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It was when we are walking behind Sir Keirai in the royal palace that it appeared unexpectedly in front of us.

I thought at first it was fog or smoke, but I realized it was a translucent white film when we approached closer.

“What’s that?”

Didn’t anybody walking in front notice? Or did they notice it but they didn’t think it was worth minding?

No one stopped and just continued walking even if they are approaching the film in front. As soon as they pa.s.sed through, the film traced the shape of a human then turned back in the next second. The film shook like as if nothing happened.

It was a mysterious spectacle.

I stopped walking as I had no courage to pa.s.s through this thing which true nature I don’t know.

What do I do? I utilized my position at the rear and poked the mysterious object with my index finger. I felt a faint elasticity on my fingertip and the film slightly depressed. It is as thin as soap bubbles. If I use a nail to scratch it, it seems like it will easily tear.

While I did something like that alone, everybody turned at the corner without noticing that I did not follow them. I can’t see anyone any longer. According to what Sir Keirai said, the training grounds is just around the corner so I won’t lose my way, but what should I do?

I don’t want to pa.s.s through here even if I know that I need to hurry up and follow them.

I expected that film ends somewhere, and decided to walk along the film.

There should be many people in the royal palace, but it is convenient that there are no signs of life in the place I am advancing to.

I completely ignored the road and walked ahead. I forcibly elbowed my way through the thicket as I chased along the film. I felt that I walked a considerable distance, but the film seems to continue forever and I cannot see the end.

“What is this, really? It feels unpleasant.”

I remained standing in the middle of the way, not knowing where it leads to.

“What’s wrong?”

While I worried for a while, I heard a voice from behind and raised my lowered face.

When I looked back, I saw a strange old man standing there, smiling.

He didn’t seem to be a suspicious person, so I judged that this old man works at the palace. I thought of a proper excuse and tried to run away. I remembered it’s not good for me to exchange so much words to people related to the royal palace.

“No, it is nothing. I am being a hindrance while standing in the middle of the way, right? Pardon me.”

I did not see him walking here, so he must have pa.s.sed from the other way.

I intended to make room for the old man and moved aside.

“Good gracious…”

There should be nothing obstructing the old man since I already stepped aside, but the old man stayed still idly without giving any signs that he will walk forward.

“Uhm. Is there something wrong?”

I wondered if his condition is bad. The old man hardly said anything different from before.


The old man started talking without answering my question nor even looking at me with a fleeting glance.

“Why did you stop here? I want you to tell me if it is alright.”

“No… I had some spare time, so I just stood there.”

Are you still fixated over this place? Why won’t you just go past me!? While I thought of that, he repeated the same thing.

“I see, I see. It was on my mind since you seemed to be looking at something. Was it my imagination?”


I thought the old man also saw it, but it looks like I’m wrong. I do not want to be considered a weird person so I gave a vague answer.

“It is sad but I can hardly see in this age. I cannot see your face very well. That is why I was worried.”

When the old man finished talking in a hoa.r.s.e voice, he watched me with a smile.

When I observed him, he is quite surely in his old age. The condition of his body may not be good anymore, either. Even if I say I came across something here or I was just staring absentmindedly here, I feel like it will still be suspicious no matter what.

Maybe I can say it to this person. He looked like he knows me, but I don’t remember meeting this person even for an instant.

“I saw a white film here a while ago. I asked what it was to the people with me a while ago, but they just pa.s.s through it… I was thinking what to do.”

“I see, I see. A white film, huh…”

The old man listened to my story without changing his expression. The old man muttered and grumbled to himself, while I looked for words to say.

“Are you easily scared that’s why you were afraid of it?”

“No way! It’s normal to be confused when there’s something as weird as that.”

My manner of speaking became rough as I denied it, but the old man said nothing and just narrowed his eyes.

After staring at each other for a while, I became aware that I was just compelled to say this kind of thing to a person I just met. An indescribable discomfort began to precipitate in my chest.

“Ah, really! Please cut it out. I am leaving. You should go, too! This is nothing at all.”

Stubbornly, I declared that to the old man who did not say anything.

If I don’t go back quickly, my disappearance will cause a commotion. I also feel bad it will betray Teacher Saleel’s expectation of me, that it will be alright to bring me since I am reliable.

I spit out those words and stand before the film. This time, I stepped forward without halting.

I entered inside while feeling the sense that something soft slowly pats me behind. The surrounding scenery doesn’t change and my body didn’t experience any pain, either.

