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Chapter 39 – Myxin

This phone call seemed to have made Zhang Lei in a terrible mood. He didn’t know what the person on the other side of the phone said, but he saw Zhang Lei’s face darken as he gritted his teeth.

He took a deep breath and said into the phone, “Sister, there’s no need to go to the Zheng family for an explanation. I’m already in Jiang Prefecture. Don’t worry, I’ll go right away.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Lei took a few deep breaths and said, “Lunatic, take them with you and let me use the car.”

However, Ji Feng did not immediately agree. Instead, he asked, “What happened?”

When Zhang Lei mentioned Old Zheng’s family, this made him think highly of him. Although he didn’t know Old Zheng’s family well, the only person he had interacted with Old Zheng so far was Wu Zhihe’s girlfriend, Zheng Yuxiu. As for that woman, she had not left a good impression on him.

“It’s nothing, there are a few ignorant people looking for trouble, I’m going over to take a look.” Zhang Lei said in a deep voice, “Don’t ask so much. I’ll tell you in detail when I get back.”

“Then let’s go together!” Ji Feng smiled.

How could he not know Zhang Lei’s temper after being brothers with him for such a long time?

Even though this fellow seemed to be carefree, he was actually smarter than anyone. If one wanted to anger him to such an extent, one really needed to possess a certain level of skill.

Obviously, the matter that the caller had told Zhang Lei was not simple. At the very least, this matter should have touched on Zhang Lei’s bottom line. Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t be this angry.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. If he had a knife now, he would dare to kill!

“What’s the address?” Ji Feng asked.

“You guys don’t have to join in the fun!” Zhang Lei said impatiently.

Ji Feng, however, did not mind at all and continued to laugh, “It’s rare to see you get so angry. How can you not follow me and watch the show? Say it, address! “

Zhang Lei shook his head helplessly. “Brat, you really are thick-skinned … “Fine, you guys can follow me, but if I do anything at that time, you guys will be stopped. Otherwise, you don’t need to go now.”

Tong Lei, who was at the side, was about to say something, but Ji Feng immediately laughed: “Relax, I definitely won’t stop you, maybe I will join in the fun!”

“Brat …” Zhang Lei was so infuriated that he started laughing. He shook his head and said, “Charity Hospital.”


Ji Feng and Tong Lei couldn’t help but be stunned. How was he related to the hospital?

“Brother, what happened?” When Tong Lei heard that they were going to the hospital, then linked it with Zhang Lei’s angry look, she immediately felt worried.

“Little Bin was beaten up, and now he’s in the hospital …” Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! ” Zhang Lei grunted coldly, and his face was terrifyingly cold.


Tong Lei was also shocked, “He’s still a child, why would anyone hit him?”

“The situation isn’t too clear, let’s talk as we walk!” Zhang Lei shook his head slightly.

At this time, Ji Feng had already pointed out the map of Mercy and Mercy from the navigation system. He then rushed over in accordance to the directions given by the map.

Although he had been in Jiang Prefecture for a full year and a half, he had never been to a hospital. At most, he had only been to the school’s infirmary, so he had no idea where this benevolent hospital was.

Because they weren’t too familiar with the road, and it was currently the peak of traffic, the road was very slow. Thus, the few of them had time to listen to what Zhang Lei had to say.

The person who was beaten into the hospital by Zhang Lei was originally called Zheng Bin, but later changed his name to Zhang Bin. Both of these surnames had their reasons.

Actually, the reason why Zhang Bin had two surnames was because his father also had two surnames. When Ji Feng found out the ident.i.ty of Zhang Bin’s father, he was immediately astounded.

Zhang Bin’s father was none other than Zhang Lei’s second uncle, who was also the Deputy Chief of the Jiang Prefecture Bureau, Zheng Yuanshan!

“… In truth, these are all matters that Chen Gu would rather die from. However, there are still some people who do not give up on such a small matter. Their hearts deserve to be punished! ” Zhang Lei said coldly, “Actually, how should I put it? My mother has a total of four siblings, but my eldest uncle and second uncle, along with my mother and third uncle, are siblings from the same mother and father …”

Through Zhang Lei’s explanation, Ji Feng finally understood what was going on.

It turned out that Zhang Lei’s grandfather was an old warrior as well. He had lost an eye and half of his face in the war that year, so even though the war had ended, he couldn’t find an opponent because of those problems.

As for Zhang Lei’s grandmother, her husband happened to be there at the time. She was alone with her two sons, living a very difficult life.

“At that time, they happened to be on the same farm, and because my second uncle was just over a year old and my first uncle was only four or five years old, with my grandmother as a woman, how could she possibly have two sons? It was also thanks to my grandfather’s help that my first and second uncle were able to grow healthy! “

Zhang Lei said, “Later on, my grandma found out that my grandpa was a kind person, so they gradually developed feelings for each other. Later on, they also got married.”

