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Chapter 205: Different Ways of Public Display of Affection

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Crown Prince, Ye Yuxuan, Ye Shanshan, Gong Honglei, Elder Chen, Elder Xiao, and the rest majestically squeezed into the house.

 When they entered the interior room after crossing the outer hall, they saw Ye Jiuge sitting upright beside Great Master Dongfang’s bed. She was calmly checking his pulse, and her lucid, elegant face wore a solemn expression.

 Behind her stood a captivatingly beautiful man dressed in a long, pale violet robe.

 When he saw everyone enter, he lifted a pale finger and lifted it to his rosy lips to signal for quiet.

 Even though his action was simple, it was incredibly enchanting and devilish. He was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

 Everyone held their breath and stared blankly at him.

 Ye Shanshan stood foolishly rooted to the ground.

 She had never seen such a pretty, flirtatious, and captivating man who transcended notions of gender.

 Although the Crown Prince was a giant among men and extraordinarily handsome, he was nothing compared to the man who now stood in front of her.

 Ye Shanshan’s heart thumped rapidly and felt as though it could fly out of her mouth at any moment and land in the man’s hand.

 However, besides Ye Shanshan, even the Crown Prince and Gong Honglei were so captivated by Zi Shang that they felt as though their spirits and souls had turned upside down.

 They thought: No wonder h.o.m.os.e.xuality exists in this world. He is such a beautiful man, and it is worth anything just to grovel at his feet.

 After Ye Jiuge had finished checking Great Master Dongfang’s pulse, she looked up to see everyone drooling over Zi Shang. Unable to stand it, she fake coughed a few times and glared warningly at him.

 She thought: He already knows that he is such an evildoer. Please don’t make everyone’s hormones go crazy and cause trouble for me.

 Zi Shang smiled knowingly at Ye Jiuge as if to say, “I know. I will only use my charms on you.”

 They exchanged flirtatious glances like the glint and flash of cold steel.

 Then, everyone awakened from the temptation caused by Zi Shang’s presence.

 Ye Shanshan arranged her hair and curtseyed to Zi Shang bashfully. Using her most attractive voice, she asked delicately, “May I ask your name, Great Master?”

 Zi Shang did not reply. Instead, he lowered his head and asked Ye Jiuge, “What do you think I should be called?”

 “Call yourself whatever you want. Why are you asking me?” She felt a glare of enmity from Ye Shanshan. Ye Jiuge was in a bad mood.

 “Since I am your bodyguard, it is natural for me to listen to you. Eldest Miss, please bestow a name on me.” Zi Shang’s voice was extremely gentle.

 Ye Jiuge thought: Bestow your stupid head!

 Ye Jiuge did not have enough nerve to give Zi Shang a name. At once, she said perfunctorily, “If it is convenient to use your original name, we can address you by that!”

 It was out of consideration for her that Zi Shang was acting sneakily. He would not be able to use his original name, but Ye Jiuge had given him a way out.

 “Alright. Then, I will take on your last name and call myself Ye Zi!” Zi Shang smiled.

 A Demon’s name cannot be easily revealed to anyone. Apart from Ye Jiuge, n.o.body else in the world was worthy of calling him by his name.

 “Ye Zi sounds decent.” Ye Jiuge nodded perfunctorily. Then, to Ye Shanshan, who was still completely stunned, she said, “Did you hear that? He is called Ye Zi.”

 Ye Shanshan could not believe that such an incredibly beautiful man was so loyal to Ye Jiuge that he had asked her to bestow a name on him. Immediately, Ye Shanshan felt indescribable pain, like a knife had been twisted into her heart.

 “Oh, sir, your name is Ye Zi!” Ye Yuxuan immediately let out a hearty laugh. He said, “I am indebted to you for taking care of my daughter. Since you have chosen to take on our name, we are all a family from now on.”

 “Who are you calling family? Great Master Ye, please don’t forget that the relations.h.i.+p between us had been severed,” Ye Jiuge said with a serious face.

 “Jiuge, I was wrong in the past. I know my mistake now; please, forgive your Father this once!” Putting away his pride, Ye Yuxuan begged.