If I had my eyes closed, I will surely feel nothing.

“Hey, old ma—”

Did you see that? I had a somewhat proud look and said that to the old man.

“It’s good to act this much recklessly during youth. Well then, boy with the silver hair, I’m glad I was able to talk to you today. Let’s meet again.”

Uhmm, I looked behind.

However, the figure of the old man is not there anymore.


I didn’t go that far away. I did not even take a step.

I tilted my head while feeling like I got wrapped up with a fox. Since then, I never saw the old man again no matter how much I looked.

In the end, I found the others while Sir Keirai was giving other explanations in the room just before the training grounds. Rent began accosting me as I slipped in with an innocent look.

“Oi! Where did you go!? I was so surprised when you sudeenly diasppeared!”

“Sorry, sorry. I was caught by a weird old man for a moment.”

Rent had an expression that shows he didn’t understand what I meant as I said that while apologizing lightly. It can’t be helped. Even I myself don’t understand it so I was not able to explain further.

“Hah? Well, no one noticed except me so it’s fine.”

“I was not noticed after all…”

“You’re lucky it wasn’t discovered. If they did, it will be a pain.”

Should I be pleased that my presence is thin? It was a very complex feeling.

As we approached the training ground, I heared the shouts of several people.

Several voices mixed and it can’t be understood because there are also other sounds echoing. But still, the enthusiasm circulated and the students’ eyes began to sparkle.

“You guys are really lucky. Anyhow, today…”

“No way! Whyyy?!”

When we went out of the building, it was wide open in front of us. Rent cried out, as if almost shrieking, and interrupted Keirai-san.



I looked up, and was dazzled by the figure moving at the center. I instinctively leaked out a m.u.f.fled voice.

“It’s Lord Matthias!” (Rent)

“M-m-ma… Matthias is…” (El)

My small voice was drowned out by Rent’s shout so it did not reach Sir Keirai’s ears. He might have thought that I was so surprised that I became speechless. Well, it is true in a certain sense.

Sir Keirai laughed quietly when he saw the wide-eyed children.

“That is right. Westvern House’s Lord Matthias came to do some sword training.”

“I didn’t hear about that…!” (El)

I couldn’t believe it so I stared hard at the scene.

But even if we were a distance away, that man with vivid red hair is unmistakably Matthias whom I see everyday.

Teacher Saleel asked if our visit today was a bother but Sir Keirai shook his head. From Teacher Saleel’s perplexed expression, he was also not informed that Matthias will come.

“Please do not worry about it. It’s inevitable since it was suddenly decided. I also did not believe my ears when I heard it yesterday.”

The students near Teacher Saleel were happily surprised with that response, but I was still confused.

“I have heard that Lord Matthias is recuperating at the main residence but I never even considered that he will come back to the Imperial Capital. I took account of his physical condition and a.s.signed new recruits as sparring partner, but as expected… no one can match him.”

Sir Keirai looked at the training grounds while trailing off his words.

At the training area, Matthias is still in the middle of having a sword practice.

They drew their swords and faced each other.

There is some distance between us so I can’t hear it, but as soon as the young soldier said something, a high metallic sound followed immediately. Time seemed to have suddenly flew after that. From the training area, sand whirled up.

In the next instant, the soldier was sent flying and fell to his backside, while Matthias just lowered his sword without changing his expression.


Rent gulped next to me.

When the cloud of sand settled, the soldier who was blown away hurriedly stood back up. He bowed to Matthias and returned to his colleagues watching over from the surroundings. It looks like they will alternate.

“The both of you are the most surprised at Lord Matthias. Though it’s not possible for you to talk directly, it’s a good fortune that you saw his swordsmanship. You should carefully watch.”

“Yes! Of course!”

Rent cheerfully answered back to Sir Keirai.

Good grief… it’s not ‘yes!’ What the heck is this? I put together the situation while pretending to look hard at the training ground.

It looks like Matthias just temporarily came to the Knight Order. For a moment, I actually thought he is in the Knight Order. I do not know what Matthias do while I’m at the academy since I never took a day off.

I still get it until that part.

But why did he choose to be here out of all days? Matthias only has to say it ahead if he also had the same plan. Although I think that, this is still strange. I saw it in his expression when I told him yesterday. Matthias did not look like he’s lying.

If Sir Keirai only heard about it yesterday, then does that mean it’s because of yesterday’s sudden decision?

“I have a bad feeling.”

