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The Unrivaled Tang Sect is a web novel completed by Tang Jia San Shao.
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The Tang Sect had provided around two thousand stationary soul cannon Shrek Academy also had several hundred stationary soul cannon of different More than five hundred were fired in this first round, since there were many Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons available.

If their monetary value was measured, it would take a long time to count the number of zeroes in the number generated.

The Soul Tool Department’s Dean Xian Lin’er, Vice-Dean Qian Duoduo, and Xuan Ziwen from the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall contorted their faces in reluctance after this first round. Even if they won this war, they would need to save up for a long time before they could obtain so many stationary soul cannon again!

The soul beasts were a little surprised by the range of the humans’ attack. However, the were fired into the distance. The soul beasts that were charging in front towards the city wall weren’t affected. Very soon, the soul beast army was already beneath the wall.

The Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were fired once again. This time, their strength was unleashed. As a large number of cannon rained down, explosive bombs started to engulf and strike the charging soul beasts.

At this moment, the booms generated from the detonation of the first round of had just echoed in the air.

Around one-third of the five hundred were intercepted. The remaining two-thirds managed to detonate successfully. The tragic screams of soul beasts could be heard amid the terrifying booms caused by the explosions. While some of these were intercepted, their explosive strength was still superior to the regular explosive bombs of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons.

As a Cla.s.s 7 stationary soul cannon sh.e.l.l landed among the soul beasts, the s.p.a.ce in the entire region affected by the subsequent explosion completely collapsed. A black halo started to spread, and only stopped when it reached a diameter of three hundred meters. Then, this black region started to distort tremendously, and countless bolts of lightning surrounded this region. An airflow filled with a destructive aura started to spread.

The name of this Cla.s.s 7 stationary soul cannon sh.e.l.l was Lightning of h.e.l.l. Its terrifying destructive power instantly took the lives of thousands of soul beasts.

While the rest of the Cla.s.s 4, 5 and 6 stationary soul cannon were weaker, each of them still managed to hurt and kill many soul beasts.

Very soon, Shi Xing discovered that the Tang Sect’s stationary soul cannon were much stronger than the produced by the Academy. There were practically no Cla.s.s 4 sh.e.l.l and hardly any Cla.s.s 5 Most of them were either Cla.s.s 6 or Cla.s.s 7. The explosion of every sh.e.l.l managed to affect a large region. They were extremely lethal, and he was struck breathless as he watched the explosions unfold.

As the defenses of the other three sides of the city were weaker, they were reinforced with more stationary soul cannon

Right now, the four Savage Beasts were all astonished as they watched the various cannon exploding. They hadn’t expected humans to possess such terrifying weapons. Ordinary soul beasts were unable to resist such weapons!

After the first wave of stationary exploded, more than fifteen thousand soul beasts were either hurt or killed. Most of them were dead; there were very few injured soul beasts. The number of soul beasts that became casualties after this attack was much greater than the losses the soul beasts had suffered after the earlier confrontations.

The four Savage Beasts started to get depressed. All of them had different characters, which naturally meant that their reactions were different. Compared to the Bear Lord’s irritation, the Myriad Demon King’s gloominess and the Scarlet King’s fury, Bi Ji was feeling cold in her heart right now.

Humans actually possess such terrifying weapons? Since when did this happen?

Shrek City is probably the most difficult city to attack among all the human cities, but it’s still only one of the many cities around! How many of these weapons are present in the three human empires? Are the soul beasts from the Great Star Dou Forest capable of resisting these weapons with their flesh and blood, and eventually attaining victory?

Perhaps it might not be difficult to annihilate Shrek City. However, it’s going to be extremely difficult to annihilate the entire human race!

The losses they had suffered from attacking Shrek City thus far had exceeded their earlier estimations. However, it was impossible for them to stop halfway. There was no way they could retreat anymore.

“Emerald Swans, start healing with all your abilities,” Bi Ji spoke in a strange voice. Following her words, jade-green figures started to quickly rise into the sky not far away from her.

They were swans that were covered by bright jade-green light. After they rose into the sky, they immediately flew in all four directions. Each of them released a gentle, jade-green light from their bodies, and they started to heal the soul beasts that were injured by the explosions.

They were from the same species as Bi Ji. All these years, she had been protecting and nurturing them to become the healing team of the Great Star Dou Forest.

Emerald Swans lacked defensive strength, and there were only a hundred of them. They weren’t supposed to appear on a battlefield, as the Forest couldn’t afford to lose any of them. However, Bi Ji had no choice but to summon them, given the great number of casualties right now. She couldn’t possibly heal all the soul beasts by herself!

The only good news for the soul beast army was that the frontline soul beasts had already charged their way to Shrek City’s wall now.

Countless long-range attacks were targeted towards the top of the walls right now, as if they were meteor showers.

