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Read The Wife Of The Wealthy Family Is Fierce And Cute. Chapter 439 – Two Feng Lings

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Chapter 439: Two Feng Lings

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When the ladies saw Feng Ling coming, they quickly went forward to bow to her.

“Greetings, Priestess.”

Feng Lan imitated Feng Ling’s tone and demeanor. She glanced at them and asked, “I heard that you want to marry the king and become his consorts?”

The ladies were shocked and quickly shook their heads.

Feng Lan bellowed, “You still want to argue? I’m the future queen. I’m the only woman the king can have. How can cheap women like you be worthy of the king?”

The ladies were stunned by Feng Ling’s words.

The High Priestess, who never looked down on anyone, actually said that they were cheap?

“Priestess, why…”

Yi Xuan was more shocked than the others. The priestess wasn’t even angry with her words earlier on. Why was she angry now?

Feng Lan looked at them and sneered.

She walked in and said in a superior tone, “Do you know? I hate women who dare to have designs on the king. You women are not worthy to serve the king with me. You should reflect on yourself and see if you have the right.”

The women didn’t expect the elegant and peerless Priestess in their hearts to be so terrifying when she spoke with such a vicious tongue. They cried from hearing her words.

Yi Xuan was about to ask Feng Ling why she had changed so quickly when a voice suddenly came from her mind. “This person isn’t me.”

Yi Xuan’s body trembled. She suddenly recalled what the priestess had said to her alone just now and felt her heart tighten. She looked at the person in front of her carefully, wanting to find out that this person wasn’t the priestess.

Feng Lan noticed Yi Xuan’s gaze and walked up to her. She asked lightly, “Why? Are you not convinced? Think of a way to anger her.”

Yi Xuan clutched her dress with both hands and straightened her back. “I’m definitely not convinced. The king hasn’t said anything about the matter of taking in a consort. What right do you have to say such things here?”

The ladies beside her were shocked by Yi Xuan’s’ treacherous’ words.

Feng Lan didn’t expect Yi Xuan to dare to contradict her. She looked at her fiercely and pinched her chin. Her tone was dangerous.

“You dare to be impudent in front of me just because you’re the daughter of the prime minister? Go back and tell the prime minister that with one word from me, your entire family will die.”

“You… you…”

Yi Xuan was so furious that her chest heaved up and down.

The other ladies were dumbfounded.

Why had the dignified Priestess who never trampled on others suddenly become like this!

Feng Lan was very satisfied with their performance and prepared to do something that would make them hate Feng Ling for the rest of their lives.

She approached Yi Xuan and quickly exuded a murderous aura.

It made Yi Xuan retreat.

“Yi Xuan, oh Yi Xuan, I’ve wanted to deal with a woman like you for a long time. Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve wanted to marry the king and become his consort for a long time, right?”

“I… I… Ah…” Yi Xuan couldn’t help but retreat from Feng Lan’s murderous aura.

However, as she retreated, she retreated to the side of the pavilion.

Feng Lan quietly used her magic power to tamper with the railing there.

Yi Xuan leaned against the railing, and the railing instantly broke. She fell into the water.



“Help… I don’t know how to swim…”

Looking at Yi Xuan struggling in the water, the other ladies screamed and cried in fear. Everyone wanted to call for help.

Feng Lan turned to look at them and asked coldly, “Are you guys going to complain?”

The few of them turned pale from fright and hurriedly shook their heads.

Feng Lan sneered. “Are you trying to deceive me? Why don’t you guys also go down and accompany her so that you can’t complain?”

“Priestess, you can’t do this to us. We were invited by the king to attend the banquet. When our fathers can’t find us, they will definitely punish you.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of them?”

After saying that, Feng Lan wanted to push all of them into the lake.


A berating voice came from the corridor outside the pavilion.

When Feng Ling, who had brought a large group of people, walked over from the corridor, not only were the people in the pavilion stunned, but even the group of ladies who had come with Feng Ling were stunned.

“Why are there two Priestesses?”

“Who is that person?”

“Heavens, Yi Xuan is still in the water. Go save her, or she’ll drown!”

When Feng Lan saw who it was, her heart sank. She had clearly asked someone to hold Feng Ling back. Why did she come over so quickly?

Feng Ling jumped into the water and lifted Yi Xuan up. At the same time, she used a talisman to dry her clothes.

Feng Lan wanted to escape when Feng Ling went to save Yi Xuan. But how could Feng Ling let her? She threw out a talisman at the same time.

Feng Lan knew that she couldn’t let Feng Ling expose her today, so she directly used magic power.