“What did you say?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

Could it be… I grimaced when it suddenly dawned on me. Rent looked at me in wonder.

“Is that so? Since we came to the Knight Order, El’s expressions increased, and I think it’s strange…”

Are you worried about me? Or are you insulting me!? I complained to Rent and he laughed.

When we finished laughing, we turned back our eyes to Matthias again. From what I counted before, the third opponent is now retreating. After fighting with two people for a while, Matthias gave some advice and knocked them down again.

Against the people from the Knight Order he started fighting since a while now, it became clear to me while watching from the sidelines that Matthias had plenty of room to relax.

“It’s absolutely…!”

My hunch turned into conviction while I watch Matthias.

Ever since we arrived here, Matthias has been looking at the students several times over. I thought I was just imagining it, but I became certain of his gaze after talking to Rent.

He’s unmistakably looking this way.

Now that I am conscious of it, Matthias’ unnatural glances made me uneasy.

From what Sir Keirai said, Matthias is truly strong. It’s different from my everyday impression of him at home, but he may be in fact, a very amazing person.

If that is the case, repeatedly sending glancing looks at children is all the more not a behavior of a high n.o.ble family’s distinguished son.

I am sure Matthias is worried about me.

His worrywart personality sunk deeply into my mind. He terribly worries whenever I do something. Disregarding my mental age, even if I say I will be fine because I am already a fifth grader, Matthias cannot accept that. After he knew I will be going to the Knight Order, I am sure he contacted them so he can watch over me and prevent me from doing anything strange.


I believe it’s safe since it’s the Knight Order Headquarters, which protects the Imperial Capital. However, it will become troublesome if it gets exposed that Matthias and I know each other.

For the time being, I can do nothing but pray that Matthias will concentrate on the fight for now.

“Maybe I’m just imagining it but Lord Matthias is looking here…”

Holding my breath, I looked at Rent seriously with a puzzled expression.

“Eh, it’s just your imagination! It’s impossible! Really impossible!”


I inadvertently raised my voice and Rent looked taken aback. I cleared my throat I feigned ignorance.

Ah, he’s really bad for my heart.

Will Matthias be alright with such a mother-hen personality?

I don’t have parents here so I am very grateful he is there, but his degree of worrying extremely surpa.s.sed the level of those normal parents. But even so, I can’t believe he’s somehow called a Knight. He is good looking, but I feel like it’s better if he had a more cool alias.

“I know you still want to watch but do you want to start talking to the Knights now?”

“Yes, the students would like to directly ask the Knights some questions. Of course, if it is alright Sir Keirai…”

The two adults had a conversation. It’s just grade school kids’ off-campus learning. Teacher will be troubled if we finished too late. It looks like a considerable time pa.s.sed since we arrived at the Knight Order.

“It’s a special opportunity so should I call other Knights? …ah, you guys! Come here for a moment!”

Sir Keirai placed his hand on his chin while pondering over it, but he quickly gave a loud call when some people wearing Knights’ uniform came.


The noisy men with excellent physique came when Sir Keirai called them.

“What is— Huuh!? These children… Sub Leader Keirai’s illegitimate children…!”

One of them placed his hand over his mouth, pretending to be astounded in an exaggerated manner.

“Wha–!? Of course not. Don’t screw around! They’re students from the grade school department who came for a field trip.”

“Is that so? Sorry, Sub Leader.”

Another man pushed the head of the one who made the joke and lowered it to Sir Keirai.

So Sir Keirai is the Sub Leader. Leaving that aside, I’m puzzled with the light mood before me. I imagined they will be more intense since they’re the so-called military.

There are five new Knights who came. The other kids had amazed looks like usual. I seem to be the only person not doing so.

“Let’s go back to the topic. You guys, you’re free for a while anyway. Stay here and answer their questions.”

“Free time, you say… We patrol group are just having a break now…”

Patrol group? It seems like they just returned from roaming around the royal palace.

“I’ll leave it to you.”

“Wai…! I get it. We will do it.”

Keirai-san went somewhere after tapping their shoulders. He looks like the serious type so he must have some work.

Five Knights lined up while facing the students. After taking out notes, a student who looked at the Knight with sparkling eyes started asking a question.

“How can I become a Knight?”

“Thank you.”

“Please give the contents of your work. ”

“Uhm… public order maintenance…”

My cla.s.smates desperately wrote down the answers of the Knights. The questions are decided and given OK by teacher beforehand, so there is no interruption in the order of things.

