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The Works of Lord Byron is a Webnovel completed by Baron George Gordon Byron Byron.
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t.i.tle (R. Imprint as above), pp. 1, 2; Memoirs, etc., pp. 3-6; Text, pp.


_Note_.–The additional poem is the mutilated version of _The Curse of Minerva_ (111 lines). The Front. is a lithograph of “Lord Byron,” after F. Sieurac.


Poems/ etc./ By Lord Byron,/ etc./ Fifteenth Edition./ Containing/ Nine Poems,/ etc./ London:/ Printed for W. Hone, 55, Fleet Street,/ etc./ 1816./ [8.


t.i.tle (R. Imprint as above), pp. 1, 2; Memoirs, etc., pp. 3-8 + Text, pp. 8-40.

_Note_.–The Text of the Fifteenth Edition is identical with the Text of the Sixth Edition (pp. 3-[32]), including Note and Imprint on p. [32].

_The Curse of Minerva_ is on pp. 33-40. The Imprint, as above, is repeated on the foot of p. 40.

VI. Lord Byron’s/ Poems,/ on His Own/ Domestic Circ.u.mstances./ Fare Thee Well./ Dublin:/ Printed by W. Espy, 59, Dame-Street./ 1816./ [8.

_Collation_–Half-t.i.tle (Poems, etc./ Entered at Stationers’-Hall./), one leaf, pp. 1, 2; t.i.tle, one leaf, pp. 3, 4; Preface, pp. 5, 6; Text, pp. 7-15.

_Note_.–The edition contains _Fare Thee Well_, and _A Sketch_, etc., without the other poems published by Hone.


Poems/ on His/ Domestic Circ.u.mstances,/ etc. etc./ By/ Lord Byron./ Second Edition./

1. Fare Thee Well 2. A Sketch from Private Life 3. On the Star of “The Legion of Honour”

4. Ode 5. Waterloo 6. Madame Lavalette 7. Farewell to France 8. Adieu to Malta 9. The Curse of Minerva 10. Farewell to England 11. To my Daughter, etc 12. To the Lily of France.

13. Ode to the Island of St. Helena.

14. To —-.

15. Bright be the Place to thy Soul!

16. Stanzas for Music.

17. To —-.

18. Stanzas for Music.

19. To —-.

20. On Reading Lord Byron’s Farewell to England.

To which is Prefixed,/ Memoirs of His Life./ Bristol:/ _Printed for W.

Sheppard, Exchange_,/ And may be had of all the Booksellers./ 1816./ [12.


t.i.tle, one leaf, pp. i., ii.; Memoirs, etc., pp. iii.-vi.; On Reading Lord Byron’s Farewell to England, pp. i.-iii. (R. Cont.); Text, pp.

1-50. The Imprint (_Mary Bryan, Printer,(51)Corn-Street, Bristol_.) is at the foot of p. 50.

_Note_.–This edition contains the nine poems published by Hone (1816), four forgeries, six of the _Poems_ published by Murray in 1816, and, with a separate pagination, the lines _On Reading Lord Byron’s Farewell to England_ (“——- Still my bosom’s indignation”).


Poems on His Domestic Circ.u.mstances, etc. Boston. 1816. [24.

[Catalogue of the Boston Athenaeum Library.]


Poems,/ etc./ By Lord Byron,/ etc./ Twenty-Third Edition./ Containing/ Nine Poems,/ etc./ London:/ Printed for W. Hone,/ 55, Fleet Street, and 67, Old Bailey,/ (_Three Doors from Ludgate Hill_,)/ And Sold By J.M.

Richardson,/ etc./ 1817/ [8.


Pp. 32.


Poems,/ on His/ Domestic Circ.u.mstances,/ By/ The Right Honourable/ Lord Byron:/ To which are added,/ Several Choice Pieces from His Lordship’s Works./ “Lord BIRON.–By heaven I do love; and it hath taught me/ to rhyme, and to be melancholy; and here is part of my rhyme,/ and here my melancholy.”/ SHAKESPEARE’S LOVE’S LABOUR LOST./ London:/ Printed for J.

Limbird, 355, Strand, (East End/ of Exeter ‘Change),/ By W. Sears, 45, Gutter Lane, Cheapside./ 1823/ [12.


Pp. vi. + 48. The Imprint (_Printed by W. Sears, 45, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London_.) is at the foot of p. 48.

_Note_.–The collection contains twenty-four poems, including the forgeries, _To my Daughter_, etc.; _Farewell to England_; _Ode_ (“Oh, shame to thee,” etc.); and _Madame Lavalette_.


Miscellaneous Poems,/ Including those on His/ Domestic Circ.u.mstances./ By Lord Byron./ To which are prefixed/ Memoirs of the Author, and a Tribute/ To his Memory/ By Sir Walter Scott./ London:/ Printed for John b.u.mpus, 85, Newgate Street;/ And R. Griffin, & Co., Glasgow./ 1824/


Pp. xx. + 21-72. The Imprint (_Printed by A. Hanc.o.c.k, Middle Row Place, Holborn_.) is at the foot of p. 72.

_Note_.–The collection numbers twenty-five poems, including the forgeries, _Ode_ (“Oh, shame to thee,” etc.); _Madame Lavalette_; _Farewell to England_; _To my Daughter_, etc.; _Ode to–S^t Helena_; _To the Lily of France_; _The Enigma_ [H.]; and three (genuine) stanzas from the lines, “Well, thou art happy,” here ent.i.tled _Song to Inez_; and the lines _To Jessy_.


Miscellaneous Poems/ on His Domestic and Other/ Circ.u.m-stances./ By Lord Byron./ London:/ Printed By and for William Cole,/ 10 Newgate-Street./ 1825./ [12.


Pp. 54. The Imprint (_Printed by William Cole, 10, Newgate Street_.) is at the foot of p. 54.

_Note_.–The edition contains twenty-nine pieces, viz. the twenty-five poems published by John b.u.mpus in 1824 (No. xl.), together with _The Isles of Greece_; _Were my Bosom_, etc.; _Herod’s Lament_, etc.; and _Lord Byron’s Latest Verses_ (“On this day I complete my thirty-sixth year”).

_Hints from Horace_.

_Note_.–Two sets of proofs of a portion of _Hints from Horace_, formerly the property of R.C. Dallas, are preserved in the British Museum (_Eg_. 2029). Proof A consists of 100 lines of the English translation (lines 173-272); Proof B, pp. [87]-128, consists of 272 lines of the English translation (lines 1-272) and (on opposite pages) 188 lines of the original Latin. These proof-sheets, which must have followed proofs of the Fifth Edition of _English Bards_, _etc_., are preceded by a Half-t.i.tle, _Hints from Horace_ (Gothic characters), and by the following subsidiary t.i.tle:–


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