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Chapter 834 – acquaintances


Just as Ji Feng and Zhou Fei Fei returned to the villa, Liu Ze Jun appeared out of nowhere, scaring Zhou Fei Fei into a jump.

“How was it? Nothing happened during the time I was away, right?” Ji Feng had already gotten used to Liu Ze Jun’s method of concealing himself as he asked with a smile.

“There’s nothing out of the ordinary!” Liu Ze Jun whispered, “However, those few guys were a little dishonest and got taught a lesson by me!” When he spoke, he looked down and Ji Feng immediately understood that Liu Ze Jun was talking about the people who were locked up in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Ji Feng laughed, “Let them cause trouble. I don’t think they will have much time to bounce back.”

“I’m probably hungry!” Zhou Fei Fei said.

Those fellows hadn’t eaten since they were captured the previous night. They must be extremely hungry.

“It’s better if they’re hungry for a few days, or else they’ll run away if they can’t see anything. Now that they’re hungry for a few days, they don’t even have the strength to run!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile.

“Then we might as well not even give them water!” Liu Ze Jun said coldly.

“Don’t be so cruel!”

Ji Feng was delighted. If he did as Liu Ze Jun said, he was afraid that in a few days, these people would all become mummified corpses. There was no point in having these people under his control. They were not what Ji Feng wanted them to see.

As they were talking, they entered the living room of the villa. Ji Feng raised his hand to look at the time, and it was only a little after noon, but the television screen in the living room showed that the Flying Dragon Corporation’s stock price was still trading, while the stock price was still falling, but the decline was not that obvious anymore.

Ji Feng slightly frowned, “Are all those people going to eat now?”

Zhou Fei Fei smiled sweetly and said: “It should be that the stocks in these people’s hands have almost been sold out. Even if there is, there is not much left.”

“Now I’m just waiting for my final strike.” Ji Feng slightly nodded his head and said, “Fei Fei, as long as you can completely buy the Flying Dragon Company’s stocks, this Flying Dragon Company will change owners. Moreover, it will be at the lowest price. Congratulations!”

“Young Master Ji is flattering me. This is all thanks to your blessings. If it weren’t for your good planning, the plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly!” Zhou Fei Fei said with a sweet smile.

Ji Feng smiled as he waved his hands, declining to comment.

This was the cruelty of the stock market. Sometimes, after a lifetime of hard work, it could just be because of a single piece of news, but the hard work of establis.h.i.+ng a foundation would all of a sudden disappear from his hands.

Currently, the price of the shares of the Flying Dragon Corporation had been pushed to the lowest point and was about to fall. However, it still hadn’t fallen and was only barely able to struggle.

At this time, if the Zhou family interfered and forcibly swept away the goods, the Flying Dragon Corporation would change owners in the blink of an eye and become a part of Golden Age!

“Fei Fei, regarding this matter, I believe your Zhou family must also have some experts in this area. I’m a layman, so I won’t be joining.” Ji Feng sat on the sofa as he deliberated over what he should say. “As such, you guys can decide when to make your move and what actions to execute.”

Zhou Fei Fei slightly nodded her head: “Young Master Ji, don’t worry, I have already arranged everything!”

If Ji Feng had been plotting in his plan earlier, then now it could be said that he was in the stage of dividing the spoils, and it should be his. Zhou Fei Fei Fei would definitely not be polite with him, and dealing with Xu Long this time would definitely offend a lot of the upper echelons, and taking over the Flying Dragon Company could also be considered a form of compensation!

The corners of Ji Feng’s mouth curled up. His smile carried a hint of sarcasm. Even though it was only a flash, it was obvious.

It was clear that Ji Feng disliked Zhou Fei Fei, who seemed to have forgotten about the benefits the moment she saw them.

However, both sides were partners after all, so Ji Feng did not say much. However, in his heart, he had already drawn a big question mark behind the three words’ Zhou Fei Fei ‘. How he would get along with this woman in the future, and how the relations.h.i.+p between the two of them would be maintained, was still to be seen.

If this woman performed well, perhaps they would still be friends. But if she did not perform well, then the only thing they could do was to maintain this relations.h.i.+p that was more familiar to each other than strangers, but also more distant than friends.

Simply put, it was … Familiar!

The reason why Ji Feng had reminded Zhou Fei Fei was because everyone had a common enemy – Xu Long!

“Alright, you can decide when to attack.” Ji Feng nodded with a smile. “Also, before you launch your attack, you can hand over a portion of the people in the underground room…”

“Is the time?” Zhou Fei Fei was instantly delighted. If they could hand over these people, then it would be a great achievement for some. When the time came, they would owe the Zhou family a great debt of grat.i.tude. They believed that their relations.h.i.+p with the Zhou family would advance further.