I looked at the small notebook which I took out from my bag and scanned the contents. I can’t seem to use the questions listed here.

“What are the things necessary to start a coffee shop? How much capital should I prepare? “

“If you cannot gather a certain number of visitors, ?”

Because I planned to go to a coffee shop, I expected to do it alone. I wanted to ask about a lot of things, it’s disappointing. I don’t know what everyone wants to ask so I lined up at the very back.

Free time~ I have no questions and I can’t use my notes so I let my eyes wander at the sky, and let them settle in the five Knights.

Then, my eyes met those of a Knight’s.


Though I think it’s strange , he averted his eyes awkwardly at once. Moreover, after pretending to look at the notes in my hand, I turned ahead sneakily. I was going to confirm what kind of person he was.

I only intended to check his appearance in secret. However, our eyes met again.

It wasn’t by chance. The knight who looks quite younger than Sir Keirai, probably wants to say something since he opened his mouth repeatedly. I only stared at him patiently. Others are concentrating on the answers, and didn’t seem to notice.

What’s the matter? The level of his stare is not just a glancing look.

“El? El? It’s your turn next.”


“Hurry up and ask a question.”

Rent urged me. Everyone finished asking and I was the only one left before I knew it.

They may be wondering why I did not react at all. Everyone’s glances focused on me.

“Uh, uhmm…”

What do I do? As long as I ask something, it can be anything related to the Knight Order.

“Uhm, you’ve been looking here for a while now…”

“You remembered me!” The person looked at me directly when I addressed him.


When he heard what I said, the Knight showed a big smile and began talking loudly.

“I did not think that you can speak. It’s me, Alois.”

“Alois… ah!”

I recalled him the moment I heard his name. When I was still a hostage, he was the person who travelled with me in the carriage.

I don’t have many acquaintances, so there was a warm feeling in my chest.

“It has been a long time. I have been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time!”

“Wait… eh?”

Something is weird. Just as I thought that, Mr. Alois stepped infront of me.

With a smooth movement, he walked until he reached before me. It may be because of the cool Knight Order uniform, but he looked bigger than the last time I saw him.

There were sounds of firm steps on the gravel.

“I am sorry for not being able to guard you that time. — Princess.”

The Knight on his knees took my hand as I lost all my strength.

“That time?”

The inside of my head became pure-white. That’s right, it was at that time. I forgot to deny Mr. Alois’ way of addressing me. Rather, it is more correct to say that I had no time to do so.

I couldn’t stop him from talking, but I need to do something and patch up this situation at the very least. Suspicious looks from he surroundings gathered at us.

Cold sweat ran on my back.

What should I do?

“Really, you~”

I clasp Mr. Alois’ hand and clenched it hard. I went behind him and urged him to stand up.

“I’m already a fifth grader, you know? I’m too old for games like that.”


I said that in a cheerful tone. As if he did not comprehend it, Mr. Alois showed a wondering expression.

I successfully forced Mr. Alois to stand up while losing balance, then continued speaking so no one would cut into my story.

“I was little and you did not see me for a long time so you won’t know!”

“What do you…”

I pinched Mr. Alois at his back with all my might before he says something unnecessary.

(Listen, just follow my lead!)

I murmured in a low voice so other people won’t hear. Alois-san nodded repeatedly like a broken toy.

“Right, right! We played the princess game when you were little!”

The surrounding people clearly wanted to ask a question when they heard that. Mr. Alois nodded more intensely than a while ago.

“Alois…? Are you former acquaintances?”

“Eh, y-yes! That’s right. We were acquainted. A long time ago, here in the Imperial Capital. Yes, right.”

Is Mr. Alois’ true nature actually an honest person? He’s so unskilled at telling lies. He shook as he responded to his colleague’s question. No matter how you consider it, he’s really trembling so much.

“Eh, but didn’t you just transferred to the Imperial Capital? It’s weird.”

This time, it was my cla.s.smate who retorted. Although I lived at the Imperial Capital before the time I entered the academy, I don’t know anything about the town. I also can’t say I was under house arrest.

“It’s not the Imperial Capital. Why did you make that kind of mistake?”

I hardened my heart and talked towards Alois-san.

The doubtful glances around us are painful.

“Ah, it was like that. I made a little mistake. We played at the countryside before…”

“Eeeh~ so it’s accidental.”

I don’t know whether they actually believed that but I can only nod in agreement.

“Then, El? What was that ‘princess’ before?”

Tch. You remembered?

