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Read The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses Chapter 237 – Heart Hurts Too Much to Even Breathe (1)

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses is a web novel completed by An Xiaoning.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 237: Heart Hurts Too Much to Even Breathe (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jin Qingyan dialled Long Tianze’s number.

“Umm. What are you up to?”

Long Tianze answered, “I’m working, what else will I be doing?”

“Xiaoning has invested in a movie, but given the state that she’s in, she can’t go through with it, so I’m forking out the money now but investing it in her name. The character is simply made for you. Do you want to come and act as the first male lead?”

Long Tianze sneered. “Do I lack money so much that I have to do this? You should know, I hate being on-screen the most.”

“I know, but I’ve already told the director that you’re joining the cast.”

“Jin Qingyan, you actually made the decision for me? Do you believe that I’ll kill you…”

He darted a glance at Mei Yangyang and replied slowly, “The female lead is Mei Yangyang, are you sure you don’t want to act?”

“Yangyang?” Long Tianze’s tone changed immediately. “She’s the first female lead?”

“Uhuh, it’s like that. If you’re really unwilling to act, I’ll just get the director to find a famous actor then. The movie will most probably have some kissing scenes, maybe even bed scenes…”

Without waiting for him finish, Long Tianze cut in. “Actually, I’ve always wanted to act. Given a face like mine, imagine the amount of fans I’d get. Since I have this chance now, then I’ll definitely give you and Ms. An some face. It’s decided then, get someone to send me the script so I can take a look.”

Jin Qingyan He knew it would be like that. They grew up together since they were young. What kind of person Long Tianze was, he knew extremely well.

After hanging up, Mei Yangyang asked, “He agreed?”

“With you around, can he not agree? Alright, just wait for the filming to start, you and Tianze can develop feelings yourself on-set. I’ll be in charge of here.”

Mei Yangyang was agitated and worried at the same time. “Master Jin, if my sister wakes up, you must be sure to give me a call.”

“Umm, I will.”

“You must take good care of her, don’t let her run away like the previous time. Also, Xi Bolai may find a chance to get her anytime. Master Jin, you can’t let anything go wrong.”

“Young Sir!” Xiao Huang hurriedly ran down from upstairs, shouting, “Ms. An says that her stomach hurts.”

Jin Qingyan and Mei Yangyang were terrified and immediately sprung upstairs.

Mei Yangyang lifted the covers and realized that An Xiaoning’s pants were stained with blood.

Jin Qingyan immediately took out the keys and removed the handcuffs on her arms before carrying her down the stairs.

Looking at his anxious and terrified expression, An Xiaoning held onto his neck and said, “If I’m unwilling to go, all of you would probably take at least two or three months to drive me away. I thought being in this body, I’ll be able to enjoy life. But I never expected that I would have to suffer injections every day, and even now, this pain hurts so bad. Living like this, I’d rather not have this body. So, hunk…”

She placed her hand on Jin Qingyan’s face. “I’m leaving, I won’t stay to play with you guys anymore.”

“You should have long been gone!” Jin Qingyan’s eyes had reddened, and he bellowed in his low voice.

After he carried her to the car, Mei Yangyang followed onto the car as well, and Fan Shixin hurriedly drove them to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, An Xiaoning went into a coma.

Jin Qingyan did not know if the young girl had left, but he could only pray that the child was fine. Only when the child was fine would she not want to leave him again when she woke up. Only then would she be more courageous in facing this problem.

But in actual fact, once the doctor judged the situation, he immediately diagnosed that the child was miscarried.

An Xiaoning was immediately wheeled into the operating theater.

Jin Qingyan and Mei Yangyang were emotionally worn out as they waited in the hospital corridor.

He had his hands firmly on his lowered forehead, and he felt extremely devastated.

The operation was completed very soon, and even though An Xiaoning was in a coma, the doctor was afraid that she would wake up in the middle of the operation, so she was given full anesthetic.

After around ten minutes in the operating theater, she was wheeled into the ward again.

Looking at her in a deep sleep, Jin Qingyan held onto her hand tightly and refused to let go of it.

There was complete silence in the room, as if there was no one inside at all.

All they were waiting for was for her to wake up.

The doctor entered the ward and told Jin Qingyan in a hushed tone, “Mr. Jin, please come with me.”

He followed the doctor out and went to his office.

The doctor looked at him and said, “Just now, the hospital director told me that there are paparazzi lurking around near the hospital. The director suggests that Ms. An can go back in an ambulance and recuperate at home. The doctor will visit every day to give her an IV drip and that will do. What do you think…?”

Jin Qingyan agreed. “I have the same thought.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Jin. Our doctors and nurses will keep this fully confidential.”


After some thought, Jin Qingyan still brought An Xiaoning to her home at Dongpo Road.

He hoped that she would wake up soon, and he stayed by her bedside throughout, without leaving for a single moment.

But contrary to what they had hoped for, An Xiaoning still did not wake up.

The next morning, the first thing Jin Qingyan did when he woke up was to look at her.

He realized that her eyes were wide open and staring at the window, and they had reddened.

Unsure if it was her or the young girl, he called her lightly, “Xiaoning…”

She retracted her gaze slowly, looking at him, but did not say a word.

In that moment, Jin Qingyan knew that it was her. It was his Xiaoning.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms. “You’re finally back, I was afraid you wouldn’t come back anymore.”

Tears brimmed down An Xiaoning’s face profusely. She closed her eyes and choked on her tears. It was like pain was being released from her body, every inch of it from her bones.

From the moment her body was stolen away, she was like an empty shadow looking at the young girl who stole it away.

That state she was in was not her.

And she was unable to be recognized by anyone.

In reality, she had worried too much.

With an obvious abnormality like that, they would not have been unable to recognize it.

When the child was lost, she was the most devastated of all.

Heaven knew how much she wanted to keep this child.

Heaven knew it for sure…

But, she was still unable to keep it.

She would not be able to have any more children in her life, would she?

At the thought of this, An Xiaoning could not help but be overwhelmed by sorrow. She no longer had the courage to get pregnant again, she no longer did…

Jin Qingyan looked at her with his head down. She was sobbing silently.

He reached out and wiped away the tears on her face, comforting her, “It’s alright, what matters is that you’re back. Nothing else is more important than you.”

An Xiaoning broke free from his arms and sat upright, looking at Jin Qingyan. “All this while, thank you for taking care of me so well. Also, thank you for helping me to choose the script from Jing Tian and making Long Tianze the male lead. As for the money for the investment, I’ll take care of it. It’s a small production, I can afford it.”

“You…” He was stupefied. “You knew all of these?”

“I saw all of it.” She looked down. “Since the child is gone, there’s nothing I can do about it either. It’s my fate, Jin Qingyan…”


“I know you’re good to me. I’m not a piece of rock, I can feel it. I can’t blame you for many things too.” She was driven by the urge to cry as she let out a sob. “But, can you please not put me in a bind because of you anymore? Don’t continue doing this already, stop making me feel the pain of losing a child time and again!”

She bent down and crawled into the blanket, holding it close to her face. Cries from deep within her soul were let out.


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