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Chapter 136 Bandit Troops!

Lu Banzhuang, who was behind Ye Xuan, did not just stand there. The moment Ye Xuan charged, they also rushed forth.

None of those soldiers backed off!

Just when Ye Xuan and others were 90 meters away from the soldiers, an old man suddenly appeared in front of the soldiers. The old man looked at them and said, “The king has ordered. Everyone, step aside!”

Step aside!

The soldiers were suddenly stunned.

The general looked a little angry. “What do you mean, State Elder?”

The old man shook his head. “Retreat. Don’t make meaningless sacrifices. The twelve of them will be handled by some other people!”

No meaningless sacrifices!

Two thousand soldiers could not stop Ye Xuan and others at all! If there were more than 5,000 soldiers, it might pose a threat to Ye Xuan and others. These twelve young people were genuine incredible talents!

It was unwise to let soldiers fight against them!

Seeing that the soldiers retreated, Ye Xuan and others were also somewhat stunned. But they did not think too much. It’s naturally a good thing for them if the soldiers did not attack!

At this moment, the middle-aged general suddenly rushed to Ye Xuan. He stared at Ye Xuan and rushed forward without any nonsense. He thrust his spear at Ye Xuan’s throat.

Peak Ascending Realm!

Ye Xuan did not move. When the middle-aged general rushed to meters in front of Ye Xuan, a flying sword suddenly pierced through his glabella.


Blood splashed!

The middle-aged general stopped in front of Ye Xuan, and his blood gushed out of his glabella. In an instant, his face had turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y one. He stared at Ye Xuan, saying in a ferocious voice, “Tang Country’s people will never submit to Jiang Country!”

Ye Xuan said lightly, “When you attacked Jiang Country and slaughtered our people, I had no intention of letting you submit, because…”

Speaking of this, he grinned. “Because I will kill all of you aggressors!”

After that, he walked toward the 2,000 soldiers in the distance. “Who else is coming? Rest a.s.sured. If my sword moves, your head will fly away instantly, and there will be no pain!”

Hearing this, the soldiers suddenly became unsteady when the State Elder suddenly said with anger, “Whoever dares to fight, his whole family will be slaughtered!”

Whole family slaughtered!

The soldiers looked very bad.

The State Elder turned to look at Ye Xuan, and he did not hide his murderous intention in his eyes. Every Tang Country people wanted Ye Xuan to die. But at this time, if these soldiers go to fight him, they would only die in vain!

These soldiers should all die on the battlefield instead of here.

Seeing that the soldiers did not attack, Ye Xuan and others also did not attack. They rushed toward the gold mine.

Although they were not afraid of two thousand soldiers, it was not easy to kill all of them. This time, they mainly came for money. Killing people was an occasional side business.

When Ye Xuan and others rushed into the vault, their eyes instantly lit up!

Gold mine!

In this gold mine, there were dozens of boxes of gold nuggets. Although they had not yet been made into gold coins, they were no different from gold coins! With the gold in this gold mine, they could at least produce two or three hundred million gold coins!

Ye Li smiled and said, “If we can go back alive, I can break through to G.o.d-allied Realm! With a lot of coins left!”

G.o.d-allied Realm!

From Secluding Realm to G.o.d-allied Realm, at least hundreds of millions of gold coins were needed. It’s not that one could not break through levels without gold coins. With the gold coins, this process could be greatly shortened!

To put it simply, it would take at least ten years to practice and cultivate from Secluding Realm to G.o.d-allied Realm!

And if you had money, a lot of money, it would only take one year to reach G.o.d-allied Realm.

Money was very important!

Soon, Ye Xuan and others began to loot everything in the cave.

Ransack madly!

After a while, those ready-made gold nuggets were all collected by them!

This time, they really became rich!

After they left the gold mine, two long spears suddenly broke through the sky and came to them. Soon, two long spears were stuck on the ground in front of Ye Xuan and others, and then a man landed in front of them.

The man looked up at Ye Xuan and Lu Banzhuang. He was about to speak when Ye Xuan suddenly jumped to the man. The Earth Power spread through his body. In a flash, he heavily brought down his Big Black to this man.

One Sword Deciding Life and Death!

The strongest strike!

Seeing this, the man’s face changed dramatically. He was about to fight back when he was terrified to find that his spear was stuck on the ground!

He instinctively went to take the spear, but it was too late…


When the sword fell, the man’s body was instantly cracked by this sword!


He had no strength to block. He had no time to block!

Ye Xuan put away Big Black and the two long spears because these two long spears were Supreme Spiritual Weapons!

Aside, Ling Han glanced at the body beside Ye Xuan and shook his head. “He’s really a good person! He came and gave Supreme Spiritual Weapons for free…”

Lu Banzhuang whistled, and soon the black wolves came to them. The twelve people mounted to the wolves and were about to leave when the ground suddenly started to shake!

Lu Banzhuang looked over. In the distance, a group of iron calvaries came slowly.

There were about a thousand iron calvaries, each holding a black long spear and wearing a jet-black heavy armor. Even the horses were armed with heavy armors.

They moved in unison, and even the pace of the horses was exactly the same.

Tang Country’s heavy calvaries!

Ye Xuan frowned. He had heard about Tang Country’s heavy calvaries. Because back then, a hundred calvaries of Tang Country actually destroyed three thousand infantry of Jiang Country!

The one hundred cavalries were the heavy cavalries of Tang Country!

It could be said that they were the strongest cavalry among Tang Country’s calvaries!

