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Chapter 744 – Xu Yuan’s Lost

However, just as he wanted to go back, he saw Xu Yuan quickly walking down from the stairs, and said angrily: “Boss, I just contacted Northern Medicine Group and told them what happened today. One of their directors said that Su Aikong and Zhao Jingzhong are not familiar with the employees of Northern Medicine Group!”

“What?!” Ji Feng was stunned, “Not an employee of the Northern Medicinal Group? What did that mean? Is Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong using the name of Northern Medicine Group to pretend to be their employees and come to our factory to cheat? Or is it something else?! “

Xu Yuan shook her head and said, “I’m not sure about that either. When I contacted them, the northern medical company’s phone call was transferred to a director’s phone by their operator.” That Northern Medical Group board member said that Zhao Jingzhong and Su Aigong were not on his list of employees. He said that this had nothing to do with them. “

“Then did you tell them that if this matter is not handled well, we will bring a lawsuit?” Ji Feng frowned as he asked. This was really strange. Since Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong were not from Northern Medicine Group, where did they get the confidence to act so arrogantly here?

Are they liars? Ji Feng couldn’t believe it. If they really were scammers, Ji Feng believed that he would be able to see through it. This was because no matter how much they pretended to look like, they would still be lacking in confidence. But these two people were different. Looking at their appearances, they seemed to be completely arrogant, especially Su Aigong. In terms of Zhao Jingzhong, he seemed like an old swindler, but if one looked closely, it didn’t seem like it at all.

Xu Yuan shook her head and said, “I told you, but that director said, this has nothing to do with the Northern Medicine Group. Xu Yuan shook her head and said,” I said, but that director said, this has nothing to do with their Northern Medicine Group.

“This is really strange!”

Ji Feng crossed his arms as he muttered to himself, “Logically speaking, these two people should be employees of Northern Medicine Corporation. That should be right. It’s not possible for a typical swindler to pretend to be so similar!”

“Let’s wait for the police station to determine the results first!” Xu Yuan said, “If those two are really liars, then that’s even better, because this way we don’t have to offend Northern Medicine Group anymore.”

Ji Feng lightly nodded as he replied, “I guess that’s the only way. Let’s wait for the results!”

Then, he couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, “This is really… “After all this time, there are actually two scammers. Luckily, we still studied how to deal with the Northern Medicine Group. If the other party is really a scammer, then we are really stupid!”

If Su Aigong and Zhao Jingzhong were truly liars, then it would be truly ironic. A single pharmaceutical factory, with so many people, had actually been played around by these two liars. If word of this spread, they would be utterly humiliated!

Xu Yuan pursed her lips and smiled, “Boss, there’s nothing we can do about this. We are still inexperienced in this sort of thing, and because the professional management team hasn’t been established yet, we still lack a lot of procedures.”

“That’s right. No matter how capable a single person is, they will never consider everything. Only by establis.h.i.+ng an effective long-term team with strict rules and regulations can the pharmaceutical factory continue to operate smoothly over the long term.” Ji Feng nodded his head in agreement and said: “Xu Yuan, I will have to trouble you on this matter. You can let go of everything else, but this professional manager team and the business department must be formed as soon as possible. We must at least make it small but complete.”

Xu Yuan nodded and said, “Boss, I will get it done as soon as possible.”

Our first step has been a success, so the next step is to improve our internal structure, or at least set up a framework. Otherwise, when we launch other products in the future, we’ll be even busier, not to mention you and Mr. Yang, even if there’s another ten or twenty people, we might not necessarily be able to make it in time.

Ji Feng reminded him, “The promotion of Kang Yuan’s Slimming Powder will probably be completely stabilized by the second half of next year.” Ji Feng reminded him, “The promotion of Kang Yuan’s Slimming Powder will probably be completely stabilized by the second half of next year.

Xu Yuan nodded, of course she understood that what Ji Feng said made a lot of sense. Although the structure of a large corporation couldn’t be said to be the most reasonable one, it would at least save the leaders a lot of time and focus most of their attention on the overall situation.

