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Chapter 157: 157

Chapter 157 Are You Certain You’ll Be Able to Put It on if I Take it Off?

Ji Nuan rarely paid much attention to the people who attended these parties . However, when she caught an eye of the beautiful woman’s face, her actions paused . Her apologetic expression faded instinctively . There was some bad blood between her and this beautiful lady . She was the beloved daughter of the owners of a furniture company, and most likely had the name Han . Most importantly, this Miss Han was a previous suitor of Mo Jingshen’s . Previous’ was not suitable . Perhaps, even now, she remained so . It was only Mo Jingshen was not someone these people could easily see . Especially after their marriage, these reputable wealthy young ladies, who once had an unrequited love for him and even threatened suicide to meet him, naturally could not catch even a glimpse of his back . This was the Miss Han who had once ended up on Hai Cheng’s news after almost jumping off a building for Mo Jingshen . As a beautiful lady, she was unconvinced by Ji Nuan’s t.i.tle as Hai Cheng’s Number One Warmth[1 . Nuan means warmth . ] and had attempted to provoke her at several evening parties . However, she always received Ji Nuan’s cold indifference, and their continued interaction caused them to dislike each other . It could be considered there was some bad blood between the two of them . What angered her further was that Ji Nuan had married Mo Jingshen . She was not only utterly defeated but was also angered to the point of wanting to vomit blood . Meeting Ji Nuan under such a situation, Miss Han would naturally not miss her opportunity to find fault with her . Although Ji Nuan did not have any feelings for this Miss Han, when she saw the red wine stain on her gown, she still mocked . Your wine gla.s.s is still firmly held in yourAdvertis.e.m.e.nt hand, but the wine is splattered all over yourself . Do you need me to explain how exactly it spilled on you? Are you sure you want to employ such despicable mean to find trouble in this sort of business-government event?” The rage on Miss Han’s face could not be calmed down . “What do you mean by that? After knocking into someone, you sure are polite, aren’t you? My gown was specially purchased overseas . Let’s not mention how expensive it was, I’ve only just put it on, and its already ruined by you!” Ji Nuan was expressionless; she did not wish to spare any effort to be petty with someone here . She indifferently glanced at her and asked impatiently, “So what do you want?” Miss Han arrogantly glanced at Ji Nuan before looking at the gown she was wearing . After recognizing this was a piece from a renowned brand in Paris, she immediately said: “Take off the gown you’re wearing! Let me wear it!” Ji Nuan furrowed her brows slightly . “You’re sure?” Originally, no one was paying attention to them . However, as Miss Han deliberately raised her voice, various unfriendly eyes gradually landed on Ji Nuan . There were several people like Miss Han who, in Hai Cheng, were unhappy about losing out to Ji Nuan . There were even

more people unused to seeing Ji Nuan as part of the Mo family . Seeing the situation unfold, several wealthy young ladies approached to watch the show . They were clearly against Ji Nuan as they stood aside, pointing fingers and whispering secretly with unkind looks . “What happened?” Miss Lin, who had a rather good relationship with Miss Han, approached to ask, but her question was very deliberately delivered . Miss Han said unhappily, Some Hai Cheng’s First Warmth, after gaining a position in the Mo family, the road she walks on is so high she cant even see the people around her . She knocked into me and caused my wine to spill all over my body, but she didn’t even apologize and is even putting on airs with me . You say, what sort of logic is she going by! She dirtied my gown, yet I have to fawn over her because of her status as Mrs . Mo?” By the side, Miss Lin and several other wealthy young ladies all shifted their gaze to Ji Nuan . Facing the same love rival, they would naturally stand on the same side . The opportunity to watch Ji Nuan be humiliated in public was most satisfying to them . Miss Lin took on a persuasive and mediating stance as she spoke, “Since its like this, Mrs . Mo, you better apologize to Miss Han . After all, you dirtied someone’s gown . Although your status is above hers, and the things you wear and use are several times better than ours, that doesn’t afford you the right to look down on others . Is someone else’s gown not considered a proper gown? If you’ve dirtied it, then you have to apologize!”

Ji Nuan’s lips curved into a slight smile . “I should apologize?” Miss Han and Miss Lin stood before Ji Nuan, but for some reason, they felt their aura was incomparable to Ji Nuan’s—as though they were beneath Ji Nuan . However, there were so many people watching them, numerous who were unhappy with Ji Nuan . Miss Han met Ji Nuan’s gaze, saying, “Earlier on, didn’t you ask me how I wish to resolve this? I’ve already said it, take off your gown! I’ll let you off lightly with that!” Ji Nuan tilted her head slightly, smiling imperceptibly . “Miss Han must really be lacking in trouble . Do you enjoy wearing other people’s clothes so much? Even if you don’t find it dirty, I have severe mysophobia; I would rather toss this gown into a paper shredder than allow someone else to touch my things: She paused for a few moments before continuing . “Aside from that, there were only around two sips of red wine left in Miss Han’s winegla.s.s . The gla.s.s is held so firmly in your hand, and the small isn’t even sufficient to qualify under the verb ‘collide: So little wine spilled out, yet it accurately landed on your body, on the most noticeable position even . Right now, we cant even confirm if I b.u.mped into the hand of yours holding the gla.s.s, must you make such a big fuss out of it? Could it be you have Parkinson’s disease at such a young age? Your hands tremble so much with a small touch that all the wine in your gla.s.s splattered on your body?” “You…” Miss Han stared in disbelief at Ji Nuan, turning white with anger . Ji Nuan was clearly announcing to everyone she was framing her and deliberately stirring up trouble . “Right now, the one with a dirtied gown is me!” Miss Han angrily gritted her teeth . “Mrs . Mo, those lips of yours pushing the blame away are too shameful!” “Did I push the blame away? If you can prove the wine splatter was made by me, I’ll immediately compensate you with an identical dress from the same brand . But if you wish for me to take off what Fm wearing, Fm afraid you aren’t good enough . Furthermore…” Ji Nuan scanned her body indifferently . “You’re shorter than me by five centimeters, but clearly heavier than me by several kilograms Are you certain you’ll be able to put it on if I take it off?” 0 Ji Nuan’s words were spoken unhurriedly, but she did not allow anyone to cut her off . The one who struggled most to speak up was Miss Han, whose hands were already trembling from anger . Ji Nuan paused before speaking again . The truth will always triumph words . Miss Han, there’s no need to feel like you’ve lost your face . After all, the one who threw your face away isn’t me . If you wish to pick it back up, I suggest you quickly go look for a washroom to wipe your dress down . Tolerate through the rest of the evening ball and quit making a blind fuss here . Everything you do is being watched . When you thought to play this framing game with me, did you forget there are surveillance cameras here? Did you think that I, Ji Nuan, is weak that with one glare of yours, I’ll take off my gown for you to wear?”


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