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Read The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 205 – I Love You, But I Don’t Dare to Let You Know (6)

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses is a web novel made by An Xiaoning.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 205: I Love You, But I Don’t Dare to Let You Know (6)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, am I that kind of person? Our relationship is pure and based on emotional connection.” Long Tianze pointed his index finger at Ling Ciye, giving him a warning look.

Ling Ciye burst out into laughter and did not say anything further.

As they were moving forward, a drunk man slowly appeared, heading in their direction. When he was about to collide with An Xiaoning, Jin Qingyan went forward rapidly and held back An Xiaoning’s arm. Then, under her cold glance, he released his hand and said under his breath, “Stay by my side.”

The further they went inside, the more crowded it was.

There were celebrities whom one only saw on television, big figures from the commercial world, and those with high social status. Most of them were men; however, there were very few married couples. After all, it was a living paradise. Those wealthy and powerful men would not be satisfied just staying by their wives’ side. For them, love was but a fleeting moment, only enjoyment was the true meaning of life.

Seeing Jin Qingyan appear with a group of people, many eyes were fixed on their group.

Even though they only looked from afar, the women in the castles were exhilarated. Every one of those beauties wished they could kick aside An Xiaoning, who was beside him, and exchange positions with her.

The more it was like this, the more Jin Qingyan held onto An Xiaoning’s hand tightly in front of the crowd, not fearing the gossip they would spread about it.

Only when they reached the private room in the restaurant did An Xiaoning shake off his hand and glared at him ferociously.

Jin Qingyan pretended like he did not see it and sat down immediately.

The waiter served the dishes in a steady stream, with no break in between. The originally empty table was now filled up by a wide variety of dishes.

It was not too exaggerated to describe the table of food as delicacies.

Jin Qingyan put on disposable gloves and picked up a prawn, placing it in An Xiaoning’s bowl after he was done peeling off the sh.e.l.l. However, she placed it back into his bowl right after, remarking coldly, “Thanks, but I have my own hands.”

Her cold, hard tone was extremely distant.

She did not eat much and was the first to leave the dining table.

“I’ll go out and take a walk.”

Only after she’d left the private room did An Xiaoning heave a sigh of relief. Now, everytime when she stayed within a close distance to Jin Qingyan, she felt a sense of suffocation.

She walked down the corridor and headed east, looking around as she walked. After walking for awhile, she realized that she was lost.

There were too many corridors and revolving doors; she no longer knew where she was at this point.

An Xiaoning started walking back according to her memory.

But when she reached a crossroad, she became utterly confused.

It was rather embarra.s.sing to call for help, so she simply tried to find the private room they were dining in.

She stopped in front of a room and looked at the room number. It was exactly the room they were dining in. An Xiaoning smiled in relief and knocked on the door.

The person who opened the door was a man wearing, who immediately made way for her to enter.

Once she entered, An Xiaoning felt her whole body stiffening.

This was not a private room to dine in but a suite to sleep in.

The scene before her shocked her particularly — a man was leaning against the bed frame, a cigarette in hand and completely naked. A woman was kneeling on the bed, using her mouth to serve him.

At the door stood a row of men in

“Sorry, I entered the wrong room.” She turned and was about to leave when the man on the bed raised his eyebrows and said slowly, “Stop there.”

An Xiaoning still opened the door, but a man in grabbed onto her arm.

She pursed her lips, kicking the abdomen of the man in Her kick was strong and powerful, directly throwing the man a few meters away.

She opened the door and ran out at the speed of light, with two men in chasing after her.

At this moment, in the suite, the man on the bed sat up slowly and grabbed onto the woman’s hair. “Your mouth is as big as a catfish, get out.”

The woman did not dare to say a word and immediately got down from the bed. She rapidly put on her clothes and got out of the room.

The man got up and went into the bathroom, rinsing his body. He then came out in a bathrobe and picked up the wine gla.s.s on the table, standing before the window with a cold look in his eyes.

Very soon, the two men in returned and reported to him, “Master, she was really running too fast, we didn’t catch up to her.”

“Useless things! You can’t even catch a woman. Then again, it can’t be blamed on the both of you. She’s An Xiaoning after all. Not bad, not bad really. She’s really trained her agility well.”

“Master, Jin Qingyan’s here too. I wonder if he knows you’re here.”

“It’s his territory here, would he not know?”

“His ex-wife looks far better in real life than from pictures online…” He raised his neck, slowly gulping the wine down his throat.

“I heard that to win her back, Jin Qingyan is putting in a lot of effort, but it’s not working out well. This woman is not easy.”

“She’s really someone with character.”

An Xiaoning gasped for breath heavily as she leaned against the wall. Those two men were really good at chasing.

Realizing that she should have called someone in the first place, An Xiaoning took out her phone and made a call to Mei Yangyang.

The one who picked up was Jin Qingyan instead.

His face was slightly flushed, possibly because his fever had not subsided completely.

He went to her without delay and forcefully dragged her away. The warmth of his palm made An Xiaoning silent.

She thought that he was going to bring her to the room where everyone had gathered at. Unexpectedly, after entering, she realized that the room was empty with only the two of them.

“Where is everyone else?”

“They went to watch a performance, I’ll bring you there in awhile.”

“Why didn’t you go?”

“I was afraid someone would get lost, so I was looking around for her.”

Jin Qingyan relentlessly pinched her nose. “Can’t you stay by my side at all times? What if you get abducted again?”

“I won’t get abducted easily, I’m not that weak anymore.”

“You may have good skills now, but can you defend yourself from a bullet?” His face fell slightly. “Being overly naive is your fatal weakness. Looks like it’s a flaw you were born with. After all, you grew up on the mountains.”

An Xiaoning turned speechless from his words.

She remarked sulkily, “Take me to find them.”

“Why? You’re not used to being alone with me?”


“Then I’ll deliberately not let you have your wish.” He raised his chin slightly. “Stay with me while I have my drip.”

An Xiaoning thought of the tangled up relationship that they would have, then replied in a cold and harsh manner, “Jin Qingyan, if I said that after our divorce, I was somewhat moved by your sincerity, it was because you did so many things for me and even wanted to die by drinking poison. But now, I hope this won’t continue anymore. I don’t love you at all, and I really hate your behaviour now, it’s making me annoyed.”

His slightly red eyes turned cold. “What did you say?”

“Didn’t you hear it all loud and clear? There’s no need to ask again.”

She looked directly at him with her almond-shaped eyes, with no tinge of avoidance at all. “Jin Qingyan, let me tell you directly so that you won’t think I have some lingering feelings for you. I won’t ever love you. My character is like this. If I get a divorce, I’ll make a clean cut once and for all.”

His palm was clenched into a tight fist, and his whole figure gave off a cold feeling.

But Jin Qingyan did not speak and just stared at her outright. An Xiaoning was completely fearless and stared back at him. The silence in the room was so overwhelming that even the sound of a pin dropping would have been audible.


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