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Read There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions Of Starting A Harem Chapter 77

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Shen Tingwei publically asked for Ye Zhizhou to be granted a t.i.tle. When the imperial edict arrived, Old Madam Shen almost fainted.

“It’s witchcraft! It must be witchcraft! Tingwei is so obsessed with that monster that he doesn’t care about his family anymore,” Old Madam Shen was laying half askew on the couch, looking as if she had lost half her life in anger, “Clearly he was a shu son but he insists on saying that he is a di son. Also, that face of his changed so much. If that isn’t witchcraft then what could it be? What kind of poison could make a face change like that!”

Shen Youpeng sat below her, drinking his tea silently and motionlessly as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“That monster must not be allowed to continue!” Old Madam Shen suddenly sat up br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and made a waving gesture in the air with her hand that had a gemstone ring, as if she were driving something dirty away, “I’ll go to Baiyun Monastery immediately and invite some senior monks to come here and deal with him! I’ll expose that monster’s true ident.i.ty!”

“Mother,” Shen Youpeng put down his teacup with eyes as tranquil as stagnant water and an indifferent tone, “I have already reported to the emperor. In three days, I will depart for the border and will not be at home for the rest of the year. Mingming is a sensible child, you should try to talk to him. I have invited the Chunxiu Garden troupe to come and sing for you regularly. You’re already old, it’s best to avoid tiring yourself. If you want to eat or entertain yourself in the future, just tell Mingming and he will arrange it for you. You don’t have to go out and do it yourself.”

“What do you mean!” Old Madam Shen’s face trembled, “Are you trying to shut me inside the manor?”

“This son didn’t have that intention,” Shen Youpeng straightened his sleeves and stood up. Finally, his gaze fell onto her face and his tone changed slightly, “Mother, I only wish that my son can live happily and freely in his lifetime. I can bear the burden of protecting the border alone.”

He turned around and walked away the moment he finished speaking, leaving behind Old Madam Shen who was frozen in place. This was the first time she saw resentment in her son’s eyes since forcing her daughter-in-law to death. She opened her mouth to speak but suddenly a few cloudy tears fell from her eyes and she wondered whether they were for herself, or for her prematurely grey-haired son.

Shen Youpeng hurried back to visit his son, who was in good health. He stayed for less than 2 weeks before an imperial edict requested that he returned to the border. Before his departure, he had a secret conversation with the emperor. Soon after, Shen Tingwei was promoted again and replaced his father as the first military official.

“In the end, what did father say to the emperor?” Ye Zhizhou touched the imperial edict, feeling a bit worried in his heart, “You have so much power in your hands, could it be…”

“It’s nothing,” Shen Tingwei brought him into his embrace and picked up the accounts book on the desk to look over it, “My father just told the emperor about the end of the Shen family line and it settled the emperor’s heart. Rest a.s.sured, with me, you can do anything you want without worries. I can still give you a lifetime of peace and stability.”

Ye Zhizhou glanced at him, “I can do whatever I want?”

From Shen Tingwei’s angle, he could only see the curling eyelashes when he glanced over. Those trembling eyelashes made his heart feel adventurous and uncontrollable. He couldn’t stop himself from lowering his head to kiss his lover’s eyes while thinking some dirty things. He nodded honestly and tightened his arms around Ye Zhizhou, “En, just say your requests, I’ll do it all.”

“Ok, then,” Ye Zhizhou turned to look up at him and stretched out his hand, “Hand over your secret stash of money.”

Laughter shone in Shen Tingwei’s eyes and he took out a signet box from the table and set it in Ye Zhizhou’s hands, “There’s a secret box in the headboard of the bed which contains silver and land deeds. This is my personal seal. You can go to the warehouse and take whatever you want. In the future, the family property will also be under your control.”

“Just this much?” He tossed the seal and continued to hold out his hand, “There must be something else, hand it over.” In the original plot, this man was the type of person that even Fei Jinchu, the son of a gold merchant, couldn’t fight against. It’s impossible that he only has such a small amount of money!

Shen Tingwei put down the accounts book and pinched his waist jokingly, “You’re clever… There is something else, but I’ve used that share to cover disabled soldiers. I have an expense ledger. Do you want to see it, little housekeeper?”

The pinch felt ticklish but he quickly got up to hide it, “No no, I won’t look. If you want to support them, go ahead. Later on, when you can’t afford to, I’ll make money and help you! Well, keep busy. I’ll go out and look around.”

Shen Tingwei rushed to drag him back, “You’re going to make money?”

“Yes,” It’s not only to make money, but also to pull Fei Jinchu together to make money. It would be best if he could make money and pull Fei Jinchu into the pit with one stroke!

“Is the amount of money not enough?” He frowned deeply and fell into a sense of crisis that he couldn’t afford to support his wife, “Don’t go. I’ll find a way. How much money do you want?”

Ye Zhizhou laughed as he poked him between his eyebrows and explained, “It’s not that I don’t have enough money to spend. It’s that I’m bored and trying to find something fun to do. You usually have to train soldiers, go to court and deal with government affairs. What about me? I can’t just sit around all day.”

