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Read The World’s Strongest Martial Artist Who Has Worked Too Hard, Survives In The Magic World With Ease Chapter 29

The World’s Strongest Martial Artist Who Has Worked Too Hard, Survives In The Magic World With Ease is a web novel created by Wankosoba.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 29

Today’s main dish

“Ash, I’m going to go to the town after this. Do you want to come along?” (Maurice)

       While I was cleaning up after breakfast, Master said that to me. I would usually come along, but there was something else I need to do that day.

“No. I will stay at home.” (Ash)

“I see. How unusual.” (Maurice)

       Master looked rather disappointed.

“If you want something, I will buy it….” (Maurice)

“No. I don’t have anything I want in particular right now.” (Ash)

I really want a magic wand, but I could see that request being rejected. According to Master, I’m still immature so it’s still too early to have a magic wand.

I will train my body day and night until the day when I can be recognized by Master!

“When will you come back?” (Ash)

“I will be back before the sun goes down. Well then, I leave the rest to you!” (Maurice)

“Yes. Take care!” (Ash)

       I saw off Master. Then, after finished cleaning up, I went out the house.

       I was standing outside the house surrounded by overgrown trees.

“Okay, I have to finish it before Master comes back!” (Ash)

Today is Master’s birthday. He has always been taking care of me, and it’s a good chance to repay it.

Then again, since all I can do is cooking, I decide to prepare a big feast to celebrate it. I don’t have money but the food can be procured from the forest.

“I hope this will make him happy.” (Ash)

It’s been seven years since I lived in this Demon Forest. I spend most of my time training outside, so this forest is already like my backyard. I always know where I am, and never get lost.

       I went deeper into the forest, spending a few hours collecting mushrooms and flowers that could be used for cooking.

“I have gathered so much, but…. I can only make sautéed mushrooms with these ingredients.” (Ash)

To make a feast, I have to prepare dishes that are more luxurious than usual. I can go to the river, but meat is more delicious than fish. If only I could find a wild boar….


       When I was walking through the forest in search of meat, I heard a sound like that of a blackboard being scratched. The Distortion of Time and s.p.a.ce occurred.

“Good timing. I hope it’s a monster that can be eaten.” (Ash)

       I ran towards the source of the sound. The s.p.a.ce cracked and a monster came out from it. Gigantic body covered with crimson scales, sharp nails, and a big wing. The surrounding trees were crushed as the monster landed on the ground.

“Oh, it’s a red dragon! This is the perfect ingredient for making meat dishes.” (Ash)


       The red dragon shook its tail like a whip. The trees were blown away, creating a fan-shaped vacant lot. Next the red dragon opened its mouth and blazing fire coming from it — the dragon breath attack.

“The forest will be on fire if I leave it alone!” (Ash)

       The red dragon died after receiving several Wind Blades attack from me. I cut the meat from the abdomen part of the red dragon into a reasonable size to be brought home.

Even though it’s written in the book that dragon scale is the hardest material in the world, I could easily cut it. Oh well, rumors are always exaggerated after all.

“Good. I can make a feast for Master with this much meat.” (Ash)

       I went home after successfully procuring the meat.

       The sun was completely tilted when I got home. In the kitchen, I sliced the mushrooms thinly and then finely chopped the flower roots and stems.

The root will produce a garlic-flavored juice when heated. The raw stem is hard, but if I sauté it, it will turn soft after sucking the juice from the stems. I will add some b.u.t.ter to strengthen the aroma. That’s all the ingredients to make Sautéed Garlic b.u.t.ter Mushrooms.

“The whole house will full of garlic smell if I make it here. Let’s move to the garden!” (Ash)

       I a.s.sembled the barbecue set in the garden, lit up the fire, and heated the iron plate to melt the b.u.t.ter. Then, when I just finished making Sautéed Garlic b.u.t.ter Mushrooms, Master finally returned.

“Such a good smells. Is that today’s dinner?” (Maurice)

“Welcome back, Master. There’s more, look at this!” (Ash)

       I held the fatty meat in both hands and showed it to Master.

“Oh. That meat looks delicious!” (Maurice)

 Hooray! Master is pleased!

“Today is Master’s birthday. I’ve prepared a feast for you.” (Ash)

“That’s right…. Today is my birthday…. You’re really a good kid, Ash….” (Maurice)

       Master eyes were gradually getting wet.

I’ve never thought Master would be this happy. I should celebrate his birthday again next year. I hope another red dragon will appear again at that time.

“However, what meat is this? I don’t remember we have such a high quality meat at home….” (Maurice)

“I caught something in the forest.” (Ash)

“You even went to hunt for me…. are you injured somewhere?” (Maurice)

       I smiled to Master who seemed worried.

“My opponent was weak. I defeated it using Wind Blade that Master taught me.” (Ash)

“I-I see. As expected of my disciple….” (Maurice)

       Master averted his eyes from me for some reason. It was four years later that I finally understood the reason he did it.


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