According to Xu Yuanyuan’s understanding, in many well-developed companies, the cooperation between different departments was very good. However, the CEO of the company might only need to look at the various businesses and financial statements for a quarter, that was enough.

In the development of the company, the planning department was working hard to produce good results. If the company failed to produce good results, the company would punish them. This way, they wouldn’t have to worry about employees slacking off or playing any tricks on them.

The business side of the company was naturally handled by the business department, and the after-sales service was the cooperation with the business department. The after-sales service department was directly responsible to the boss, and if anything happened to the business department, the president would immediately know about it.

The same is true for other departments, and there is no doubt that the company will grow smoothly and quickly.

For a business company, especially a company like the Xiao family’s pharmaceutical factory, the most important thing was the four departments.

If there was a problem with the business department and the company’s products could not be sold, there would be no profit. Everything else would just become empty talk. Related to this was the research and development department. Good products were also important, otherwise, they wouldn’t be sold either.

To be able to sell a brick as gold, that was the real deal. In Xu Yuan’s eyes, it was just standing and not saying anything, maybe a strong salesperson could sell a brick as gold, but he could sell the first brick, but not the second.

There was an old saying that goes, even if it was a donkey, it wouldn’t fall in the same pit twice. It was enough for others to be cheated once. No one would be cheated by the same person in the same place for the second time. If there really was such a person, then they would be idiots!

Apart from these two departments, it would be the Development Planning Department and Finance Department.

The company had excellent quality products, good operators and smooth sales channels. It was temporarily stable, but if there was no long-term planning, there might be a problem somewhere and it would collapse in an instant.

Especially in such a compet.i.tive market, long-term development planning was of great importance. Everything in the company revolved around the development that was designated by the Development Planning Department!

As for the final department, they would have to count the finances.

This department has a lot of money, and if you relax a little, you’re going to have big problems.

Only if all four departments were functioning properly would the company be able to operate normally.

It was also because of this that Xu Yuan could understand why Ji Feng placed so much emphasis on the construction of the professional manager team and the various departments of the pharmaceutical factory.

“Boss, I will definitely set up all the departments of the pharmaceutical factory as soon as possible.” Xu Yuan promised with her charming voice.

Ji Feng laughed. “You can’t be too tired either. First, form a professional management team. Once the team is formed, it will save you a lot of effort.”

Xu Yuan smiled and nodded. She looked curiously at Ji Feng and said: “Boss, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“What problem?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

Xu Yuan’s pair of beautiful eyes flickered as she sized up Ji Feng. Her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity, “Boss, I’ve always been very curious. You’re younger than me and have never worked in society before. You haven’t even graduated from university. How do you know so much?”

“What problem is this!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh, “Usually when I’m not busy, I like to read books. Hmm, strictly speaking, my girlfriend likes to read books, so when there’s nothing to do, I also like to read books! I’ve read a lot, and I know a bit more things. But even if I understand it, if I want to apply it to my work, I’ll still need some time to train myself. Look, didn’t I make a lot of mistakes a while ago? “

It was as if in an instant, Ji Feng suddenly realized something. An awkward yet dejected look flashed across Xu Yuan’s pretty face, but it quickly disappeared.

If Ji Feng wasn’t so confident about his eyesight, he would have thought that he was seeing things. But now, he knew that there was indeed a complex expression on Xu Yuan’s face. He definitely wasn’t seeing things, but because of that look of disappointment, it came and left quickly. That was why he thought he was seeing things.

Xu Yuan smiled and returned to her incomparably beautiful and charming manner. Her white hands lightly covered her red lips as she pursed her lips and smiled: “Boss, you’re too modest.”

At that moment, Xu Yuan’s body unconsciously emitted a strong sense of allure.

At Xu Yuan’s age, it was the most captivating period of a woman’s life. At this stage, her every move, every frown, and every smile would reveal a charm that would make any normal man’s heart palpitate uncontrollably.

Ji Feng was no exception as well, but right now, he also had a kind of admiration towards men and women, which meant that he didn’t have any other intentions.


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