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Read The Villain’s Wife Chapter 153 – Acting Like a Teenager

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The Villain’s Wife Chapter 153 – Acting Like a Teenager

The dinner that they shared after sunset was sumptuous. Though Zhuo Jingren did not make everything by himself, all of the food he bought satisfied Lily. After they had dinner, they decided to fly back to the city and went home together. The weekend pa.s.sed peacefully for the couple.

July 18th, Monday

Just like any Monday, Lily was busy running the Facci Group. For reasons unknown, she felt happier and lighter as the weeks went by. Of course, deep inside she also knew that this was because of Zhuo Jingren. However, this feeling did not hinder her from working hard for the launching of the Facci Group’s new head office.

After another meeting, Lily noticed that it was almost three in the afternoon. Since she didn’t have another meeting for the day, Lily decided to go to Zhuo Jingren’s office and bring him some coffee. Moreover, she was also planning to talk to him about Qin Industries.

On her way to Zhuo Jingren’s office, Lily remembered that he had mentioned that the twentieth would mark one month of their marriage. The reminder made Lily drop by Scarlet City as she wanted to check out things she could give him. Of course, this had occurred because Lily realized last Friday that it was Zhou Jingren who always tried to impress her in their marriage.

Lily thought it was the right time to reciprocate these actions.

“You are looking for a gift? Why don’t you give him a lap dance instead?” Fernando said. Since Lily was clueless when it came to gifts, she chose to visit his store and ask for his advice.

She glared at him in response. “I want it to be memorable. Something that will remind him of me.”

“You don’t need anything to remind him of you!” Fernando rolled his eyes. “What you need is a good strip dance, and I’m sure Escort Zhuo will remember it for a lifetime.”

“Pervert! Your brain is really on a different level than us mortals,” she said as she sipped her tea. “It seems that my trip here was actually useless. Aiya… I was thinking of investing in that new clothing line… but its seems-” Lily dramatically shook her head. “I will just choose the gift on my own and leave now.” Fernando placed a box in front of her before she could get up from her seat.

“I was just joking… joking…” Fernando laughed. “How could you dance in front of Escort Zhuo? Wouldn’t that daze him for months? That will be very dangerous for his business…” He laughed, avoiding her eyes. Seeing Lily watch him, Fernando stopped laughing and gestured for her to open the small rectangular box.

“Hmph! As expected of someone like you. Tell me, Fernando, which one do you value the most. Me or money?” she asked, a little amazed at how fast her friend changed at the mention of a little investment.

“What are you talking about? It is only natural for friends to help each other. So, it is natural for you to invest in my brand,” he said. Seeing Lily not open the velvet box, he leaned down and opened it in her stead, eager to show Lily its contents.

“A pen?” Lily immediately raised an eyebrow. In front of her was a fountain pen with a solid platinum barrel. It was encrusted with diamonds, making the pen sparkle like stars in the night sky.

“Well, since you are so generous enough to invest in my new brand, I will give you a ten percent discount on this pen.” Fernando grinned at Lily.

“I want a sixty percent discount,” Lily said as she slowly picked the pen up and examined it under the light. She knew that talking about money in front of this man would turn him into someone else.

“What? No! How could you be this shameless? Twenty and we’re done,” Fernando said.

“Fifty-five and I will pay you in cash,” Lily countered, putting the pen on the case. “I don’t even know what kind of pen this is. This can only mean that it is not that valuable or else… why would it be sitting here in your jewelry shop?”

“Are you kidding me?” Her friend frowned.

“I am not! Though there were diamonds all over the pen, it does not look too beautiful. It’s quite bulky too! How could someone use it to write?”

“You-” Fernando’s eyes bulged as he pointed at Lily, speechless at her words. “How could you disrespect this pen like that?” He immediately closed the box and hugged the pen as if protecting it from Lily. “How could you disrespect the most expensive pen that was recorded in the Guinness Book back in 1990? This is an antique that I painstakingly bought in an auction two years ago.”

“It’s made of diamonds and white gold! This one has a double reservoir filling system,” he added. However, seeing Lily just raised an eyebrow at him, he immediately understood that the latter did not understand anything about pens.

“Alright… Alright… enough with the drama!” Fernando shook his head before putting the box back on the table. The hurt expression that he had earlier was gone. “I will give this for forty percent, and you will invest two million US dollars for my brand. What do you say?”

“Fifty percent discount. I will help you talk to Shanshan and invest two million. What do you say?” she gave him a smirk as she took the cup of tea and elegantly sipped on it. Seeing Fernando freeze made Lily know that the latter was considering her proposal.

“Alright. Deal,” he said helplessly. Lily was just being Lily. He could never win against her strategies. He then had his secretary quote the price as Lily had wanted some words engraved on the body of the pen.

This was the first time she was giving something to him, and she was extremely excited at the prospect. She had a huge smile on her face.

“Do you think I should give him something else aside from this pen?” she asked her friend.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. “But I don’t really see the point of giving extravagant gifts. It’s just your first month together, why are you acting like a teenager?”

“I am not acting like a teenager! I just felt that I should reciprocate his kind gestures,” she reasoned. She was not acting like a teenager, alright?

“Hmmm… whatever you say. Actually, you two are acting like teenagers. I know you have never had a proper lover before. Could it be that you are also Escort Zhuo’s first?” he asked while eyeing Lily. Seeing the latter just roll her eyes, Fernando immediately laughed out loud.

This actually explained the couples overly sweet gestures towards each other. However, for some reason, Fernando felt a little tinge of pain inside his heart as he continued to think about Zhuo Jingren and Lily’s relations.h.i.+p. He immediately turned serious as he started to wonder if he could have something as pure as the duo’s relations.h.i.+p.

Seeing Lily blooming smile was making Fernando a little jealous of the kind of relations.h.i.+p that Lily had with Zhuo Jingren. Will he have the chance to experience this type of relations.h.i.+p too?


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