Such a potential relations.h.i.+p was not something that could be bought no matter how much money was spent. Zhou Fei Fei Fei could not help but be excited.

Ji Feng laughed in his heart as he nodded and said, “We have arrived.”

He turned his head and asked with a smile, “Director Ji, as for your side, you don’t have to worry about it. This time, Sasumu Tai Lang and Chuan Muyan Zi will still be here, and the ones handed in will temporarily be some small fries.

“Thank you, Mister Ji!” When she spoke, her voice was so coquettish that it almost made all the bones in one’s body go soft.

Strictly speaking, the reason why we have such a rare opportunity is all because of General Ji’s blessing. If it wasn’t for those people wanting to deal with you and frame the Eastsea Sect, we probably wouldn’t have seized this opportunity. Therefore, we should be thankful to you! “

“Teacher Ji sure knows how to joke around!” Ji Yu couldn’t help but laugh. In his heart, he understood that in this operation, his side had gained quite a bit.

On one hand, Ji Feng had not only saved his life, but on the other hand, he had even given up such a great gift for no reason. Ji Yu couldn’t help but feel grateful.

Therefore, Ji Yu only gave Ji Feng a deep look and did not say anymore words of grat.i.tude. There were many things that could not be expressed in a single sentence or two. The key was to see how it was done!

Ji Feng sat on the sofa and thought for a moment. Then, he suddenly raised his head and said, “Fei Fei, immediately inform Su Yeyun and have her closely monitor Xu Long’s whereabouts. No matter what, we must not let Xu Long run away.

Now, the Zhou family had obtained the benefits, satisfying Zhou Fei Fei’s desire for more benefits, and Ji Yu had also obtained some benefits as well. It was just that he had not received any feedback at the moment, after all, this was a negotiation between the United Bamboo Gang and Shankou Group, and it would take some time for it to come to an end.

All that was left were the things that Ji Feng wanted — Xu Long and the evidence in his hands!

Xu Long could leave Xu Yuan to deal with him, Ji Feng placed the most emphasis on the evidence in Xu Long’s possession. That was the ticket for the Ji family to enter the game, they could not afford even the slightest mistake.

Of course, in Ji Feng’s eyes, Xu Long was just as important, and no matter how much Xu Yuan hated Xu Long, she might not be able to do that sort of thing.

Thus, Ji Feng was not worried about Xu Long dying at the hands of Xu Yuan.

However, there must be a lot of torture.

What Ji Feng was worried about was that once Xu Long fell into the hands of that woman Su Ya Yun … If that was the case, then Xu Long’s fate could be imagined just by looking at his heels.

“No…” Ji Feng held onto his arm with one hand and his chin with the other as he quickly thought, “We can’t just rely on Su Yeyun and the Eastsea Gang. Fei Fei, you have to send out your bodyguards to closely monitor Xu Long’s every move.

“No problem, it’s just that you’re doing this for … Personally capture Xu Long? ” Zhou Fei Fei did not understand.

Ji Feng slightly shook his head and said, “I just don’t want Xu Long to die that quickly!”

Zhou Fei Fei was suddenly enlightened. With Su Yeyun’s hatred for Xu Long, once Xu Long fell into her hands, it would be a wonder if he would be tormented to the point of seeking death!

Even to the extent that once Su Ya lost her rationality, she might even be able to behead Xu Long with one slas.h.!.+

“I understand. I’ll send someone to monitor Xu Long.” In any case, at this time, the Eastsea Sect was also secretly monitoring the movements of Xu Long and the other Dragon Tiger Gang members.

At this moment, Xu Yuan was also in the living room. She was sitting in a corner of the sofa and her eyes seemed to be staring at the stock lines on the TV screen, but in reality, she had been paying attention to Ji Feng’s orders. From her slightly ugly expression, it could be seen that her mood right now was definitely not as calm as it appeared.

Seeing this, Ji Feng could only shake his head and sigh. This matter was a knot in Xu Yuan’s heart and no one could help her. She could only lick the wound and untie it herself.

… ….

The Zhou Clan’s attack was much earlier than Ji Feng had expected.

Less than an hour before the closing time, the stock market’s curve suddenly started to drop. Ji Feng, Zhou Fei Fei, and the others immediately realized from their previous a.n.a.lysis that Xu Long no longer had any plans to protect his plate. He wanted to run!

The Zhou family had made their move. They began to madly sweep through the Flying Dragon Corporation’s shares, pulling the price back by quite a lot.

By the time the Zhou family had taken complete control of the situation, night had already begun to fall. At the same time, Zhou Fei Fei Fei’s bodyguard also called. Xu Long had already brought a fleet of carriages and was ready to run away …


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