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Read The Venerable Swordsman Chapter 89 Sorry, But I Disagree!

The Venerable Swordsman is a web novel completed by Qing Luan Feng Shang, 青鸾峰上.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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At the mouth of the canyon, there was a crystal-blue light door which looked like a rather mysterious whirlpool.

At this time, a young man holding a long sword came here slowly from the distance.

The person who came was precisely Ye Xuan.

Next to Ye Xuan was Mo Yunqi and the other two people.

Ji Anzhi glanced at the light door in the distance and whispered, “This place is the secret area!”

Ye Xuan slowly closed his eyes. “I don’t know what’s waiting for me in the area, but I will definitely go in there. And you…”

“Okay, okay!”

At this time, Mo Yunqi waved his hands at one side. “You are too wordy. Hurry up, go in there first to draw the enemies’ attention. Then I can go to look for Little Ling’er.”

Ye Xuan glanced at Mo Yunqi and the other two persons. He didn’t say anything, but turned around and walked toward the light door.

Bai Ze and Ji Anzhi followed him there.

Soon, the three of them entered the light door.

At this time, Mo Yunqi took a deep breath. “Little Ling’er, please stay safe and sound… I still want to eat the meals you cook…”

After that, he trembled a little and directly entered the light door.

In the field.

After about seven minutes, countless residual shadows flew here from all around, and soon all these shadows entered the light door.

Somewhere in the air, an old man stared steadily at the light door below.

This person was Li Xuancang, the Dean of Cangmu College. And the person beside him was a man in a black robe!

The man in the black robe suddenly said, “This person is not simple!”

Li Xuancang had no expression on his face. “He is not simple, which is a more important reason that he must die!”

The man in black robe remained silent.

Li Xuancang slowly closed his eyes. “When it is necessary, at all costs…”

On the other side, somewhere at the top of a tree, two old men gazed at the light door not far away.

These two people were exactly the previous King of Jiang Country, Jiang Yuetian and the Ninth Floorlord of the Drunken Fairy Building!

Jiang Yuetian suddenly looked at the Ninth Floorlord with a smile. “Ninth Floorlord, I’m quite surprised by the choice you made this time to stand on the side of Ye Xuan.”

The Ninth Floorlord replied coolly, “You also surprised me a lot. You should know that if you lose the bet, the Royal Household of Jiang Country will have to face the crazy revenge from Cangmu College.”

Jiang Yuetian said while smiling, “I guess you also gambled big this time. How about joining hands with me?”

The Ninth Floorlord made no reply.

Jiang Yuetian whispered, “This time there may be some old experts who will also come here. We can shield Ye Xuan from those old freaks. As for those young ones, he should deal with them by himself.”

The Ninth Floorlord was silent for some time and then nodded. “Okay!”

Jiang Yuetian turned to look at the light door in the distance, and his face gradually became serious.

A gamble!

This time, it was really a huge gamble for the Royal Household of Jiang Country!

He bet that Ye Xuan had a master, a super great master, behind him!

If Cangmu College was defeated, he would win this gamble. Then the Royal Household of Jiang Country could gain numerous benefits and could also a.s.sociate with Ye Xuan. One should know that Ye Xuan himself and the Ninth Princess were very close friends. This time, they chose to stand on the side of Ye Xuan openly, which could make their relationship become even better.

With Ye Xuan’s talents, he must have an infinite promising future. The stronger Ye Xuan had become, the more benefits the Royal Household of Jiang Country could get!

But if the gamble failed…

The Royal Household of Jiang Country would confront Cangmu College directly. At that time, Cangmu College would surely retaliate brutally against Jiang Country and it might even team up with Tang Country to fight against Jiang Country…

“We can’t afford to lose!”

Jiang Yuetian’s eyes slowly closed.

In fact, he didn’t want to choose the road of no return, but he had no other choices because Jiang Jiu had already arrived in Ning Country. She chose to stand on Ye Xuan’s side which also meant the Royal Household of Jiang Country had made its choice to support Ye Xuan unless Jiang Country could even give Jiang Jiu up!

After a while, Jiang Yuetian shook his head and sighed. “A grown girl can’t be kept at home…”

Somewhere on the ground, a woman wearing a black dragon robe stood on a boulder proudly with her hands clasping behind her. Her beautiful hair floated naturally with the wind at the back of her head. Her whole person was covered with an invisible aura of aggressiveness and majesty.

