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Chapter 321: 321

It was very quiet at night . Mo Jingshen’s ward area was guarded by the people of the XI base, so there wasn’t much medical staff there . Ji Nuan eluded the nurses in her ward and crept quietly into his .

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The people of the XI base wouldn’t stop her . They thought it strange that she appeared here at this time of night, but they just nodded politely and let her go .

As Ji Nuan opened the door of the ward and entered, she saw that the head of Mo Jingshen’s sickbed was raised again . He wore the same light blue hospital gown as she did, and his clean hair, because he often lay down, was a little fluffier and messier than usual, but it didn’t affect his handsomeness . There was a silver 12-inch laptop in front of him, and she knew at a glance that he was reading doc.u.ments from the Mo Corporation .

“You had an operation the day before, and you have already started to work?” Ji Nuan closed the door quietly, walked over, and slipped into his bed .

Mo Jingshen had already finished his injection, and there was only a whitish piece of transparent medical tape on the back of his hand, which obviously didn’t affect his efficiency .

Mo Jingshen looked at her . He was about to take her into his arms when Ji Nuan pressed his hand down quickly . “Don’t hold me . Don’t move your arms . ”

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This little woman was now very nervous about his health . He made no comment but smiled . “It’s late . Sleep with me tonight . Don’t go back, OK?”

“I eluded the doctors and nurses to sneak over here, so even if you drive me away, I’m not going back . ” Ji Nuan said, put the quilt carefully over them, and lay down beside him, looking at the files on his laptop .

He had been in Cambodia for some time, and although the company had a vice president and several trusted executives and a.s.sistants, there were a lot of final decisions that he had to make personally . From the number of unread emails, there was a real backlog .

“Do you need to type to reply to these doc.u.ments?” Ji Nuan asked .

He caressed her hair, and as she spoke, he saw a place where he needed to type to reply . When he withdrew his hand to touch the laptop, Ji Nuan sat up and took the laptop from the quilt and laid her hands neatly on the keyboard, turning her eyes to look at him seriously . “How to reply? Let me help you with it . ”

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Seeing her so eager to help him, Mo Jingshen didn’t reject her kindness . He signaled her with his eyes to look at the other replied doc.u.ments on the screen . “Type ‘Agree’ here and circle the important matters that need to be paid attention to by the relevant departments of the company and let them arrange it on their own . ”

Ji Nuan listened, typing and circling fast .

Half an hour later, as he instructed, she had finished replying to these doc.u.ments of more than a dozen pages, some of which needed to be approved, and some to be suspended or rejected .

When she was at her studio, sometimes she had to reply to the planning doc.u.ments submitted by her subordinate, but she never felt like an emperor who was reviewing memorials and giving directions to his ministers; however, now when she was facing the various doc.u.ments of a big company like the Mo Corporation, she suddenly had this feeling…

The room was quiet, except that occasionally, a white light flashed on the computer screen when a new email was opened and refreshed .

The two of them sat harmoniously, one replying to the doc.u.ments on the laptop and the other telling her how to respond to the planning and changes of the various departments . Although Ji Nuan now had a deeper understanding of business decisions than before she went to T City, she really cherished the tacit understanding between the two of them at this moment . Mo Jingshen was so busy in Hai City that he hardly took weekends off . Now, he could teach her how to deal with these problems while they were in the hospital .

The next morning, when Nan Heng came, he saw Ji Nuan sleeping in Mo Jingshen’s bed again . She had obviously come here last night and had apparently not returned to her room at all .

As soon as Nan Heng came, Ji Nuan woke up . She looked embarra.s.sed and quickly slipped out, going back to her ward to wash her face .

Seeing Ji Nuan run away, Nan Heng went straight in . Looking as if he hadn’t slept well last night, he pulled up a chair and sat down beside the bed . “Elder Su called me last night . Su Xueyi’s parents went to his house, trying to make him intercede for their daughter . Now you turn off your cell phone, living in the hospital carefree and comfortably and snuggling up with your dear wife every day, but Elder Su knows my relationship with you and began to pester me for this matter . He kept calling me late last night, keeping me up all night!”

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“Anyway, Su Xueyi’s parents are part of Suan Group, but to save their daughter, they almost run his feet off these days . Elder Su sometimes avoided meeting them, and they’ve been like this for a long time . Now you have come back to the US, I think they can’t wait anymore . If they don’t see them, they’ll probably go straight to the hospital . ” Looking with interest at Mo Jingshen, who remained expressionless, Nan Heng leaned back in his chair, took an apple from the table next to him, and took a bite . “I don’t think the Su family will give up easily . ”

“Su Xueyi’s parents did this just to save their daughter, but Elder Su, who will never make trouble for himself, must have ulterior motives to touch this sort of affair,” Mo Jingshen said flatly .

Nan Heng thought for a while . “Yes, Elder Su’s target is you . You have been suppressing him for long . Not long ago, you issued an order to limit the Su family, but from beginning to end, Elder Su couldn’t even meet you . He, a big shot that once dominated the Chinese business circle in the United States for many years, must not be reconciled to accept this result . Besides, his dear granddaughter has never given up the thought of marrying you…”

“Dominate?” Mo Jingshen smiled . “For a hundred years, the Chinese business circle in the United States has been dominated by different powers . You know who the power behind the Su family is, don’t you? In this circle, besides the Su family, there are also many other powerful families . ”

“I think Elder Su can tell that your tolerance for them is declining . He’s been very close to your father lately . Back then, wasn’t your father, President Mo, who made you get engaged to his dear granddaughter? I think he probably knows he can’t win against you, so he wants to gain the support of your father,” Nan Heng said with a cold smile, “From what I know of this old fox, he must know Ji Nuan is your weakness . He may have started to investigate Ji Nuan . Aren’t you afraid that if Ji Nuan continues to stay in the United States, she will be swallowed alive by the Su family when you’re not careful?”

“Let’s wait and see . ” Without raising his eyes, Mo Jingshen looked at the laptop that had not been turned off since last night, his eyes unfathomable . “I’d like to see whether he can swallow my woman or not . ”

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