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Read The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 1061 – Perplexed and Smitten (121)

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Chapter 1061: Perplexed and Smitten (121)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She did not finish her sentence, for she believed that Xiao Wu had already understood what she meant.

Xiao Wu denied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It has nothing to do with me at all. I don’t know anything.”

Staring at him with a straight face, An Xiaoning said, “Since you’re so obstinate, I have no choice but to send you to prison.”

She whipped out her mobile phone to call Pan Zhenghui. Xiao Wu frantically said, “I’ll speak, I’ll speak. But you can’t hold me responsible.”


“My friends are here to witness this. You’d better keep your word.”

“That goes without saying. I’m a woman of my word,” said An Xiaoning.

Xiao Wu recounted, “Alright, here’s what happened. A few days ago, I received a strange message in my mailbox from an anonymous sender who offered to make a transaction with me. I was curious about what it was and he told me that he wanted my help with something in exchange for five million dollars. The moment I heard that he was offering such a high amount, my instincts told me that he must be a conman. However, he told me straight away what he needed me to do and even said that he could give me three million dollars in advance if I was willing to do it. I was caught in a dilemma because I know that abduction is illegal. Hence, I rejected his offer after contemplating it. I felt that I shouldn’t be doing something like that. Yet…”

Xiao Wu continued, “Yet, he seemed to have pinned me as his target and was bent on getting me to do it. He told me that he has my detailed information and that he would take action on me if I didn’t concede to his requests. If I did, he would be giving me five million dollars to keep my mouth shut.”

“Who was the sender?”

“I graduated from computing school and I’m great at finding out the IP addresses of others. I managed to find out the sender’s address after tracking the email. However, the address would be different every single time. It seems they have prepared against this too. However, I decided to be extra careful and I found out the address of the bank he visited to transfer the money to me. You’ll definitely find out after checking the surveillance cameras at the bank. After all, the banks would be prudent and strict with whoever touches the surveillance cameras, which would not be easily tampered.”

“Which bank is it?”

“That bank along Ming Yuan Road. I’ll give you the name and number of the account that transferred me the money.” Seeing that she was glaring at him coldly, Xiao Wu added, “I can forgo the money, I just hope you won’t hold me liable, Ms. An. As long as you don’t, I’ll be willing to cooperate with you.”

An Xiaoning said, “Logically speaking, computing experts should be intelligent. Why is your IQ so low? Do you really think they couldn’t have found another hitman or expert who’s more skilled than you to do the job? They offered you such a large amount of money and decided to recruit you, precisely because they wanted to hire a n.o.body who doesn’t know who they are. Are you skilled in martial arts?”


“How did you manage to pin my bodyguard down when he’s skilled in martial arts?”

“I found out that he would return every day when it’s late at night. Hence, I spent some money to hire a private investigator to tail him. When he was about to reach the estate, I tampered with the master control and caused a power outage. When all the lights went out, I stood at the lobby and knocked him out with an iron rod as he was entering. He was caught off guard and collapsed onto the ground. I was really afraid at that time, but I couldn’t waste any more time being worried. Thus, my girlfriend and I carried him into the trunk of my car and wiped the blood off his head. I was worried that I might have killed him. I didn’t dare to drive away immediately, for fear that I would be exposed. So, I tied him up and left in the morning instead.”

An Xiaoning had no idea what to say. “I won’t hold it against you, but you definitely can’t keep that money. You’ll have to face a jail term of at least a few years for that crime. You should be clear about that. If my bodyguard is safe and sound, that money shall go to him as a form of compensation. However, if something has happened to him…”

She paused deliberately before continuing, “Then I’m sorry.”

“What do you mean? You clearly said just now that you won’t hold me liable,” said Xiao Wu, who felt worried all over again.

“I failed to mention that I’ll only let you off in the event that he’s safe and sound. Pray for him silently in your heart. You’ll be safe if he is. Otherwise, you’ll lose your freedom together with your money. Give me the name and bank account details. I’m going to the bank now,” said An Xiaoning, who then stood up and left.

After closing the door, Xiao Wu’s girlfriend entered.

She seemed to have noticed that something had gone wrong upon seeing the grave expression on her boyfriend’s face.

The male owner interjected, “Xiao Wu, just what did you do? When you received that email back then, you should have just ignored it. Things have become so serious… Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have allowed you to stay over at my place.”

“I absolutely regret it now too. Can you keep this a secret, please?”

“I won’t speak of it to others, but this shall be the end of our friendship. I really can’t stand your lack of morals. I’m strangely disturbed by what happened to Ms. An’s bodyguard. I was the one who gave you the chance to commit the act. Although I had no idea what you were planning, I’m partly to blame too.” He stood up and left together with his wife, hand in hand.

Once they were outside, the mistress hugged her husband and said, “I really didn’t expect them to be such immoral people. So much for being kind and allowing them to stay with us instead of staying at a hotel. Hubby, you were right to end our friendship with them. Let’s not keep in touch with such people.”

“Yes, I hope Ms. An’s bodyguard can return safely.”

“I hope so too.”

An Xiaoning initially planned to have lunch at Sanqiao Estate. However, she decided not to waste time having lunch, for the longer she waited, the more disadvantageous it would be for No. 8.

Since the bank was closed in the afternoon, she had no choice but to contact the manager of the branch.

She gave him the name and bank account details, as well as the time of transfer, according to what Xiao Wu said. The bank personnel then showed her the footages of the surveillance cameras.

Since the transfer was made at the bank and not online, the sender must have transferred it via the automatic teller machine or through the bank teller at the counter.

However, transfers above five million dollars could only be made at the counter with the help of the bank tellers. On top of that, the sender must also bring along his or her personal identification card.

Clearly, the sender had transferred the money via the counter.

The footages showed a man donning a pair of shades, which he then removed upon the request of the bank teller. Although he had only taken them off for less than twenty seconds, his face had been captured by the surveillance cameras.

Soon, the police managed to find more details based on the bank account information as well as the screenshot of the footage.

An Xiaoning immediately proceeded to arrest the culprit together with Ma Jianguo before she even had lunch.

They arrested Qian Mou, who was having lunch at a hotel at the time.

“Where do we bring him?”

“Who are you?” Qian Mou asked, feigning ignorance.

Standing near the metal barrier, An Xiaoning said with a smirk, “Are you feigning ignorance? Qian Mou, I know you have a backer to save you, and you people are experts at threatening others with money. But don’t forget, I’m also great at threatening others, and that’s a tactic that I also enjoy using. Old Ma, I don’t feel like interrogating him here.”


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