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Chapter 154: The Strange Medicinal Pill Tester

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Girl, this is a very reasonable price. I’m giving you an inch, but you want a mile.” Dongfang Yao expressed his displeasure.

“I am not greedy. No means no,” Ye Jiuge said flatly.

She had already melded the White Bone Flame into her Elixir Field. If she extracted it from her body, it would leave a hole in her Elixir Field. She would be as good as dead.

“If you refuse to sell it to me, then forget about it.” Dongfang Yao gestured with his hand to show his frustration.

If Ye Jiuge were just an insignificant Alchemist, even if he had to extort the Spiritual Flame from her, he would coerce her into giving it to him.

However, Ye Jiuge was Yun Tianwei’s granddaughter. He was not that shameless.

When Ye Jiuge saw that Dongfang Yao was so complacent, she felt slightly apologetic for turning him down. After she hesitated for a moment, she said, “Actually, it is pointless for you to acquire this Spiritual Flame.”

“What do you mean?” Dongfang Que asked, perplexed.

Ye Jiuge extended her fingers. A ghostly wisp of white flame materialized, exuding an eerie and sinister feeling. The atmosphere of the room became exceptionally gloomy.

“Spectral Flame?! Have you gone bonkers? You really dared to integrate the Spectral Flame into your Elixir Field?” Dongfang Yao was stupefied. He stared at Ye Jiuge as though he had seen a ghost.

The Spectral Flame could only be used to produce Yin Pills. However, the medicinal pills that Spiritual Pract.i.tioners required were all Yang Pills. Only Black Magic Pract.i.tioners and Devil Cultivators needed Yin Pills.

Currently, Yin Pill Recipes were extremely scarce in the market. Even someone in his position just owned only a few. If he obtained this Spectral Flame, he would have no use for it.

Ye Jiuge smiled. She did not elaborate further.

She could never tell Dongfang Yao that she had a complete set of Yin Pill Recipes in her possession!

“Young lady, you seem gentle. Contrary to what I expected, you are full of mettle. You have proven yourself worthy as a descendant of Old Codger Yun.”

Although Dongfang Yao thought that it was insane that an Alchemist would capture and tame a Spectral Flame, he was still impressed by Ye Jiuge’s courage.

“Great Master Dongfang, did you know my grandfather? Do you know where he was before he went missing?” Ye Jiuge promptly questioned him for more information.

“Young lady, don’t misunderstand me. I was not close to your grandfather at all,” Dongfang Yao huffed with feigned nonchalance.

“Oh.” Ye Jiuge immediately made her disinterest evident.

When Dongfang Yao saw how she treated him, he felt slightly upset. After he harrumphed loudly to express his annoyance, he said, “Old Codger Yun left without any notice. According to the rumors, he wanted to travel to some secret realm to search for a hidden treasure.”

She thought: Hidden treasure? Is it possible that Grandfather’s disappearance is related to that treasure map?

Although Ye Jiuge was inwardly astonished, her expression remained unchanged. She replied calmly, “Great Master Dongfang, I am extremely thankful for your guidance.”

“Young lady, you should not follow in Old Codger Yun’s footsteps and embark on a search for the treasure. It would be in vain. How can there possibly be so many hidden treasures in this world for you all to seek?” Dongfang Yao muttered.

Just when Ye Jiuge was feeling light-headed from Dongfang Yao’s nagging, a knock came at the door.

Li Zijun informed them respectfully, “Master, the current round has ended.”

“Alright.” Dongfang Yao answered authoritatively. After that, he instructed Ye Jiuge, “Bring your Medicinal Pill with you when you leave.”

After he finished speaking, he stood up and exited the room.

Ye Jiuge quietly returned to the designated contest venue.

This time, the Pill Production Tournament had a total of fifty-two partic.i.p.ants. In the end, only six Rank-two Alchemists managed to produce the Heart Nourishment Pill successfully.

The others produced pills which were completely unusable.

At that time, Ye Jiuge and the other contestants’ Heart Nourishment Pills were displayed in a line in front of the judges.

“Ye Jiuge’s Heart Nourishment Pill was the best in quality,” Dongfang Yao stated decisively.

“Although her Heart Nourishment Pill is quite good, I feel that Gong Hongyu and Ye Shanshan’s pills are better. Furthermore, when they produced their pills, their methods adhered firmly to the standard practice.” Elder Xiao and Elder Chen held a different opinion.

“Then I will award Ye Jiuge the Highest Distinction, Gong Hongyu and Ye Shanshan with Distinction, and the other three with Merit,” Dongfang Yao ended the discussion—he had the final say.

Elder Chen and Elder Xiao nodded silently.

