make good use of our Slimming Powder.”

“The price must be quite high as well, right?” Tong Lei asked.

“Yeah, of course it’s not small.” Ji Feng knew what she was asking about and could not help but smile, “We provide them free of charge, and we don’t charge them a single cent to promote the powder. At the same time, we also don’t want a single cent of their profits, and we have to give them a certain amount of money to promote the powder!”

“Doesn’t this mean that if we spend money and time, these hospitals will benefit?” Tong Lei’s pretty face looked displeased, “Even if we have to rely on them to help spread the news, there’s no need to be so dark! Really, they’re not afraid of second brother taking care of them in the future! “

Ji Feng instantly laughed and said, “Where are we now? They are already giving face to second brother. Otherwise, it would be a different story whether or not our medicine will come in. Even if I were to enter, the price I would have to pay would definitely be much greater. Right now, it’s already fortunate enough. “


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