This person was exactly Tuoba Yan!

Behind Tuoba Yan, there was an old man and an old woman.

Tuoba Yan threw an indifferent look at the light door in the distance. “The young man came here to save his sister on the condition that he had already known he had no chance to win. Can you tell me whether he is only stupid or he just does this based on sheer emotion?”

Behind Tuoba Yan, the old man said coldly, “Stupid! This person is probably only less talented than An Lanxiu. If he didn’t send himself to die here, it would not be impossible for him to overthrow Cangmu College in the future. He…”

“Shut up!”

At this moment, the old woman next to the old man suddenly cast a cold look at him. “I say that you are the stupid one.”

The old man’s mouth corners twisted a little but he didn’t dare to talk back, so he just snorted.

The old woman looked at the light door. “Your Majesty, in my view, this person values feelings and loyalty. He is a real man.”

Tuoba Yan said in a cool tone, “I’m afraid that he will be killed in vain if he really does so!”

The old woman shook her head. “I think it’s no big deal whether or not he will be sacrificed in vain. The main thing is that whether or not he dares to come. If he dares not to come and he just leaves his sister to die, then he will only become a Sword G.o.d without b.a.l.l.s in the future!”

The old man frowned slightly. “Can’t you be a little more civilized?”

The old woman turned a sharp eye on the old man. While the old man merely pursed his lips but didn’t dare to say anything.

On the boulder, Tuoba Yan said calmly, “What Aunt Jiang has said is absolutely right. If he doesn’t come today, he won’t be a real man even if he becomes a Sword G.o.d in the future.”

At this time, a man in back appeared not far behind Tuoba Yan and he knelt down on one knee. “Your Majesty, Li Xuancang, the Dean of Cangmu College in Jiang Country asked us why we broke our promise and hadn’t yet sent our people to kill Ye Xuan!”

Tuoba Yan turned to look at the man in back. “Tell him to p.i.s.s off.”

The man in black was a little shocked, and then he turned around and left.

It was not known how long it took. Ye Xuan suddenly opened his eyes. At this moment, the place where he stayed was a meadow, surrounded by mountains. Above his head were a blue sky and white clouds.

The secret area?

In fact, there was no difference between the so-called secret area and the outside world. It could be understood as that he was still in the original world no matter he was inside of or outside of the secret area. It was only that this secret area was separated from the outside world by some people with some mysterious method!

At this time, Ye Xuan’s brows suddenly wrinkled because he didn’t find Ji Anzhi and the others!

“Were we transferred at random?”

Ye Xuan’s brows wrinkled deeper.

Without thinking too much, Ye Xuan strode to the distance at a fast pace. Now he not only needed to find his sister Ye Ling but also had to join up with of Ji Anzhi and the others.

Not long after he started to walk, a man popped up near him!

Holding a long black spear, the man looked Ye Xuan up and down. Then he was about to talk. But at this point, Ye Xuan who stood nearby disappeared all of a sudden.

Ye Xuan stepped over a distance of several meters in a blink of an eye and came right before the man with the long spear.

The pupils of the man with the long spear suddenly shrunk into the size of a pinpoint. The next moment, he suddenly jumped up. With the long spear in his hand, he slammed it down hard!

The Peak Ascending Realm!

Not only that but when the spear was slammed down, there even gushed out a spurt of horrifying flame from the tip of the spear. The powerful flame instantly enveloped Ye Xuan.

However, as a sword sound suddenly rang out, a crack was opened on the flame instantly. The next moment, Ye Xuan was already ten more meters away behind the man with the long spear!

Behind Ye Xuan, the man with the long spear looked into the distance, “I should make my move first…”

After he said that, his head tilted and then fell down directly from his neck.

Blood gushed from the wound in torrents!

Ye Xuan looked down at his hand. His palm had already become b.l.o.o.d.y piles of flesh. Not only his palm, but his entire arm was badly disfigured!

At that moment, if it weren’t for the fact that he launched his strike first, it was very likely that he would die. Even if he survived, both of them would be wounded! Because the man with the long spear had used the Conceptual Spear Skill in his spear strike just now. Not just that, but the man also exerted the Earth Stage Martial Art Skill or even the Middle-grade Martial Art Skill at the Earth Stage!