Only now did Ji Feng realize why Zhang Lei was surnamed Zhang while his second uncle Zheng Yuanshan was surnamed Zheng. Logically speaking, Zhang Lei should have the same surname as his uncle, but this was not the case.

Although Ji Feng had some knowledge in the past, he only occasionally heard some rumors in Beijing. However, they weren’t as detailed as what Zhang Lei said, and there was a huge difference between the rumors and the truth, so he couldn’t believe it.

“Actually, at that time when they were married, no one objected. In any case, it was a labor transformation. No one cared about their life and death, and no one cared whether they were married or divorced.” Zhang Lei said, “But later on, when my grandfather’s old boss helped him turn things around, he once again entered the capital. As a result, his marriage with my grandmother was actually discussed by someone!”

Ji Feng nodded his head and sneered. People were always like this. If a person was messing around badly, there would be many people who wouldn’t even be willing to look at him. They would only think of him if they wanted to find a sense of superiority.

However, if a person who was originally rather poor were to suddenly get along well, then there would definitely be quite a few people who were unbalanced and jealous.

“The sad truth is that the gossiper is one of my grandmother’s former relatives.” Zhang Lei sneered and suddenly asked, “Madman, do you know of the Zheng Family in Beijing?”

Ji Feng was stunned. “Is it the Zheng Family who is relatively close to the Wu Family?”

“It’s that group of people!” Zhang Lei said with an unfriendly tone, “They are my grandmother’s ex-in-laws!”

“What did you say?!”

Ji Feng turned around in surprise. “Old Zheng’s family?”

“That’s right!” Zhang Lei sneered coldly.

Ji Feng could not help but fall into silence. He did not expect that Zheng Yuanshan was actually a member of the Zheng Family. Or rather, his father was actually a member of the Zheng Family!

This was truly out of Ji Feng’s expectations. He didn’t expect Zheng Yuanshan and the Zheng Family to have such a deep relations.h.i.+p.

“My second uncle might be a member of the Zheng Family, but in reality, he grew up with my grandfather. He views my grandfather as his father, and because the people from the Zheng Family gossiped about my grandmother, his relations.h.i.+p with the Zheng Family isn’t that good.”

Zhang Lei said, “All these years, my second uncle never went back to celebrate New Year. Furthermore, as long as there’s nothing special, he basically won’t go to Beijing. He just doesn’t want to see the Zheng Family!”

“So that’s how it is …” Ji Feng couldn’t help but sigh.

“Bro, what happened to Little Bin being beaten up today?” Tong Lei asked from the side, “How did Little Bin get involved with the Zheng Family after being beaten up?”

“Who knows!” Zhang Lei snorted. “Cousin only said on the phone that Little Bin was beaten up by a member of the Zheng Family and is currently under medical examination. Most likely, the Zheng Family is looking for trouble again!”

“The Zheng Family is going too far!” Tong Lei said angrily, “You can’t just go straight to second uncle if you want to cause trouble, why do you have to hit Little Bin!”

“Humph!” “Old Zheng’s family has always been this unreasonable. Besides, do they dare to cause trouble for second uncle?” Zhang Lei sneered coldly.

Ji Feng replied, “Let’s not talk about that too much. We should head to the hospital first to see what’s going on. It wouldn’t be too late to discuss it after that!”

… ….

When the four of them arrived at the Jiang Prefecture Mercy Hospital, they found Zheng Yuanshan’s son, Zhang Bin, in the surgical ward. Next to him was his sister, a twenty-three-year-old girl who was taking care of him.

Zhang Bin’s head was bandaged with gauze, and his eyes were bruised, as he was lying on the bed, slos.h.i.+ng. Other than that, there weren’t any other major injuries. Zhang Lei and Tong Lei could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

“Big sister, Little Bin!” Zhang Lei and Tong Lei quickly walked over.

“You’re here.” Zhang Bin’s elder sister greeted the Zhang siblings and nodded at Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan.

“Let me introduce them to you. These two are my friends, Ji Feng and Xiao Yu Xuan.” Zhang Lei introduced them first, “These two are my cousins, Zhang Yun and Zhang Bin!”

“Big sister, how is Little Bin doing?” Zhang Lei asked after they greeted each other.

“The doctor said there’s no big problem, it’s just that his head was broken. There’s a slight concussion and he needs to stay in the hospital for a few days to observe. The rest are just superficial wounds.” Zhang Yun shook his head slightly and said angrily, “They are really bullying us!”

Zhang Lei scowled, but didn’t say anything.

“Brother Lei, I’m not losing face. They hit me, and I hit them too. One of them was smashed by me, but they had too many people, so I can’t beat them.” Zhang Bin suddenly said, “Wait for me to recover, I will smash those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds one by one!”

“What are you saying!” Zhang Yun stared at him, “Only you can!”

“Little Bin, how did you end up running into the Zheng Family?” “What the h.e.l.l is going on?” Zhang Lei asked in a deep voice.


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