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Chapter 295 He Did it First!
Not only were the man’s eyes full of incredibility, but also the old man not far away was shocked.

Obviously he did not think that Ye Xuan would kill him!

The old man stared at Ye Xuan, “How dare you kill him!”

Ye Xuan smiled, “He thought I didn’t dare, I just wanted to prove that I dare!”

The old man looked quite ferocious, “Here is the Ancient Witch Clan, not your Cangjian Clan!”

Ye Xuan smiled and said, “I have given him two chances, but unfortunately he does not cherish them. If so, let him die! As for you, if you disagree, take the shot!”

Saying this, a powerful momentum suddenly swept out of his body.

Sword King’s momentum!

When seeing the momentum of this Sword King, the old man’s face suddenly changed. He looked at Ye Xuan with some incredulity, “You, you turned out to be a Sword King!”

Ye Xuan was expressionless, “Inform the Patriarch of Ancient Witch Clan, Ye Xuan, on behalf of Cangjian Clan, ask to see him!”

The old man’s face was quite unsightly. At this time, Ye Xuan’s look suddenly became cold, “Don’t you go?”

The old man took a deep look at Ye Xuan and then turned and left.

In situ, Ye Xuan looked at the man on the ground who had not completely breathed his last. The man was staring at him resentfully.

Ye Xuan smiled and said, “Do you think the Ancient Witch Clan will avenge for you? No, they won’t! Because they don’t dare!”


Have to say, Ye Xuan was really arrogant!

However, this time he was so arrogant on purpose!

Of course, the reason why he killed the man was that the man wanted to kill him when he first entered the place.

As he said, the man had already discovered him for the first time, but he did not stop the poisonous snakes. Obviously, he wanted to take him to feed the snakes. Unfortunately, he miscalculated his strength.

For the sake of the face of the Ancient Witch Clan, he gave the man two chances. However, the man felt that he was afraid!

Some people were like this. If you took a step back, he didn’t think that you were generous. Instead, he would feel that you were afraid of him, and then he would push his luck.

For this kind of person, he would kill as many as he could!

Give you convenience, but you can’t be casual!

Soon, the old man who came before came over again, and glanced at Ye Xuan, “Patriarch wants to see you!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Please guide the direction!”

The old man looked at the man’s body on the ground. His breath was getting weaker; he slowly raised his hand toward the old man, as if he wanted to say something.

The old man whispered, “You should maintain the respect deserve for the strong!”

After that, he took Ye Xuan to the depths of the distant jungle.

In situ, the man’s eyes widely opened and he really didn’t want to die!

Under the leadership of the old man, Ye Xuan entered a small village. Unlike ordinary villages, the houses here were built on old trees with a long history. On both sides of the village, there were still some stalls. In addition to groceries, there were some rare treasures, and Ye Xuan even saw the Heaven Cla.s.s treasure!

How strange!

The old man took Ye Xuan to a tree house. This tree house was very large, much larger than other tree houses. Moreover, on the roof of the tree house, there was a pair of huge horns and some mysterious runes.

In front of the tree house, the old man bowed deeply to the tree house, “Patriarch, here he is!”

Inside the tree house, a voice rang, “Come in!”

Outside the tree house, the old man looked at Ye Xuan and Ye Xuan walked in.

The tree house was very simple, with only a few tree chairs and a wooden table.

In front of him stood a woman. She looked very young from her appearance. She wore a leaf skirt only to the knees, under the knees was a pair of white jade legs, and in her hands, it was a staff made of wood!

And the woman’s breath was as deep as the sea!


This was the first instinct of Ye Xuan!

The woman took a look at Ye Xuan. The next moment, a strong pressure suddenly pushed on Ye Xuan.

For a moment, Ye Xuan seemed to be suffering from the great power of landslides!


A powerful Sword King’s momentum suddenly swept out of his body. The Sword King’s momentum blocked the woman’s pressure, but soon, the woman took a step forward, and this step fell, the pressure she released had doubled in an instant!


For a moment, Ye Xuan’s entire skeleton began to sizzle! And Ye Xuan’s legs, actually began to slowly bend, nearly to squat down!

The power of Sword King couldn’t resist it!

Ye Xuan looked very ferocious. The next moment, his right foot suddenly touched against the ground.


A powerful force suddenly spread out from his body, this force plus his Sword King’s momentum, actually blocked the pressure released by the woman!

The power of the earth!

In the face of this overmatch, Ye Xuan did not dare to hide his strength and directly released the power of the earth!

In front of Ye Xuan, the woman glanced at Ye Xuan, “The Sword King’s momentum, and the power of the earth… Are you Ye Xuan who are wanted by the Barrier-guardian Alliance?”

Ye Xuan nodded, “It’s me!”

The woman walked up to Ye Xuan and looked directly at him, “You killed the man of our Ancient Witch Clan!”

Ye Xuan said seriously, “G.o.d knows, it was he who first did it!”