All the soul masters did their best to activate their protective soul barriers to defend against the long-range attacks. However, the four Savage Beasts were determined this time. The soul beasts that were charging in front were thousand-year soul beasts, and they were led by a large number of ten-thousand-year soul beasts. Hundred year soul beasts weren’t even allowed to join the frontline.

This managed to greatly increase the soul beasts’ defensive and offensive strength, and the destructiveness of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons fell greatly. ten-thousand-year soul beasts still found it fine to resist the attacks of explosive bombs. If a large number of ten-thousand-year soul beasts defended together, they would greatly reduce the lethality of the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons, while the thousand-year soul beasts behind the ten-thousand-year soul beasts unleashed relentless long-range attacks towards Shrek City.

They weren’t just attacking the top of the city walls; they were also attacking the city walls.

Tremendous booms echoed as different colors of light waves and soul power undulations could be seen encircling Shrek City.

The fight had reached an intense stage right from the start.

“Dean Xian.” Shi Xing immediately turned to look at Xian Lin’er after unleashing his s.p.a.cetime Turbulence.

Xian Lin’er gritted her teeth, and her cheek muscles trembled a little. After this, she shouted, “Fire all the stationary soul cannon Don’t hold any back!”

The soul beasts’ attack was too ferocious. The ten thousand and thousand-year soul beasts on their frontline placed immense pressure on Shrek City.

Under such a circ.u.mstance, she couldn’t place any sentimental attachment on the cannon anymore, and had to use them all!

Stationary cannon were fired towards the distance once again, and they scattered in different directions to stall the reserves of the soul beast army from following the frontline soul beasts.

The sixty-one self-driving forts were also thrown into the fight, and they were resisting the attacks of the soul beasts on the other three sides of the city wall.

Everyone from the Tang Sect was now at the southern city wall. Without a doubt, this was the side of the city that faced the greatest pressure. While the attacks being launched against the other three sides of the city were also very strong, the greatest number of ten-thousand-year soul beasts were charging towards the south side of Shrek City.

Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, Jiang Nannan, He Caitou, Xiao Xiao, Ji Juechen, Jing Ziyan, Na Na, Mo Xuan and the others were all waiting as they adopted a strict formation.

Mo Xuan had entered the battlefield under the protection of an elder from the Sea G.o.d’s Pavilion. He was given priority access to Sealed Milk Bottles, as he was needed to offer all-around auxiliary support on the battlefield. With him around, the overall fighting strength of the soul masters could be raised by twenty percent!

Not far from everyone from the Tang Sect were a few familiar faces: Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, Ning Tian, Wu Feng, Xie Huanyue, Cao Jinxuan, Zhou Sichen and the Lan sisters. They were also all ready to fight.

After all, there was a limit to how long their soul tools could last. Once the Sealed Milk Bottles were drained, a brutal close-contact war was bound to ensue.

The elders from the Sea G.o.d’s Pavilion and the teachers from Shrek Academy were facing the strongest soul beasts. There were even more of those ten-thousand-year and thousand-year soul beasts that relied on the strongest soul beasts from the Great Star Dou Forest to protect them.

Bei Bei turned around and said to his teammates, “Later, we’ll have to stick together as we fight. Brother Ji, you’ll take the front. Sanshi and I will protect your sides.”

Ji Juechen nodded and held his Judgment Sword as he walked to Bei Bei’s side. Right now, he was extremely excited. To him, a war was like a fight, and his fighting will had long been infused in his blood.

Bei Bei then said to the rest, “Nannan, Ziyan, the two of you will be supporting and coordinating at the sides. Na Na, you’ll coordinate from the back while Xiao Xiao will be the main controller behind Brother Ji. Caitou, you’ll be watching and managing the situation from behind Xiao Xiao.”

“What about us, Eldest senior?” Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi started to approach him from beside Nan Shuishui.

Bei Bei didn’t task them with anything. This was because of their lack of chemistry with everyone else from the Tang Sect. At this critical moment, they couldn’t affect their team unity.

“Elder Nan Shuishui, you, Qiuqiu, and Gu Yi will be our backup. Our formation can’t be too large, we’ll run the risk of encountering too many soul beasts at once. If Ji Juechen isn’t able to hold out in front, I’ll need you to replace him, Elder Nan Shuishui! Guyi and Qiuqiu, this is the same for the two of you! You must constantly monitor our situation. Once someone has been drained too much or is injured, the two of you will be replacements.”

Nan Qiuqiu and Ye Guyi were displeased that they weren’t immediately sent onto the battlefield. Just as they were about to debate it, they were pulled back by Nan Shuishui.

Nan Shuishui nodded at Bei Bei and said, “No problem. Let’s follow the sect leader’s instructions.”

Bei Bei took in a deep breath and revealed a lost look on his face. Little junior, when are you returning? It would be great if we had you around…


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