 “Great Master Ye, you overwhelm me with more than I deserve. I wouldn’t dare be angry with you. When I wasn’t angry, you wanted me dead. If I were really angry with you, would you poison me in my sleep?” Ye Jiuge sneered.

 “It’s my fault. Feel free to reprimand me in any way you see fit. I will be happy as long as you are still willing to recognize me as your Father.” Ye Yuxuan looked battered and exhausted. He was covered from head to toe with dirt. There was also a wound on his head.

 When he implored Ye Jiuge to forgive him using such a humble and pitiful tone, everyone who witnessed it felt like Ye Jiuge was too hard on him.

 Ye Jiuge was helpless against this thick-skinned Ye Yuxuan.

 Before, when she had made cutting remarks to Ye Yuxuan, he would swing his sleeve in anger and leave in a huff. However, this time, he was utterly shameless.

 Even though she wished to give him a beating, she had no reason to do so. Ye Jiuge felt sullen.

 “Jiuge…” Ye Yuxuan was about to continue, but Zi Shang lifted a hand, and Ye Yuxuan’s body involuntarily flew in front of Zi Shang.

 Zi Shang clenched his fist and held Ye Yuxuan in the air.

 Ye Yuxuan’s face was turning blue from a lack of oxygen, and his legs were kicking in vain to struggle free.

 His hands dug at his throat, trying to pry free from the force that was clenching his neck. However, it was no use.

 “Ye Zi. Just give him a little punishment; don’t kill him.” Ye Jiuge’s tone was so apathetic that it showed her cold-heartedness toward Ye Yuxuan.

 “Yes,” Zi Shang responded gently. Then, with a lift of his hand, he threw Ye Yuxuan out of the house.

 Ye Yuxuan was sent flying like a kite with a cut string. He landed on a tree and fell unconscious.

 “Father!” Ye Shanshan shrieked. Infuriated, she pointed at Ye Jiuge and said, “Eldest Sister, even if Father has made a thousand mistakes, he is still our Father. Have you forgotten his kindness in bringing you up? How dare you treat him so viciously and ruthlessly, you…”

 Ye Shanshan’s words suddenly stuck in her throat. No matter how hard she tried, she could not say another word.

 Her eyes widened in fear as she looked at Zi Shang. She could not believe that he would treat her like this.

 “Noisy!” Zi Shang’s hands returned to his sides as he looked around calmly. In a soft voice, he asked, “Anyone else?”

 The recipients of his gaze felt as though they were frogs under the watch of a venomous snake. They could not help but shudder, and they quickly shook their heads. They would not dare speak up.

 In their minds, they thought: He must be joking! This person killed Xiong Yunhu with a single stroke!

 Furthermore, he does not even show Ye Jiuge’s Father, Ye Yuxuan, any respect. No one would dare act up in front of him.

 “Alright. Don’t scare everyone away. You must be tired. Go rest!” Satisfied, Ye Jiuge patted Zi Shang’s arm.

 If they were to go over the top with their acting and infuriate everyone, it wouldn’t be good for them.

 “Yes,” Zi Shang respectfully replied.

 He withdrew his overpowering presence and took a step back.

 Although he still stood there, everyone had the unfathomable feeling that he had disappeared.

 He was definitely a master!

 Elder Chen, Elder Xiao, and the rest were apprehensive about Zi Shang’s strange movements.

 As they could not determine his background, they were even more wary about Ye Jiuge.

 “Wu, wu, wu!” Fl.u.s.tered and exasperated, Ye Shanshan, whom everyone had forgotten, pointed at Ye Jiuge and then at her own throat. She was signaling for Ye Jiuge to help her.

 “If you bring Great Master Ye with you and leave now, I will consider allowing you to speak again.” Ye Jiuge’s tone was unenthusiastic, but anyone could hear the threat in her words.

 Ye Shanshan gritted her teeth. She looked with hidden bitterness and misery at Zi Shang. Still, she finally turned, picked up the unconscious Ye Yuxuan, and left.

 “Alright. Everyone, now let’s talk about Great Master Dongfang!” Ye Jiuge gave a little smile and called for the crowd’s attention.


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