This time, a thousand heavy cavalries were here. There were a total of only three thousand heavy calvaries in Tang Country!

Seeing the momentum of the thousand heavy cavalries, Ye Li and others looked serious!

Lu Banzhuang was expressionless. She had always been expressionless.

The heavy cavalries did not move on. They stopped 300 meters in front of Ye Xuan and others.

This distance was just right for them to charge!

At this moment, countless soldiers suddenly appeared around. These soldiers all had longbows and wore long-feathered helmets.

There were more than 10,000 of them!

These soldiers formed a circle, surrounding Ye Xuan and others.

None of them moved!

At this moment, the group of heavy cavalries moved aside from the middle. Then, a man with a long saber came into the sight of Ye Xuan and others.

It was Xiahou Dao!

A twenty-year-old Saber Master!

Behind Xiahou Dao, there were a dozen black-armored men with long sabers.

Xiahou Dao looked coldly at Ye Xuan and others. He did not move.

Beside Ye Xuan, Lu Banzhuang suddenly said, “Their people should be here!”

Ye Xuan nodded. He naturally knew who she was talking about. The people should be the talents on Qing Continent’s Warrior List and the incredible talents from Central Divine Continent!

Because Tang Country was unlikely to use their soldiers to fight!

Not a good deal!

The field was very quiet. The soldiers from Tang Country and Xiahou Dao’s men did not move. These people could already kill Ye Xuan and others, but they would pay a huge price.

Tang Country was not willing to pay this price. If they lost too many elites here, how could they attack Jiang Country in the future?

Ye Xuan and others did not move either. The reason why they didn’t move was that they couldn’t defeat these people…

The two sides were stalemated.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly said, “How long will your people arrive?”

Lu Banzhuang said, “Soon!”

Ye Xuan asked again, “Are they reliable?”

Lu Banzhuang nodded. “Reliable.”

Ye Xuan nodded and said, “Before, you said that you invited a mysterious mercenary from Central Divine Continent. Is that expensive?”

Lu Banzhuang said calmly, “Not expensive. Just about two hundred million.”

Ye Xuan almost fell from the wolf’s back.

Two hundred million!

Before entering the Imperial Capital, Lu Banzhuang told him that there were many mercenaries in Central Divine Continent and asked him if he wanted to ask for one. They were in such a bad situation now, so they had to ask for help! But he didn’t expect that it would be so expensive… Two hundred million!

“d.a.m.n. I must build a mercenary with c.o.c.k Mo, Bai Ze, and Ji Anzhi in the future!”

Making so much money!

In the field, when people heard Lu Banzhuang, Ye Li and others were shocked, let alone Ye Xuan!

Although they had made a lot of money during this time. It’s very, very painful to spend two hundred million!

Lu Banzhuang looked at Ye Xuan and others. “Money or life?!”

Ling Han smiled bitterly. “Naturally, money. Big sister, what mercenary had you asked for?”

Lu Banzhuang said lightly, “The Ninth Mercenary!”

Hearing this, the faces of Ling Han and other people changed, except for Ye Xuan.

Feeling the changes of the others, Ye Xuan asked, “Is the Ninth Mercenary very powerful?”

Aside, Ling Han smiled bitterly. “I wanted to join the Ninth Mercenary, but I was rejected.”

“Why?” Ye Xuan asked without thinking.

Ling Han smiled more and more bitterly, “My strength is not enough!”

Hearing this, Ye Xuan looked shocked. Not enough strength?

Ling Han was at peak Secluding Realm!

Was he still not strong enough?

At this time, Ye Li, who stood aside, suddenly said, “If we could be successful in Central Divine Continent, we wouldn’t have come here. If you go to Central Divine Continent in the future, you will find out that there has never been in shortage of incredible talents. As for the Ninth Mercenary, they normally charge at least 500 million.”

500 million!

Ye Xuan: “…”

Ye Li took a look at Lu Banzhuang. “Big sister used to be in this mercenary. They charge such a low price this time is probably for the sake of big sister. Otherwise, I am afraid that even if we have 500 million, it is still difficult for us to invite them here.”


Ye Xuan thought about it and then said, “I want to build a mercenary. Are you interested?”

Everyone looked at Ye Xuan. Ye Xuan seriously said, “I’m serious!”

Aside, Ling Han said, “Brother Ye, you can totally join us.”

Ye Xuan shook his head. “I want to build one separately. I want to do this seriously. If you are interested, you can follow me. If you have no interest, it does not matter. We are still brothers. No bad feelings.”

Ye Li and others looked at Lu Banzhuang, who was still expressionless.

Ye Xuan faced her, and Lu Banzhuang looked at him. “Do you want to be the big brother?”

Ye Xuan nodded.

Lu Banzhuang directly looked at Ye Xuan. “Give me a reason!”

Ye Xuan thought about it and then said, “If I am the big brother, I will first run in a fight. Oh, it’s not right. I will move first in a fight and escape the last.”

Lu Banzhuang looked at Ye Xuan for a long time. Finally, she looked at Ye Li and others. “Are you convinced?”

Everyone thought about it and then nodded.

In any place, the strong was always respected!

In this group of a dozen people, Ye Xuan’s strength was only second to Lu Banzhuang. In these days, Ye Xuan had also convinced them in all aspects. So, there was no objection.

Lu Banzhuang nodded and then looked at Ye Xuan. “What is the name?”

“Bandit Troop!”

Ye Xuan seriously said, “Whoever provokes us, I will perish his family!”

Everyone: “…”


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