When everyone saw the black aura emanating from her body, they were all shocked.

“Ah… This person is from the demonic path!”

“Capture her!”

Feng Ling flashed to stop Feng Lan and said in a low voice, “Whoever dares to harm others while disguised as me will be killed without mercy!”

“Hmph! That depends on whether you can stop me.”

After saying that, Feng Lan flew towards the lake.

Feng Ling followed closely behind.

The two of them stopped on the lake at the same time.

Feng Ling took out the Phoenix Zither and looked at the person opposite her. The corners of her lips curled up as she reached out to play the zither.

Feng Ling used the Phoenix Zither to heal people and rarely used it to attack people.

When the urgent zither melody rang and the sound blades formed by the zither melody stabbed at Feng Lan, she realized that she had still underestimated this older sister of hers.

She quickly used her demonic aura to conjure a huge beast and made it attack Feng Ling.

Feng Ling hugged her knees and sat above the water. She looked at the Black Demonic Behemoth and quickly plucked the strings with an expressionless face.

At this moment, a red light quickly gathered on the Phoenix Zither. Amid the red light, a phoenix with wings spread quickly rushed towards the Black Demonic Behemoth.


When the phoenix formed by the red light dispersed the Black Demonic Behemoth, Feng Lan felt a sweet taste in her throat from the enormous backlash. As she spat out a mouthful of blood, her body fell straight into the water behind her.

She was about to fall into the lake.

Feng Ling put away her Phoenix Zither and quickly chased after her. Just as she was about to reveal Feng Lan’s true appearance, a powerful black aura formed by magic power suddenly flew towards her.

Feng Ling subconsciously raised her hand to block it.

Her intrinsic beast immediately flew out and spat a ball of flames at the ball of black magic power.

Feng Ling quickly jumped over amid the flames.

Feng Lan had actually been taken away.

Feng Ling looked at the dark lake with a deep gaze.

After Phoenix returned to her wrist, she turned around and returned to the pavilion.

At this moment, the king strode over with a group of ministers.

The king walked into the pavilion and sized up Feng Ling. Seeing that she was fine, he asked, “What’s going on?”

Yi Xuan immediately replied, “Just now, someone from the demonic path turned into High Priestess and wanted to push all of us into the lake.”

When the king heard this, he instantly exuded a sharp murderous aura. He asked Feng Ling, “Have you caught that person?”

“No. A very powerful demonic Daoist took her away.”

The king said to the guard commander behind him, “Go after her. Capture her even if you have to dig three feet into the ground.”

Feng Ling took out a talisman and handed it to the guard commander. “Take this with you. That person is seriously injured. As long as you get close with this talisman, the demonic aura on her body will be revealed. This way, you will know who it is.”

“Yes.” The guard commander took the talisman with both hands.

Feng Ling glanced around and deliberately asked, “Where’s Lan’er? Why don’t I see her?”

Everyone subconsciously looked around but didn’t see Feng Lan.

Feng Ling then said to the guard commander, “Help me look for her too.”


The guard commander immediately led his men to investigate.

The king frowned and instructed the head butler, “The banquet will end here tonight. Send everyone out.”

Seeing the king’s expression darken, Feng Ling added, “I’ll send someone to deliver calming medicine to the startled ladies later.”

The few of them thanked Feng Ling and left.

After they left, the king looked at Feng Ling and asked, “Who is that person?”


Feng Ling frowned. She realized that she couldn’t say the words ‘Feng Lan’.

The king looked at her and suddenly grabbed her wrist. He pulled her away.

Startled, Feng Ling was about to pull her wrist out.

The king shouted in a low voice, “Don’t move. If you move again, I’ll carry you away.”

Feng Ling looked at him in shock.

In her impression, the king had never said such things!

Could it be… that he had Yan’s memory?

At the thought of this, Feng Ling’s heartbeat subconsciously quickened. Even her face turned red from excitement.

The king glanced at her again.

He was charmed by her appearance.

He stopped and raised his hand to stroke her cheek. In a hoa.r.s.e voice, he asked, “Little Ling’er, I heard that you’re not against me taking in a consort.”

After saying this, he quickly exuded a dangerous aura.

Feng Ling was stunned and wanted to turn her face away. In the next second, her body was brought towards his broad and strong chest.

A dangerous voice came from above her head. “Am I so lenient with you that you think I won’t be angry no matter what you do?”


Feng Ling looked up at him with her mouth slightly agape.

The king looked down at her, his gaze deepening as he said domineeringly, “I can let you do anything, but… you can’t like other men, and you can’t let other women marry me.”

With that, he leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers…


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