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Chapter 1771: Chapter 1756 sunrise


Her younger brother was only seven years old now, so the family would have to rely on themselves in the future.

Freewill was only a teenager now. Of course, it didn’t mean that she had to earn money to support the family now, but she had to study hard so that she could have a bigger way out in the future and support the family.

A few days ago, her father was working there and accidentally sprained his ankle. At that moment, freewill really realized that her parents were actually getting old slowly. They couldn’t protect you forever, let alone continue to be so strong forever.

In the future, she still had to take care of her parents.

Now that her sister was gone, this burden naturally fell on her head.

In the future, when her parents were old, they would have a stronger support.

In fact, survival was sometimes so difficult. This was probably a kind of tempering and warning in life. Many things would only be treasured after experiencing it.

So after the winter break, on the first day of school, Gu Yinshu actually found her memorizing English words on the road.

Today, he wore the school uniform honestly. In fact, the school uniform of their school wasn’t that ugly, especially for girls, who wore skirts.

However, freewill did not like wearing the school uniform. Today, he was actually wearing the school uniform tightly.

“Why are you looking at me? ” Freewill looked at the first word in his notebook and found that someone was sizing her up. He could not help but ask.

It would be uncomfortable for anyone to stare at her like that, let alone him. Who could ignore such a handsome gaze.

“Nothing. ” Gu Yinshu looked away, looking mysterious. It seemed that freewill was very confused.

Was there something on her face Or was there something dirty on her face?

Seeing that he was about to reach out to touch his face, Gu Yinshu finally couldn’t help but grunt and laugh.

“I just think that you look very good in this school uniform today. I don’t have any other meaning. ”

“I was almost scared to death by you. ” When freewill put down the notebook, he was actually still concerned about his image in his mind. He looked at his word book again.

“So in your mind, the Word Book Looks Better Than Me. ” Gu Yinshu reached out to grab her notebook. At any moment, he found that his word book was gone. He immediately reached out to grab it, but because of the difference in height, he couldn’t reach her word book no matter how hard he tried.

“Stop Fooling around. Can’t you see that I’m studying hard? Didn’t you always think that I would get into the same university as you? If I don’t study hard, how can I get into the university that you want to get into? ”

Gu Yinshu’s tone was very relaxed. She continued to walk with her long legs. “memorizing words doesn’t mean that you can just memorize them by yourself. Wouldn’t it be faster if I helped you? ”

Of course, he could not stand the casual gaze. He only paid attention to the word book. He had to find some sense of presence.

“Well, how are you going to help me review? ”

“I’ll say a sentence, you translate it, and then I’ll test your spelling. ”

This idea was not bad. He nodded casually. “Okay, then you do what you want. Look at this method. It should be good. ”

She tried hard to memorize the words by herself, and it was indeed not very effective.

The two of them walked while speaking English to memorize the words. When the people on the road heard them, they couldn’t help but turn their heads to look at them.

It was really a beautiful age and time.

When they were almost at school, Gu Yinshu suddenly remembered something. “Shall We watch the sunrise tomorrow morning? ”

“Sunrise? ”


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