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Read The Yun Family’s Ninth Child Is An Imp! Chapter 85 – I Was Just Drawing For Fun

The Yun Family’s Ninth Child Is An Imp! is a web novel created by Shui Qingzhu.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 85: Chapter 85: I was just drawing for fun

“Miss Jiu, what happened just now? ” Seeing Yun Chujiu come out, an Feng quickly came up and asked in a low voice.

“Nothing happened! Your Majesty wants to take a bath, I’ll find someone to get the bath water. You guys hide well! ” Yun chujiu hopped around and arranged for a few rough women to carry a few buckets of hot water to the entrance of the courtyard.

“An Feng! An Yin! You two help me carry the hot buckets into the house! ” Yun chujiu waited for the servants to leave before she called an Feng and an Yin to help carry the hot buckets.

An Feng gave an Yin a look. The two of them carried the buckets to the entrance of the house and did not walk in. “Miss Jiu, you can do the rest yourself! ”

“How heartless! This hot water bucket is really heavy! ” Yun chujiu carried a hot water bucket and walked into the house while muttering to herself.

“It’s really useless! ” Di beiming waved his hand, and a few hot water buckets “Floated” into the house by themselves.

Yun Chujiu’s eyes sparkled. “Idol, you’re too amazing! I really admire you too much! ”

Although di beiming did not say anything, he was clearly in a good mood and decided to temporarily forgive Yun Chujiu for the mistake of burning his hair.

“I’m going to take a bath, you can leave now! ” Di beiming waved his sleeve like he was chasing away a fly.

Yun chujiu slipped out of the house and curled her lips in disdain.

HMPH! You want to chase her out? ! Do you think I care about you?

I’ve seen your clothes when I stripped you back then. What’s so great about taking off your clothes!

Yun Chujiu recalled the scene from back then and her face couldn’t help but turn slightly red.

Yun chujiu crouched under the window in a wretched manner, using a tree branch to write and draw on the ground.

“Little black girl, what are you drawing? ” Xiao Heiniao flew to Yun Chujiu’s shoulder and asked curiously.

Yun Chujiu scratched with her hand guiltily, “Nothing, I’m just drawing for fun! ”

“Eh? I think I see a person! ” Xiao Heiniao’s pesized eyes shot out a strong light of gossip.

An Feng and an Yin were too embarra.s.sed to come over to take a look, but they were thinking in their hearts that the black girl must be secretly drawing their revered one. The black girl really adored their revered one!

Yun chujiu was indeed drawing di beiming, but, cough, it was di beiming who was not wearing… clothes!

An hour later, di Beiming’s voice came from inside the room, “Black Thing, I’m done was.h.i.+ng. ”

Yun chujiu secretly thought, what a gigolo, he actually washed for such a long time.

Yun Chujiu silently cursed as she entered the house. When she looked up, she was stunned!

Too d.a.m.n Handsome! How could he look so good? !

It turned out that di beiming found that only the roots of his hair were not burnt, so he cut off the burnt parts. The messy short hair made di beiming look even more unruly and handsome.

Di beiming was slightly embarra.s.sed by Yun chujiu’s “Infatuated” gaze, but he was very proud in his heart. He coughed dryly and said, “HMPH! I’m warning you not to Covet Me. Wipe your saliva! ”

Yun chujiu subconsciously wiped her saliva with her hand, but there was nothing in the end. Only then did she realize that she had been tricked.

However, this guy was very thick-skinned. He naturally put down his hand and said, “Prince Charming, I’m Not Covet Your Beauty. I’m admiring it! Everyone has a heart for beauty! ”

Di beiming was in a good mood and did not argue. “I still have things to do. Cultivate well and I’ll check your progress in a few days. If you’re lazy, HMPH! ”

Yun chujiu could not wait for di beiming to leave. “Prince Charming, do your thing. I’ll definitely cultivate well and reach the second level of spirit enhancement as soon as possible. I Won’t let you down! ”

“Okay! ” Di beiming nodded in satisfaction.

“Oh right, my Prince Charming, why do you always smash my door every time you come? Ah, I am not worried about the door, I am just afraid that your hand will hurt! ” Yun chujiu blinked her eyes and asked in confusion.


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