The woman looked directly at Ye Xuan, “Do you think I dare not kill you?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “Let me ask directly, who is stronger, the Ancient Witch Clan, or the Barrier-guardian Alliance?”

The woman slightly smiled, “You want to tell me that the Barrier-guardian Alliance is afraid to kill you. How dare our Ancient Witch Clan, right?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “You misunderstood me! I have come to the Ancient Witch Clan with no malice. As for that man, I have let him go twice, but he did not cherish it. If Patriarch is unhappy with this matter, then I can’t help it.”

The woman sat on a wooden bench and stared at Ye Xuan, “Go back and tell Chen Beihan, our Ancient Witch Clan can’t form an alliance with you Cangjian Clan!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Good!”

When he finished, he turned around and left.

The woman was stunned.

Didn’t he care?

Of course, he did not care. It was not that he didn’t care about Cangjian Clan, but that he was very clear that he couldn’t decide whether the two big momentum forces could align,. He came here, as Shang Yue said, maybe to let the Ancient Witch Clan see the strength of the young generation of Cangjian Clan!

That’s it!

As for the result of the alliance, the suzerain of Cangjian Clan should be concerned for it!

Ye Xuan walked very decisively. He went straight out of the tree house and was about to ride his sword to leave when the Patriarch of Ancient Witch Clan suddenly said, “Do you know what situation Cangjian Clan is in now?”

Ye Xuan stopped and shook his head, “Not particularly clear!”

The Patriarch of Ancient Witch Clan sneered, “Everyone is watching your Cangjian Clan and the Barrier-guardian Alliance to see which of you would win. But what you don’t know is that many forces have been standing by the Barrier-guardian Alliance’s side.”

Ye Xuan shook her head, “I am just an ordinary disciple. These big things are the concern of the suzerain of Cangjian Clan! It is useless to say it to me!”

The Patriarch of Ancient Witch Clan sneered, “Because you flaunted your superiority, I decided not to be in alliance with your Cangjian Clan, you know what this means to your Cangjian Clan?”

Ye Xuan sighed, “Patriarch, pardon me for speaking frankly, forming an alliance or not, you have already made a decision, right?”

The woman looked at Ye Xuan and did not speak.

Ye Xuan added, “Actually, the Barrier-guardian Alliance is indeed stronger than our Cangjian Clan! But how many people in Qing Cang World trust the Barrier-guardian Alliance? In order to achieve their goal, the Barrier-guardian Alliance would rather sacrifice Canglan Continent and Qing Continent. Do you know how many lives all together in these two states? However, so many lives, in the view of the Barrier-guardian Alliance, are really worthless! In alliance with them will not end well!”

The woman said indifferently, “Then our Ancient Witch Clan can sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight!”

Ye Xuan smiled and said, “The Barrier-guardian Alliance is pleased to find you do this. Because once they have cleaned up a few difficult ones, they can do whatever they want to the rest of you, Then, if your Ancient Witch Clan wants to form an alliance with others, you will desperately find that no one can do it!”

Having said that, he turned to face the woman, “Now in the Central Divine Continent, there are many remote places where Spiritual Qi has begun to dry up. It is easy to know that it is done by Barrier-guardian Alliance. If the Barrier-guardian Alliance really wants to destroy the Central Divine Continent, what would your Ancient Witch Clan do?”

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the side, “This will not bother you!”

In came a beautiful woman. Obviously, she also belonged to Ancient Witch Clan.

The beautiful woman took a look at Ye Xuan, “Our Ancient Witch Clan have been in harmony with the rest of the world. We are here and do not harm to the interests of the Barrier-guardian Alliance. They will not target us!”

Ye Xuan smiled and said, “If you feel that it is a good thing to be in harmony with the world, then I can’t do anything. However, plus, now in this world, if you don’t have a strong strength, or strong allies, to be in harmony with the world is to wait to die. Pardon me for speaking frankly, your Ancient Witch Clan are not strong enough to let anyone dare not to provoke!”

The beautiful woman sneered, “Is it good to form an alliance with you Cangjian Clan? If your Cangjian Clan was defeated, then, our Ancient Witch Clan will definitely be buried with your Cangjian Clan.”

Ye Xuan nodded, “You are right. If our Cangjian Clan is defeated, our allies must be finished! But it is risky to do big things! But what if we win?”

The beautiful woman wanted to say something else, but Ye Xuan shook his head, “You should talk this with the suzerain of our Cangjian Clan! I am just an ordinary disciple. I have come to the Ancient Witch Clan and conveyed our goal to you. My mission has been completed! I am leaving! Goodbye!”

After that, he walked out of the tree house directly, then rode his sword, and soon disappeared into the sky.

In the tree house, the beautiful woman was about to talk when the two women suddenly looked at the outside of tree house at the same time. In the distance, a sword light swept over, and the person coming was Ye Xuan, who had just left.


The two frowned.

Ye Xuan fell in front of the tree house, then he walked into the tree house, gave a slight bow to the two people, “I was rude just now! Don’t blame me! Well, I think we can continue to talk, talk!”

The two women, “…”


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