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Chapter 240

Suddenly, the lights in the gymnasium dimmed, and the school leader on the stage asked everyone in the most solemn tone to welcome the honorary .

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After a thunderous applause, there was silence, and no one dared to make a sound .

Although Mo Jingshen was Ji Nuan’s husband, she could not help but become nervous in this atmosphere .

It was the first time she saw him on such an occasion, and she was really curious about what sort of serious and aloof role he would play today .

When Mo Jingshen finally appeared on the stage, almost all the girls under the stage instantly gasped .

The man who was warmly invited onto the stage by several school leaders stood in front of the lectern on the right side of the stage .

In front of him was the lectern and behind him was a big screen with a sky-blue background and the logo of T University . There were white clouds on the screen, and Mo Jingshen, who was in a white shirt, instead of being devoured by the white background of the screen, looked particularly conspicuous .

Unlike what Ji Nuan expected, he didn’t wear a formal black suit today . She remembered he would dress and take his enemies by surprise in the most decisive, harsh, and agile manner in some important meetings . She had thought that as an honorary of the university, he would wear a suit and tie, hold a microphone, and look serious like other school leaders .

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But he was not dressed as she expected .

He wore a casual pair of shirt and trousers, which made him look laid-back and relaxed . On his neckline, one of the expensive, delicate b.u.t.tons was casually unb.u.t.toned, and the cuffs were rolled up to his forearm .

As the most successful young man of the upper cla.s.s in China, Mo Jingshen founded the Mo Corporation with his own strength . He mounted the peak of the Chinese business industry with his wise decisions and smart approach and had the powerful Mo Family behind him that was as unshakable as Mount Tai and the Shine Corporation in the US . He was the wealthiest prince charming in the business circle who was within everyone’s sight but beyond their reach .

At the mention of Mo Jingshen, people would think of money and the huge business system that he owned, but now he showed up in such a casual and low-key way .

“Oh my gosh… he is so handsome…”

Ji Nuan could hear whispers of astonishment around her, and some even began to guess how old he was .

Some said Mo Jingshen looked about the same age as many of the male students at T University, while some argued that with his social status, he had to be in his thirties and that he only looked young .

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However, only one person knew the exact answer here—Ji Nuan .

Many college graduates were almost 23 when they graduated, and Mo Jingshen was only three years older than regular graduates . Many of the students here who had repeated a year or re-entered school were almost the same age as him . Furthermore, as students, their lack of social experience caused them to appear immature, and even the campus hunks recognized by the female students of T University were not as attractive as him .

The man on the stage appeared low-key and simple . His short hair suited him so well that the audience were sure he did not need any styling . Under the light of the stage, his chiseled features looked charming and perfect . His handsomeness was simply beyond words . He was one of a kind .

He stood there and cracked a mild smile, and even the sun and the moon were outshone by him .

“h.e.l.lo, everyone . Nice to meet you . ” Standing behind the lectern, Mo Jingshen casually placed his hand on it and held the microphone with the other . Although there was a gentle smile over his light-colored lips, he appeared composed and majestic .

He spoke casually as if instead of being invited here to give a formal speech, he was just having a casual talk with a group of young people who hadn’t yet formally entered society . He placed his ident.i.ty aside and gave the students a simple smile .

He said, “I’m Mo Jingshen . ”

These simple words alone led to another burst of thunderous applause and Ji Nuan couldn’t help applauding with others . However, when she looked at the man under the spotlight, appearing detached, cool, and well-groomed, the image of her under him in bed last night suddenly popped up in her mind .

No one would believe he was a lecherous man who refused to allow her any rest for several consecutive nights!

What kind of a man was he?

He could handle any situation in business . He was able to decide the fate of many medium and small-scaled companies, and work out marvelous business strategies from a single idea . As a powerful player in the business circle, he was also on good terms with Nan Heng, who had a complex background and was involved in overseas arms dealing . Now he even stood here as an honorary of T University .

“My thanks to the students of T University for coming here to have a pleasant and simple meeting with me . ”

Everyone under the stage was quiet . The boys looked up to the man at the top, wondering if they could have similar achievements one day, while the girls looked up at him with sparkling eyes, worshiping their dream lover .

“As we all know, T University is the best inst.i.tution of higher learning in China, and has cultivated numerous talents for our domestic economic industry and many major enterprises . From now on, the Mo Corporation will not only invest in rebuilding the century-old library in T University . We have reached an agreement with the school to give recruitment preference to the graduates of T University . ”

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At this moment, he turned his smiling eyes onto Ji Nuan, who was sitting in the front third row . She was not very conspicuous, but his gaze landed on her face .

In this gymnasium accommodating thousands of people, everyone else was earnestly looking at the man on stage, but right now the solemn atmosphere was destroyed . Noticing his gaze, some people began to whisper to each other, asking what President Mo was looking at and which direction was he looking in?

The school leaders followed his gaze only to find that they could not see the student’s face clearly due to the dim lights, so they couldn’t tell who he was looking at .

When all the people were curious, Mo Jingshen calmly withdrew his gaze and slowly smiled . He raised his hand to beckon everyone to focus, and Ji Nuan’s racing heart finally regained its normal rhythm .

He placed the microphone back onto the lectern and casually rolled up his cuffs further up, looking relaxed and approachable .

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