Shen Tingwei’s furrowed brow relaxed but then he began to worry about Ye Zhizhou’s safety. He was worried that Ye Zhizhou would be unhappy when he failed to make money. After thinking about it, he said, “I’ll introduce you to some trustworthy shopkeepers in the family. You can practice with them first. It doesn’t matter if you lose money, you have me.”

How can his lover be this cute! Ye Zhizhou couldn’t help holding Shen Tingwei’s face and giving him a loud smacking kiss. He ran out laughing and waved while shouting, “Don’t worry! You won’t lose any money! Just wait for me to earn money and come back to support you!”

Shen Tingwei helplessly watched him run away and waved his hands to signal to some guards to follow him. He went back to reading the accounts book again, but after reading a few lines he couldn’t resist putting it down to raise his hand and touch his face, smiling gently.

The process of approaching Fei Jinchu was extremely smooth. Ye Zhizhou only sent him an invitation using the Shen Family’s name and he immediately accepted it. He even brought along a complete set of collaboration projects. His efficiency was astonishing.

Ye Zhizhou swept through the projects once, smiled and nodded, “Boss Fei is very considerate and thorough. I have nothing else to add, let’s do it like this.” In order to not affect this world’s development process, the business he put forward was not that strange. Besides the novelty, the only bright spot is that he has Shen Tingwei’s support. Unexpectedly, Fei Jinchu was an understanding man. Ye Zhizhou only put forward the motion but Fei Jinchu took the initiative to do everything else.

“Madam General is very kind,” Fei Jinchu cupped his hands in obeisance. His refined and scholarly appearance didn’t look like a businessman but a scholar instead, “The viewpoint that Madam proposed is very novel. The Fei family will certainly profit from it. I hope that Madam will take care of me in the future.”

“Taking care of you is out of the question. It was only a mutual collaboration,” Ye Zhizhou laughed and got up to say goodbye, “I’ll have to trouble Boss Fei to handle the rest of the work.”

“Madam is being polite,” Fei Jinchu also respectfully got up and walked him out of the restaurant.

After leaving the restaurant, Ye Zhizhou detoured into a teahouse and met a storyteller. After using his spiritual power to have a good talk with the other, he went home in a good mood.

Three days later, Zou Lan married the son of a wealthy merchant in the countryside. That night, the screen popup from the system happened in a very jarring situation. [The probability of Fei Jinchu, Kang Run, Zhan Xuemi and the protagonist falling in love has dropped to 50%, may the host persist in his efforts.]

Ye Zhizhou gasped for breath and was very surprised. It actually fell this much? Just because the protagonist married someone? At this point, the protagonist should have just finished in the bridal room. From simply that, it went directly down to 50%. Just wait for mister storyteller to show his power, Fei Jinchu’s flag may be pulled out soon!

Shen Tingwei noticed his distraction and his eyes darkened. He lowered his head to bite his earlobe, “Mingming, what are you thinking about?”

The sudden sensation of numbness made him unable to hold back a moan and his mind wandered back. Suddenly, he felt the situation was a bit shameful. He quickly turned off the screen and gave Shen Tingwei a kick, carelessly lying, “I’m hungry. I’m thinking about eating a late-night snack.”

Shen Tingwei’s face became black. His wife was actually thinking about late-night snacks while he was working hard? Stifling back his anger, he changed their positions and put in a greater effort to toss him around.

Another day of degeneration. Ye Zhizhou laid in bed and sighed, “Tongtian, this way of living is too wrong! Is this world some kind of vacation getaway? How could it be so relaxed?” Compared to the last world where there were frequent threats to his life, this world was so peaceful, simple and not rational.

[Testing mode difficulty… Testing complete. Mode: Difficult. Does host want to enter h.e.l.l Mode ahead of time?]

He was so startled by what popped up on the screen that he quickly got up from bed, grabbed the mirror next to his pillow and asked, “What is h.e.l.l mode? This world is actually in difficult mode? Wait, these worlds are actually divided by difficulty?”

[Host does not have enough authority, unable to receive information.]


[Warning, soul flag status is abnormal, there are fluctuations…]

Unexpectedly, a sudden situation actually occurred as he was talking about it. He responded a bit slowly, “What’s the situation? There’s a soul flag fluctuation?”

[Testing soul flag status… Testing interrupted… Plot changes detected. Asking host to accept the new plot.]

He watched the text on the screen constantly refresh until it eventually turned into the words ‘plot changes’ which made him want to collapse. Pulling his hair he bemoaned, “How did it change? Just because I lamented about how simple it was?”

[Do you accept the new plot?]


[The probability of Fei Jinchu, Kang Run, Zhan Xuemi, Yang Qi and the protagonist falling in love has risen to 80%. Asking host to please pay attention, asking host to please pay attention! ]

It was as if he got struck by lightning! The love probability can actually increase?

[Do you accept the new plot?]