It was just because Ye Xuan gained the initiative so that he successfully killed the man with the long spear before the power of the man’s spear strike gave its full play.

If the power of the man’s spear strike was exerted thoroughly, he would either be killed or be disabled unless he sacrificed the Earth Armor!

“I can’t underestimate anyone!”

Ye Xuan retracted his thoughts. He took out the white jade bottle and then poured out a Dan Pill.

The Incised-wound Pill!

Each pill was worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins… He hated to use it, but he had to because he must always keep himself in a good state!

Because now, it was the beginning!

Ye Xuan walked up to the body of the man with the long spear. He picked up his long spear which was not something common but actually a Highest Grade Spiritual Weapon!

Ye Xuan stored the long spear in the first layer of the Prison World Tower. Then he took off the bag from the man’s waist and threw it into the Prison World Tower. After that, he turned around and walked to the distance.

He walked very fast, exceedingly fast!

After a while, he came to a river. The river was not very wide. Its width was only ten more meters!

Ye Xuan glanced at the river, and then he walked to the river bank. Suddenly, he drew his sword and cut fiercely at the river in front of him.

He cut without any warning!

The moment when Ye Xuan’s sword fell, a jet of water flew out of the river before him all at once. Immediately after that, a figure fell back from within the water column!

Soon, the figure retreated to the bank opposite Ye Xuan!

It was a man in a black robe. The man hid his hands in his sleeves. He fixed his eyes at Ye Xuan. “How did you know that I was in the river?”

Ye Xuan glanced at the man in the black robe. “Can you guess?”

In the past, he was always good at fighting with others in the mountains. He knew very clearly that where the best places for ambushes were, and what kind of places were perfect for sneak attacks! When he entered this secret area, he knew that he was the prey. Those who came in to kill him would definitely know where he was. At this very time, he would naturally be very careful!

Because he would probably be killed by even the slightest carelessness!

The fact proved that he was right to be careful!

Opposite Ye Xuan, the man in the black robe was about to talk. Just then, the sword in Ye Xuan’s hand suddenly flew out!

In the distance, the face of the man in the black robe changed dramatically. He stretched out his hands and clasped fiercely.


His two golden claws directly caught the Ling Xiu Sword of Ye Xuan!

However, the pair of golden claws split. Because the Ling Xiu Sword was a Middle-grade Bright Sword but the pair of claws was only a Highest Grade Spiritual Weapon!

At this moment, the Ling Xiu Sword trembled fiercely, and the pair of claws in the hands of the man instantly shattered. The expression of the man in the black robe changed greatly, and he retreated backward repeatedly!

The Ling Xiu Sword didn’t continue to chase after the man in the black robe. Instead, it flew to cut back and then it cut directly into the river in front of Ye Xuan.


The river suddenly exploded, and the next moment, a scream rang out under the river. After a short while, the river in front of Ye Xuan was directly dyed red!

In the distance, the man in the black robe looked at Ye Xuan unbelievably. “How can you possibly know…”

Ye Xuan glanced coldly at the man in the black robe. “You are so weak. If you got no helpers, how dare you come straight at me?”

“What a marvel!”

The man in the black robe stared steadily at Ye Xuan with frightened eyes and a cold fear in his heart. Because Ye Xuan who was in front of him had both the extremely powerful strength and the incredible wisdom!

The man in the black robe said in a low tone, “I quit!”

At this moment, Ye Xuan suddenly appeared in front of the man with his sword and he sliced with his sword…


The head of the man in the black robe flew out instantly!

With his fingers, Ye Xuan swept the blood off the Ling Xiu Sword. “Sorry, but I disagree!”

At this time, there suddenly came the sound of footfalls behind Ye Xuan. As the footfalls sounded, the river in front of Ye Xuan suddenly boiled up violently. Not only that, but the ground under Ye Xuan’s feet began to tremble!

The Artistic Conception!

A mighty Artistic Conception enveloped Ye Xuan!

Ye Xuan spread out his palms and the Ling Xiu Sword landed steadily into his palms. Looking at the Ling Xiu Sword in his hands, Ye Xuan talked to it gently. “No matter who this person behind us is, let’s kill this person within one sword strike, okay?”

A moment of silence!


A sword sound suddenly reverberated all over the sky…


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