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Read The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 227 – I Just Fancy You (11)

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses is a web novel made by An Xiaoning.
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Chapter 227: I Just Fancy You (11)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After a ride in the taxi, they arrived at Ming Yuan Estate.

The family of four took their luggage out. A figure stood at the front door. Mo Li took a closer look, and it was obviously Ye Xiaotian.

He stood there with a black umbrella in hand and appeared to be waiting for her.

Seeing that they were here, Ye Xiaotian went forward and greeted them. “All of you are here. I’ve already arranged your rooms for you, please enter.”

Mrs. Mo simply replied, “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Ye Xiaotian’s words made his stand very clear. He was allowing them to stay here only because of Mo Li.

Mo Li’s parents and brother settled down, and after eating, Mo Li gave her family some a.s.surance and went upstairs.

Ye Xiaotian just came out from a shower and was in a bath robe. He watched her sit by the bed silently, wondering what she was thinking of.

“Go and bathe.”

“Umm.” She got up and headed to the bathroom.

After she went in, she did not come out for a long time. Ye Xiaotian went inside to see what had happened to her and was surprised to see that she had fallen asleep in the bathtub. Even the water had turned cold.

He reached out and carried her out of the bathtub, placing a dazed Mo Li on the bed. Using a towel, he wiped her dry and covered a blanket over her.

During the night, he unconsciously hugged her. At the touch of her skin, Ye Xiaotian opened his eyes in shock — her skin was boiling hot.

He touched her forehead and it felt equally hot — she was actually having a fever.

He immediately switched on the lights and got out of bed, getting the fever medicine from the medicine box. After pouring some water, he carried her and fed her the medicine.

Ye Xiaotian did not sleep the whole night. He felt her forehead from time to time, afraid that her fever would come back again.

Which was why, when morning came, Mo Li woke up and realized for the first time that he did not go to work and was still fast asleep.

After eating breakfast, she realized that he had not came down yet, so she went up to call him.

“Xiaotian, aren’t you going to work? It’s almost eight already.”

Ye Xiaotian opened his eyes vaguely and, seeing that it was her, he reached out to touch her forehead. It was cold, so he turned and continued to sleep, murmuring, “Not going.”

Mo Li was a little surprised. But looking at the fever medicine at the edge of the bed, she knew what was going on already. No wonder she felt that she was being fed something when she was in the midst of sleeping.

In addition to his move earlier, Mo Li felt exceptionally warm inside.

“Then are you eating? I’ve made breakfast, get up and have some,” she bent down and said into his ear.

Ye Xiaotian held her by her neck in one move. The two looked at each other at a close distance and could even feel each other’s breathing.

“Mo Li, I want to eat you. You have to make it up to me. Last night, I didn’t sleep well because of you.”

Thinking of how he allowed her family to live here and did not sleep well the whole night because of her, plus the fact that her body was already his, she simply agreed.

Once her words landed, he turned over and pressed onto her body.

Mo Li was rather shocked and stared at him innocently like a little deer.

His eyes were exceptionally beautiful, and, as she stared at him, she was irresistibly drawn to him. The state he was in almost made her forget how he really was.

“Xiaotian, thank you.”

“Mo Li.” He stared at her. “I don’t like it when you thank me.”

“Then what do you want me to say?”

“I’d like you to say you want me.”

Mo Li’s eyes twinkled. “You haven’t eaten, do you have the strength?”

He flashed a rare smile and got down from her, using his arm as support. Looking at her, he asked, “What have you made for breakfast?”

“I made bacon beef burger and corn porridge. There’s also waffles, come and eat quickly.”

The moment he sat up, he planted a kiss on her face. “I’ll let you go for now, I’m indeed hungry.”

As he spoke, he put on his clothes and then went to the bathroom.

Mo Li watched the back of his figure and could not point to anything that was wrong, but simply felt uneasy inside.

He wiped out all the food she made for breakfast.

Mo Li grinned. “Are you that hungry?”

“It’s because the food you made was really good. I’ll go upstairs to change. I’m not heading to the company in the afternoon, I’ll bring you somewhere.”


Sitting on the seat beside the driver’s seat, he leaned in to her and Mo Li suddenly held her breath. She watched as he buckled up her safety belt for her and finally drove the car.

Mo Li did not ask him where he was taking her and he did not say either.

The car steadily arrived at the entrance of the building, then pulled over into the carpark. When the engine went off, the two got off from the car.

He did not hold her hand, but the two walked one after another, with only a small gap between them.

Following him into the lift, the two still did not say anything.

The lift arrived at the tenth floor. When the door opened, Mo Li was slightly shocked. The decor was very luxurious, and every item was from established brands. The golden yellow color of the ceiling was shining with bright lighting, even though it was daytime.

The ma.s.sive place had over ten young men and women drinking in high spirits. The men were surrounding each other closely and appeared to be enjoying themselves.

Mo Li took a closer look and realized that she had seen most of these people before. They were all either second-generation businessmen with a.s.sets worth billions or investors.

What she did not expect was for Gu Beicheng to be around too. He sat on the sofa with his leg crossed, a laptop on his thigh.

Upon seeing the two, the noise subsided into a moment of silence.

Gu Beicheng raised his head and beamed. “You’re here, take a seat.”

Ye Xiaotian sat beside Gu Beicheng and looked at the screen, sn.i.g.g.e.ring. “You use this method to satisfy your needs?”

Mo Li unconsciously looked at the screen too and discovered that Gu Beicheng was watching an erotic love film.

Her ears turned beetroot, and she quickly changed her line of sight.

Gu Beicheng grinned. “Then what can I do? I’m not as fortunate as you to have a lover tucked away in your house. For me, I don’t even have a woman. I can only settle it myself.”

Ye Xiaotian smiled faintly. “If you want, I can give her to you.”

The warmth Mo Li had for him in her heart instantly turned cool. Originally, she had felt very comfortable with how he treated her since last night. But now, she felt that she was being really ridiculous. He definitely knew how much she hated him and would never have developed real feelings for her.

It was only that, in that instant, she could not believe her own ears that he would say something like that.

Gu Beicheng looked at Mo Li and saw her face had turned pale. He unwittingly said, “Look at how you’ve scared her. He’s just joking, can’t you tell?”

The last line was meant for Mo Li to hear.

Ye Xiaotian smiled faintly. He was unaware that his every little expression was noticed by Mo Li and that her heart was greatly hurt by just one line of his words.

“Why didn’t you go to work too?”

“I just felt like taking some time off. Xiaotian, what kind of birthday surprises do women like?” Gu Beicheng asked.

“Birthday surprise? Who’s having their birthday?”


Ye Xiaotian replied, “Look at you, so attentive over someone’s birthday.”


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