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Chapter 283: 283

When Feng Ling walked out of the warehouse, Nan Heng was deploying the search and rescue plan . The moment the men surrounding him saw Feng Ling, they all stared at her .

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“What are you looking at? Have you guys never seen a woman?” Nan Heng turned to glance at her and then coldly glared at the other men .

The other men . “We’ve never seen Feng Ling so feminine…”

In fact, Feng Ling was dressed as usual . She still had a boy-like short hair and black clothes, trousers, and boots, but now she no longer wore corsets and baggy clothes to hide her figure . After staying with Ji Nuan for months, she was no longer as unkempt as when she used to hang out with the guys at the base . Her skin looked more delicate than before, and even her eyes were less cold and sharp .

Nan Heng coldly frowned, and cast an indifferent glance at Feng Ling . “Why are you still standing there? Are you here to be looked at like an animal in the zoo? Return to your unit!”

Feng Ling’s eyes moved calmly away from his face as she walked into the crowd without expression .

Cambodia, formerly known as Khmer, is located on the Indo-China Peninsula . It is bordered by Thailand in the west and northwest, Laos in the northeast, Vietnam in the east and southeast, and the Gulf of Siam in the south . Mekong River and Tonlé Sap Lake, the largest freshwater lake in southeast Asia, were both in Cambodia, and Cambodia’s capital is Phnom Penh .

It is one of the least developed countries in the world .

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It is also one of the countries with the worst security .

Cambodia was supposed to be cooler in December, but this winter had been as hot as summer . The dense forests near Tonlé Sap Lake were very sultry . Because of the humidity, there were often mosquitoes, snake, ants, and poisonous tropical insects in the deep forests .

It was Ji Nuan’s second day in Cambodia .

Most of the members of XI base that Nan Heng brought with him lived in the compartments in the large warehouse outside the forests, and some were on guard duty in the bulletproof shed outside every day and night .

There wasn’t much food here . They could only occasionally go to the poor village across the river to buy things like rice and noodles . Their dishes were only the dried vegetables, dried meat, and dried fruit that they brought here that they just boiled in boiling water before eating .

By the end of the day, they had identified the location of the drug gang deep in the forest . They had all been prepared . As soon as Nan Heng gave the order, they would rush in and kill the gangsters .

The only uncertainty was whether Mo Jingshen was still in this area .

Feng Ling explicitly prohibited Ji Nuan from leaving their lines of sight . She was allowed to stay in Cambodia, as she wished, but the only area she could go to was between the warehouse and the bulletproof shed, and the area guarded by the men of the base on the edge of the forests .

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“Mrs . Mo, you ate dried meat and fruit all day yesterday . Today, we caught some fish and shrimp outside and are going to grill them . You should also eat some fish . As a pregnant woman, you need to take more nourishing food now . ” Feng Ling pushed the door in, only to find that Ji Nuan had cleaned and tidied up every compartment in the warehouse .

Ji Nuan insisted on doing something and didn’t want to be the one who did nothing but held them back and needed their protection . Feng Ling had agreed that she could clean the warehouse but didn’t expect she would clean up all the twenty or thirty compartments within a morning .

Even the socks the men had taken off were gone . Feng Ling turned around only to see a long string hanging out of the back door of the warehouse, on which the washed pairs of socks were hung .

“You… you even washed their socks?” Feng Ling moved the corners of her lips and looked at Ji Nuan’s hand . “Did you wash them all by hand?”

“Sure, you all came here in such a hurry that you didn’t bring any daily necessities . Do you expect a washing machine here?” Ji Nuan said as she swept the floor . The ground was covered with tropical insects that had been killed by insecticides . Fortunately, they had brought a lot of pesticides with them . Otherwise, these insects from the dense forests would probably climb into their beds .

As the daughter of the Ji family in Hai City, Ji Nuan didn’t do any of these jobs before or after she married Mo Jingshen . It may not be a big deal to clean up the house or sweep the floor, but she had even washed so many pairs of socks by hand .

“Mrs . Mo, you don’t have to do anything . Mr . Mo is the person we respect most, so you deserve preferential treatment here . You don’t need to do these jobs…”

“If I don’t do something to keep myself busy, I can’t calm down . ”

“Are you worried about Mr . Mo…”

Ji Nuan tightened her grip of the broom and raised her eyes to look at her . “Although I’m worried about him, I have faith in your ability, and I believe that he will be okay . ”

Feng Ling smiled at her . “They won’t kill Mr . Mo . If Mr . Mo doesn’t tell them the secret parts of those underground arms deal, they won’t touch him for now . Now we’ve identified their location, and we just need to wait for the right time . ”

Ji Nuan nodded . “I know . Go about your business . You don’t have to accompany me . I’ll find something to do . ”

“Let’s go and have some fish . They’re already grilling it . ”

Ji Nuan paused, swept the floor clean, and went to wash her hand before she went out with Feng Ling .

The people at the base were all young and strong men whose style was very rough . Living in the wild all year round, they had got used to the simple life . When they grilled the fish, they used no oil, salt, or seasoning . Even if they had seasonings, they didn’t know how to use them . None of them knew how to cook, so they usually just cooked some rice and ate some dried meat for the three meals .

Ji Nuan took a basin of live fish that they just fished back to the warehouse . An hour later, those men smell a burst of steamed fish, and they all moved their heads and sniffed in the direction of the warehouse .

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When Ji Nuan took the steamed fish out and then gave out the fish to everyone in disposable bowls, the men all gaped at her .

“Mrs . Mo… was this cooked by you?”

“Yes, please have a taste . ” Ji Nuan smiled gently and continued to take out bowls to distribute the fish .

When Feng Ling and Nan Heng heard the sound and came here, they surprisingly saw this scene .

Ji Nuan gave each of the men a bowl of steamed fish and even the rice that was a bit hard was soaked into the fish soup considerately by her .

Nan Heng took over a bowl of soup that the man beside him handed to him and drank a mouthful of the soup . Then he raised his eyebrows and glanced at Ji Nuan .

“It seems that what Qin Siting said about Ji Nuan becoming a good wife is true . Miss Ji really can cook . ” Nan Heng put down the bowl . When Ji Nuan saw him, she walked towards him . He laughed . “I just didn’t expect that I will taste the food Miss Ji made in such a circ.u.mstance . ”

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