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Chapter 739 – Ji Feng’s bottom line

“Okay, okay!” That Boss Huang was sitting on pins and needles, and now that Ji Feng wanted him to leave, he naturally couldn’t wait any longer. He quickly stood up and led the young couple out.

“All of you, go out as well. I’ll just watch from here.” Guo Tao said to the security guards.

“Yes sir!”

The security guards nodded and quickly left.

Other than the few security guards that the Xiao family had left behind, the rest of the drug refiners were all veterans who they had recruited. Other than the security guards that the Xiao family had left behind, the rest of the drug refiners were all veterans who they had recruited.

After they left, Guo Tao immediately closed the door and nodded to Ji Feng.

“This, this mister …” Zhao Jingzhong felt that he had to say something. Otherwise, based on this youth’s aggressive att.i.tude, he would eat both him and Su Aigong alive. His fate would definitely not be good.

However, as soon as Zhao Jingzhong opened his mouth, he noticed Ji Feng’s expression darken. At the same time, a shadow flashed before his eyes.


Zhao Jingzhong cried out miserably. He felt as if his face had been heavily slapped. His head felt like it was about to split open. After a period of dizziness, he directly fainted and fell to the ground.


Ji Feng kicked out and kicked Zhao Jingzhong’s stomach. Zhao Jingzhong, who hadn’t even hit the ground yet, was sent flying and heavily crashed into a nearby chair. Accompanied by a miserable scream, Zhao Jingzhong lost consciousness.

Immediately after, Ji Feng grabbed a chair from the ground and threw it at the dumbstruck and pale Su Ai Gong.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Su Ai Gong realized that Ji Feng was going to hit him, so he screamed in fear and covered his head with his hands and was about to run away.


A chair made out of solid wood smashed onto Su Ai Gong’s body and instantly broke into pieces. The legs of the chair were broken into several pieces, and the broken pieces of wood fell to the ground.

As he looked at Su Mi Gong again, he screamed miserably. His eyes rolled back as he fainted. However, he was lying on the ground, twitching. Both of his arms were bent in an abnormal way. It was clear that he had been beaten to a pulp.


Ji Feng threw the remaining chair back onto the ground. He coldly looked at the unconscious Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong and let out a heavy cold snort.

“Why do we need to be nice to this kind of animal?” Ji Feng coldly said, “Although our pharmaceutical factory is small, it is not without backbone! “Guo Tao, you better remember this. In the future, if anyone dares to act this rashly, don’t even think about developing or not, just break their legs. If they dare to go any further, just throw them down from upstairs. Don’t waste time with them, remember?”

“Yes!” “Boss!” Guo Tao immediately replied with a nod.

“This is the first time, so it’s fine if no one has any experience.” Ji Feng glared at Guo Tao before saying, “From today onwards, I will make a rule that in the future, whenever the main executives of the factory talk about business, be it at home or outside, they must have security guards following them. Remember, use trustworthy and reliable security. “

Guo Tao immediately nodded and said, “Yes, Boss. I’ll remember it.”

Only then did Ji Feng’s expression lighten, but he was still angered in his heart. “These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they really have the guts of a leopard. I haven’t seen a woman in 800 years!”

“In fact, since the first time these two people came, they’ve already been against Boss Xu, but that was only in their eyes and expressions.” In fact, ever since the first time these two people had been against Boss Xu, it was only in their eyes and expressions. “These two people relied on their representation of the Northern Medicine Group. Not only were they unbearable, even their actions were so improper. This is my fault, even though I was angry at the time, because I was too busy, I didn’t pay attention today. As a result, I was sneaked in by those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

“They came by once?!” Ji Feng’s face turned even darker, “When did you arrive?”

“They came in the morning. They asked for our Kang Yuan Slimming Powder to represent the Central Plains, but they didn’t plan to give us any fees. They spoke very arrogantly, and I saw that they didn’t have any sincerity, so I tactfully declined.” Xu Yuan said.

“These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, they deserve to die!” Ji Feng cursed and then glared at Xu Yuan. He said in a deep voice: “And you too, since this happened this morning, why didn’t you attract any attention and tell me?”

“I …” Xu Yuan’s mouth moved and her face blushed due to being scolded, but she didn’t know how to explain. In reality, however, she was worried that because of her, the relations.h.i.+p between the Xiao family’s medicine factory and the Northern Medicine Group would worsen. If that was the case, then even if Kang Yuan’s Slimming Powder was effective, it would still be difficult to expand it in the Central Plains Province.