“Accept accept accept! Stop prompting!” He quickly put aside his shock, held the small mirror and opened the new plot data.

In the new plot data, Zou Lan’s play of exchanging the racc.o.o.n cat for the prince was taken out. Instead, the plot now said that Zou Lan’s body was weak and he got left in the countryside by Old Madam Zou. He and his mother were ‘poor white cabbages’ and they were bullied by the first wife, Yuan Hui, and the di son, Zou Ming while being unable to retaliate.

When Zou Lan was 17 years old, his wicked mother married him to the son of a wealthy merchant who liked to eat, laze and gamble. He believed that his life would be like this forever and did not think it would get any worse. It turned out though that the wealthy merchant had a beloved cousin. Due to jealousy, on the second day of his marriage, the cousin pushed him into the pond and drowned him. The wealthy merchant’s family was shocked and feared the Zou family’s retaliation, so they hid the news and secretly wrapped Zou Lan with a broken mat and threw him into a ma.s.s grave. Then Zou Lan, who was only pretending to be dead, was rescued by a pa.s.sing divine doctor.

“…” This world’s divine doctor is so casual. Such a coincidence, pa.s.sing by the ma.s.s grave.

After being healed by the divine doctor, Zou Lan returned to the wealthy merchant’s mansion. Unexpectedly, he found that the wealthy merchant’s family was slaughtered by a gang of bandits on the night he was thrown into the ma.s.s grave, and he was registered as dead by the government. Feeling sad and helpless, he decided to go to the capital to find his father.

On his way back to the capital, he first met Hou Fu’s young master Zhan Xuemi. Then, he rolled in the sheets with him after Zhan Xuemi was given an aphrodisiac. After waking up the next morning, he realized his body was dirty and he had no face to continue living. He rushed into the deep mountains while Zhan Xuemi was still sleeping and prepared to end his life. As a result, he didn’t end his life but instead, he met Kang Run, the who was poisoned with an aphrodisiac. He was then forced to roll in the sheets again with Kang Run.

Ye Zhizhou: “…”

Zou Lan, who felt that he was becoming dirtier, was suddenly not ready to die. He decided to go to the capital to find his father to confess his impurity, so he ran again while Kang Run was unconscious from curing the poison. Half a month later, he arrived in the capital and found his father. After telling him about the suffering he went through, he fainted. Zou Qing was so surprised and quickly invited a doctor to check on him and they found out that he was pregnant!

Zou Qing firmly believed that the child was the son of the wealthy merchant. Thinking of the sad fact that the whole family was slaughtered, he could only sigh. He promptly notified the only surviving relative of the wealthy merchant, the scholar Yang Dexuan. When Yang Dexuan heard the news, he rushed over and strongly urged Zou Lan to give birth to the child. He brought him back to the Yang mansion to take care of him, saying that he wanted to take the place of his relatives in supporting him and the child.

Ye Zhizhou couldn’t help looking up and taking a deep breath after reading the plot up to this point, his brain felt like exploding. The protagonist was so powerful, he could still bring together the three male leads even in this kind of situation. He admired him.

After arriving at the Yang Mansion, Zou Lan knew in his heart that the child couldn’t be the son of the wealthy merchant. Due to his paternal instincts though, he didn’t tell the truth. Later, he met Yang Qi, Yang Dexuan’s recently recognized youngest son. The two read and played together, and their feelings gradually became closer.

On a dark and windy night, Zou Lan coincidentally helped Yang Qi when the other had his first s.e.xual reaction and from then on, he became Yang Qi’s dream lover.


Although he lived in the Yang mansion, Zou Lan was unwilling to rely too much on them. He accepted money from his father and went out to secretly do business and gradually attracted the attention of Fei Jinchu, the son of a gold merchant. After having a couple of drinks, they had a pa.s.sionate ‘pregnant husband’ play. Fei Jinchu felt that he had wronged Zou Lan, so from then on, he was dead set on marrying him.

So far, all four men have come together.

Ye Zhizhou silently closed the information, having the appearance of not wanting to see the dog blood scene of Zou Lan, Zhan Xuemi and Kang Run arguing over the child’s paternity after they meet again. Sure enough, it’s difficult indeed. The changes in the plot made him feel despair.

The small mirror suddenly shook, and then a light screen popped up. [The probability of Zhan Xuemi and the protagonist falling in love has risen to 100%. Asking host to please pay attention!]

He was so shaken that he didn’t dare to delay anymore. Quickly throwing on some clothes, he rushed into Shen Tingwei’s study next door, grabbed his collar and said, “Darling, let’s go on our honeymoon! Not a place too far away, just Huzhou! Let’s go to the countryside of Huzhou!”

Shen Tingwei’s gaze dropped to his loose collar and he directly threw away the letter in his hand. He carried Ye Zhizhou to his desk and stripped him of his clothes, “I like it.”


“Your half-dressed look.”

Ye Zhizhou ruthlessly bit him in anger, but Shen Tingwei just panted comfortably.

“…” His lover in this life was nothing more than a pebrained pig teammate!

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