Anyway, it was only the first round of the tournament. After this, there would be two more.

The Crown Prince disagreed with the decision: “Imperial Uncle, the Medicine Testing Session has not even started yet. It is too early to make your judgment now.”

The Medicine Testing Session of the Lei Kingdom’s Pill Production Tournament would recruit individuals from the people, who would voluntarily test the medicine.

During the tournament, they would pick a suitable patient according to the efficacy of the Medicinal Pill and a.s.sess the medicine’s effectiveness in treating the person’s illness.

If the Medicinal Pill could cure the illness completely, it would be considere a good pill. If the person died after consuming it, it would be considered a bad pill.

During the previous Pill Production Tournament, there were considerable cases of healed patients. No lives had been lost due to a bad pill, yet. After all, the quality of the Medicinal Pills that achieved a certain ranking was always acceptable.

“Bring the patients here,” Dongfang Yao ordered Li Zijun.

“Yes.” Li Zijun nodded dutifully, before instructing the apprentices to lead them into the place.

Shortly after, six pale faces with blue lips walked in. It was apparent from their debilitated conditions that their heart problems were extremely severe.

A young, handsome man with sculpted facial features and slightly tanned skin had the responsibility of being Ye Jiuge’s Medicinal Pill Tester.

Even though he was wearing the Lei Kingdom’s traditional clothing, Ye Jiuge was convinced that he was not from there.

When the other patients saw the Medicinal Pills, they expressed their surprise, nervousness, excitement, terror, and worry. This young man was the only one whose head was drooping. He was so still that it gave her an odd feeling.

“Let’s proceed with the Medicine Testing!” Under Li Zijun’s command, the apprentices helped the patients consume the Heart Nourishment Pills.

Gong Hongyu’s patient had a slender figure and was pretty. She was a girl in the prime of her youth. When she covered her chest with her hand, she had some similarity to a sickly Xi s.h.i.+.

After swallowing the Heart Nourishment Pill, the color gradually returned to her ashen face. She straightened her slightly hunched body. She was in high spirits as if she had just ingested the Divine Panacea.

“My G.o.d, I can’t believe that I have recovered completely. Great Master, you have my undying grat.i.tude for saving my life.” The lady prostrated herself on the ground immediately, weeping profusely.

“Based on what I have seen, Gong Hongyu’s Medicinal Pill deserves the Highest Distinction.” The Crown Prince nodded in satisfaction.

However, a hint of disdain flashed in Ye Jiuge’s eyes.

If the Heart Nourishment Pill were the right cure for the lady’s illness, the effect would have been extremely obvious. This young lady’s acting was somewhat exaggerated.

Either her illness was not as severe as it appeared to be, or she was a healthy person in the first place.

Given the Crown Prince’s personality, it was highly likely that he had come up with this plan to help Gong Hongyu become the champion.

She wondered how Ye Shanshan felt when she saw the Crown Prince helping Gong Hongyu to this extent.

Ye Shanshan’s patient was a gaunt seventeen-year-old man. His thin lips were a deep shade of purple. Even breathing was difficult for him.

After he took the Heart Nouris.h.i.+ng Pill, his breathing immediately became more regular. The purple in his lips subsided and turned a pale pink color. He seemed livelier.

He knocked his head solemnly against the ground three times while facing Ye Shanshan to thank her for saving his life.

After the other patients consumed their Heart Nouris.h.i.+ng Pills, their health took a turn for the better.

However, their results could barely compare to Gong Hongyu’s, who’d managed to cure the illness completely.

Ye Jiuge’s young male patient was the last one left.

“It is your turn to eat!” The apprentice, who helped the young man hold his medicine, was the same person who had delivered the Medicinal Ingredients to Ye Jiuge.

The young man stared at the Medicinal Pill. A determined expression appeared on his slightly tanned, handsome face. After that, he swallowed the pill.

As Ye Jiuge’s Medicinal Pill had earned the Highest Distinction, everyone was looking forward to seeing its effects.

After the young man ate the Heart Nouris.h.i.+ng Pill, his pallid face slowly became rosier.

His purplish lips also went back to normal. Although his reaction was not as dramatic as Gong Hongyu’s patient, the outcome was rather satisfactory.

Now, the Medicine Testing Session was concluded.

The Crown Prince was about to propose that they changed the rank of Gong Hongyu’s Medicinal Pill to Highest Distinction when there was a sudden commotion from the group of Medicinal Testers.

That young man, who ate Ye Jiuge’s Medicinal Pill, repeatedly tripped as he rushed forward.

His terrifying face was contorted by pain. He was about to say something when he threw up fiercely, spewing out a mouthful of bright red blood. After that, he collapsed on the ground.


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