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Chapter 212 Bring a Chair for My Yan!
It was silent in the field!

A man of All-methods Realm was killed by one of G.o.d-allied Realm.

Everyone was shocked.

There was a world of difference between masters of All-methods Realm and those of G.o.d-allied Realm! n.o.body would feel shocked when a man of Secluding Realm killed one of G.o.d-allied Realm, for the gap between them wasn’t that noticeable!

But the gap between G.o.d-allied Realm and All-methods Realm was notable, which bordered on quality.

However, at this moment, a cultivator of G.o.d-allied Realm killed one of All-methods Realm in front of them!

In the field, the old man Jiang Ye of Hehuan Clan stared intensely at Ye Xuan, and there was seriousness in his eyes.

In Qing Continent, it was very hard or even rare for people of G.o.d-allied Realm to kill those of All-methods Realm, which in the Central Divine Continent far away, however, was not strange.

Theoretically speaking, the top ten people in the Marvel List could all probably make it.

While the top five could definitely make it!

This meant Ye Xuan in front of them had already the ability to join the at least top ten, who was surely not an ordinary person.

But he was unwilling to give up now.

An excellent furnace was too important for their Clan. Besides, there was a great amount of treasure in Ning Country.

He was really unwilling to give up!

Thinking of this, the seriousness in Jiang Ye’s eyes had become coldness.

And when masters from the Central Divine Continent were looking at Ye Xuan, their eyes betrayed evil thoughts and even the intention to kill him.

How could they give up the great wealth of Ning Country in front of them?

But some other sons and daughters from aristocratic families in Ning Country indeed wanted to quit.

Reputation was important and Ye Xuan’s prestige was undoubtedly very high in Qing Continent, for it was known to almost everyone in Qing Continent that he broke in the Imperial Palace of Chu Country alone and killed emperors of Chu Country as well as Yue Country.

Who was not afraid?

Even Cangmu College was unable to do anything.

Seeing that people from aristocratic families wanted to quit, Jiang Ye suddenly said, “Ning Country is at least a country, the treasure of which is numerous. How long do you think you can live in Qing Continent where Spiritual Qi is disappearing if you give up now?”

Hearing this, people in the field looked at each other, hesitating.

Jiang Ye said again, “He is just of G.o.d-allied Realm, why do we fear him with so many people here? Isn’t it great to kill him and share the treasure of Ning Country together?”

Hearing this, people there got kind of tempted.

The treasure of Ning Country!

Why did they come here? For money! In this era of exhausting Spiritual Qi, the most important thing was to live, which required spiritual stones, a large amount of them!

“Don’t be afraid!”

At this moment, a man suddenly came forward. He stared intensely at Ye Xuan and said grimly, “He is just Ye Xuan and he isn’t that strong with three heads or six arms. We can kill him together with so many people here united and we can…”

The man’s voice stopped abruptly because a sword had reached his eyebrows.

Everyone was stunned because no one knew when the sword appeared.

Only masters of All-methods Realm like Jiang Ye knew… It flew from the sword box on Ye Xuan’s back, so fast that they could only see a vague track!

At this moment, they just discovered that this sword was of Middle True Cla.s.s, and that sword box was also of True Cla.s.s!

Super equipment!

Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Xuan walked to the man who spoke before, and grinned, “It was windy, and I didn’t hear you clearly. You say it again?”

The man looked at Ye Xuan, his forehead cold with sweat.

He knew Ye Xuan was strong, but didn’t expect Ye Xuan to be that strong. He couldn’t even fight back…

He shouldn’t have stood out!

Now he regretted it so much.

He dared not think much and smiled unnaturally, “National Warrior Ye, Ye, I…”

Ye Xuan’s sword suddenly moved forward.


The Lingxiu Sword suddenly penetrated the man’s eyebrows and his voice stopped abruptly.

His eyes were wide open, full of grudge.

Ye Xuan said gently, “I’m sorry that the hand shook just now, please forgive me! Well? You don’t want to forgive me? Hit me then!”

The man was so angry that his body was trembling.

Ye Xuan didn’t talk then. He pulled the Lingxiu Sword and walked to Tuoba Yan not far away. Behind, blood was gushing from the man’s eyebrows and after a few seconds, the man fell to the ground straightly.

In the field, countless people were afraid.

Even Jiang Ye was a little afraid.

Even he had to be afraid of Ye Xuan’s power, for his power was roughly the same as the power of the middle-aged man with heavy makeup!

Ye Xuan had the ability to kill the middle-aged man, so he also had the ability to kill him!

That was why he hadn’t fight yet.


Wait for help!

Ye Xuan went to the front of Tuoba Yan, and she looked at him without saying anything.

Ye Xuan suddenly reached out his hand and gently stroked Tuoba Yan’s cheek, whispering, “You are a lot thinner after last farewell.”

Tuoba Yan looked at Ye Xuan and still didn’t say anything, but her hands in the sleeves gradually clenched tightly.