One had to know that the influence of the Northern Medicine Group in the Central Plains was not something that a small factory like the Xiao family’s medicine factory could compare to. In the Central Plains, the Northern Medicine Group definitely accounted for a large portion of the sales. Moreover, large medical companies like these had a tacit understanding in private.

Even though they were both competing against each other, they would definitely not compete against each other with malice for the sake of strengthening themselves. That was because they would only be able to take advantage of the medicine concocting plant for nothing.

This could also be considered an unspoken rule in the pharmaceutical industry. If those factories were to produce good drugs, they would have to find the right agent. Only then would their channels be open and there wouldn’t be any problems in their sales.

In reality, even though the drug refinery was very profitable, in the Chinese medicine industry, the ones that made the most money were the channels and terminals. On the channel side, the most profitable ones would be the drug dealers, of course, they would also be the pharmaceutical groups with many different drug agents in their hands. In the channel side, the most profitable ones would be the drug dealers, of course, they would be the pharmaceutical groups with many different drug agents in their hands.

The difference in profits between the two was simply an astronomical figure.

For example, a simple and commonly used drug, such as a certain type of cefradine capsule, would sell for four to five dollars, but it would be sold for a total of more than twenty dollars!

This was the best raw material. If it was the previous spiramycin type, then the difference between the evolution and retail prices would be at least ten times more!

This was the terrifying profits from the channels and terminals, and also a type of unspoken rule in the medical industry.

Just think about it, even a few small pharmacies could do this, let alone the Central Plains Northern Medicine Group.

If he really offended the Northern Medicinal Group, then the losses from the Xiao Clan’s medicine concocting plant would be an astronomical figure!

This was what Xu Yuan was worried about the most. Ji Feng trusted her and made her the general manager of the Xiao family’s pharmaceutical factory, so she naturally couldn’t do such a huge loss to the factory due to her personal preferences.

But Xu Yuan didn’t expect Ji Feng to blame her. Although she knew Ji Feng cared about her, her tone still made her feel wronged.

However, Ji Feng did it out of good intentions, so she didn’t know how to explain it.

“Boss, Boss Xu is also thinking about our drug refinery, don’t even talk about her!” Seeing that Ji Feng was infuriated, Yang Dezhao hurried out to smooth things over.

Actually, Yang Dehao had heard about this from the staff responsible for accompanying Xu Yuan and receiving Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong. He had also asked Xu Yuan this morning if she wanted to tell Ji Feng. However, Xu Yuanyuan did not tell Ji Feng about the future development of the pharmaceutical factory in Zhongyuan Province.

“Xu Yuan is the manager of our factory. As long as she is in the factory, she will be our family. It’s the shame of all men to have your woman taken advantage of!”

Ji Feng clenched his teeth, and said solemnly: “The business of the company is nothing! If we watch our families being molested for the sake of doing business, where is our dignity and can our conscience rest?! If a person does not even have dignity and conscience, then he cannot be called human. Even if he is an animal, he would fight to the death with other animals in order to protect his children and his spouse, let alone a human.

Yang Dehao, Xu Yuan and Guo Tao couldn’t help but feel their hearts tremble. At the same time, they couldn’t help but nod their heads heavily, especially Yang Dezhao’s and Guo Tao’s words. Ji Feng’s words had reached deep into their hearts and made them agree with him.

Yang De Zhao secretly praised Ji Feng. He originally thought that Ji Feng was calm and smart, but he never thought that Ji Feng would have such an unyielding side.

From the looks of it, in terms of matters between men and women, this should be Ji Feng’s bottom line.

As long as you don’t disobey my rules in this aspect, Ji Feng will remain calm regardless of what you do. If you have any tricks up your sleeves, I will accept it all!

One must know that before Shang Qiungen came to make trouble twice, Ji Feng had never shown such an angry expression, and at that time, even his face did not change at all, but now, Yang De Zhao had already defeated Su Ai Gong, but Ji Feng felt that this was not enough and directly beat him to death, this was enough to prove his character!

Yang De Zhao had to admit, although Ji Feng was still very young, but as a man, Ji Feng was a good man!

When he was doing things, he was calm and collected, full of grandeur, and had the bearing of a general. As for the treatment of women, he refused to budge an inch. He was like a lion leader defending his own territory and not letting the women in his own territory be hara.s.sed by others. Regardless of whether they were women or not, he was exercising his man’s rights and protecting everyone’s dignity!


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