Ye Xuan suddenly looked at a soldier beside Tuoba Yan, “Bring a chair for my Yan, don’t let her get tired!”

Hearing this, that soldier was stunned for a while and then quickly turned around running. After a while, several soldiers bringing a dragon chair came behind Tuoba Yan. Ye Xuan’s hands held Tuoba Yan’s shoulders to let her sit on the chair.

She still didn’t say anything.

At this time, Tuoba Xiaoyao suddenly walked in front of Tuoba Yan and grinned, “I’m tired, too. Let’s sit together!”

She sat directly next to Tuoba Yan while speaking.

The dragon chair was big enough for two people to sit on.

Ye Xuan looked up at the sky. At this moment, the four strong men of All-methods Realm were still in the battle, and both sides were well matched.

Ye Xuan was about to fight when a surge of Divine Mentality Coercion suddenly pushed on him.

Jiang Ye’s Divine Mentality Coercion!

Ye Xuan faced Jiang Ye not far away, “Then let me kill you first!”

After his words, he stamped his right foot and the moment his foot touched ground, his whole body turned into a virtual shadow with a sizzling sound and then shot out violently. At the same time, a ray of Sword Light suddenly came to the front of Jiang Ye.

He knew the power of Ye Xuan and dared not despise him. When Ye Xuan began fighting, a red mirror suddenly appeared in his hand. He put Occult Qi in it and the mirror slightly trembled, from which a ray of red light spouted out like fire. Ye Xuan’s Sword Light immediately disappeared.


Two figures retreated again and again, which were exactly Ye Xuan and Jiang Ye.

Between them were countless rays of Sword Light and fire and the ground around was in a mess. Everyone beside all stepped back and dared not stand too close.

When Ye Xuan just stopped, the Lingxiu Sword in his hand suddenly flew into the sword box on his back. The next moment, Ye Xuan stepped forward and pointed out with one finger.


A ray of Sword Light pa.s.sed in the field.

When the Sword Light appeared, the face of Jiang Ye opposite Ye Xuan changed abruptly. His right hand suddenly unfolded the red mirror, and his left hand was making a strange handprint. In a flash, the red mirror in front of him even started burning!

While at this moment, Ye Xuan’s flying sword had arrived, and directly struck the burning red mirror.


A crimson flame suddenly broke out from the red mirror. However, this flame did not swallow Ye Xuan’s Sword Light but instead it was suppressed immediately.

For a time, the sword and the mirror were in deadlock!

But soon, the Lingxiu Sword suddenly flew back and went straight into Ye Xuan’s sword box and the next moment, it flew out again with faster speed!

This sword stroked the red mirror once again.


With a sound of explosion, the red mirror directly flew away together with Jiang Ye!

The red mirror flew away for dozens of meters with Jiang Ye, and before Jiang Ye could stop, a sword flew to him again as fast as lightning!

Jiang Ye’s face changed greatly, and pushed up the red mirror with his hands!


The red mirror trembled violently and cracked. At the same time, Jiang Ye and the broken red mirror flew away for dozens of meters once again. As soon as he stopped, the Lingxiu Sword flew to him again.

Jiang Ye was frightened. He had no choice but to resist with the red mirror in hand.

The sword came!


The red mirror trembled fiercely, and then burst directly, behind which Jiang Ye was pushed to over thirty meters away by the powerful force!

However, before he stopped, Ye Xuan suddenly forged ahead with the sword and came directly to his head and cut down fiercely with the Lingxiu Sword.

One Sword Deciding Life and Death!

This strike was undoubtedly fatal!

Noticing the power of this strike, Jiang Ye was shocked and pulled with his hands. A golden amulet suddenly appeared on his head, which Ye Xuan’s sword exactly stroke on.


With a sound of explosion, Ye Xuan directly flew out backwards.

Dozens of meters away, when Ye Xuan just fell to the ground, the earth beneath directly cracked, and blood slowly spilled from his mouth.

Ye Xuan wiped out the blood, and looked up at Jiang Ye not far away. At the moment, the golden charm in front of Jiang Ye was burning and disappearing.

Looking at it, Jiang Ye’s heart hurt so much because it cost him almost tens of millions of spiritual stones!

Tens of millions spiritual stones!

It wasn’t worth that much before, but now it was a large amount.

Such a great loss!

Jiang Ye looked up at Ye Xuan not far away, and said, “You officious b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will cut you into pieces!”

After that, he suddenly turned to look at the outside of the Imperial Palace far away, where nearly a hundred cavalrymen galloped in. The ground of places they pa.s.sed started burning and the leader was a woman in silver armor.

Seeing this, Jiang Ye was stunned for a while and then suddenly laughed, “Ye Xuan, although my men haven’t arrived yet, the number of people who wanted to see Ning Country’s collapse is enormous. This cavalry are greatly powerful and obviously experienced elites. Ning Country is surely going to die.”


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