The small hope I had that they forgot vanished fruitlessly.

“That, you know, it’s the p…princess game.” 

I said noncommittally.


The sight of everyone hanging their mouth open is amusing.

“It’s a make believe game where you are given roles to play. And a long time ago, I acted as the princess.”

“Heh… so it was like that.”

I can’t take it back! Even if you show sympathy, I can’t take it back! Let’s just go through this.

“The time when we played Princess and Knight, aren’t those just remains of the past? ——– Right, big brother Alois?”

I looked up at Mr. Alois, who had an expression as if he just heard something he never did before.


For some reason, the one to smash the frozen atmosphere is not anybody’s voice, but the roaring sound of explosion nearby.


Everyone stopped talking and looked at the source of the sound.

“Lord Matthias…?”

Alois raised a miserable voice.

Matthias stood near the site of explosion. The knight close by, the one sparring with him, is unable to stand up in fear. Matthias pursed his lips firmly, his expressionless face spoke of bad mood.

And then, he is glaring this way.

What happened while we were speaking? I did not look at Matthias at all so I can’t read the situation. But I acutely thought that I may be the reason since he’s looking at here.

The knight with soot on his face got up in panic, and went away from Matthias.

The Knights who were answering our questions until now dropped their voices and started talking.

“Lord Matthias is absolutely furious. Was he not satisfied with his sparring partner? But someone with Commander status is not here right now… What should we do?”

“It’s impossible for me! I heard he was taking a rest from an illness, but he didn’t weaken at all! If Lord Matthias become serious today, I’ll become cinders!”

The Knights said that Matthias might be under a lot of stress.

Right then, a good idea hit me.

I floated a smile and tugged the hem of Mr. Alois’ clothes, he stooped down a little.

“Mr. Alois, why won’t you become Matthias’ sparring partner?”

“That… it’s impossible! I can’t become his opponent!”

We talked in whispers so that our voices will not leak around.

“It’s fine. Matthias is gentle, I do not think he will turn someone into cinders. Incidentally, I want you to complain. ——- ‘Leaving aside that you kept silent about your visit here to the Knight Order, don’t look so much to my direction since it will be exposed to others that I know you.’”

Hiiiii! Mr. Alois gave a small shriek.

“I cannot say something so dreadful! I will get killed!”

But he’s the only one I can ask to deliver a message. Moreover, Mr. Alois will just expose things if he stays here since he cannot lie, it’s dangerous.

“It’s alright. Just hitting him once is enough. Come on, please?”

“I am sorry but it’s impossible! It’s absolutely impossible! It’s impossible, impossible!”

I pushed Mr. Alois, who shook his head in complete denial, towards Matthias.

“Please have mercy on me. I still want to live~~!!”


I sighed as I saw off Mr. Alois—– no, Alois who walked step by step while saying these complaints. It was too bad for him, but I have to get rid of the nuisance. Alois repeatedly bowed down several times to Matthias while saying something. He is surely conveying what I asked a while ago.

After speaking for short while, he looked at me with an expression dyed with hopelessness, as if he just received a written invitation to h.e.l.l. His eyes are asking for help.

It looks he doesn’t want to fight with Matthias very much. Sorry Alois, but Matthias’ glancing looks will now stop with this. I decided to give him my grat.i.tude, so I smiled and waved my hand.

But when Alois saw me, the color of despair in his expression strengthened even further.

“Is it strange?”

Matthias floated a smile and said something to Alois again. Then, Alois shook both his hands as if he’s denying something desperately.

Matthias answers back and Alois lowers his head again, the practice match of two people starts. The surrounding air is strained, too, and attention gathered in the training area.


The voice echoed, and it was Matthias who acted first. It may be due to the rapid speaking or it did not reach my ears, but just as soon as I thought Matthias spoke words I cannot comprehend, a pillar of fire rose in the place where Alois is.


From our side, rather than a cry, shouts of joy that contained admiration boiled.

Alois, did you burn? I thought, but just as you’d expect from a Knight. He promptly jumped to the left and dodged.

When Matthias saw that, he repeatedly bombarded magic again without giving Alois time to straighten his stance.

It’s not just the heat of the flames, I feel like even the temperature of the grounds went up at once.

Matthias’ attacks increased in number, and when the whole place was engulfed in fire, both their figures disappeared.

“…sorry, Alois. Rest in peace.”

Matthias has a merciless personality. Those eyes definitely held killing intent. When magic was mixed in, I did not think it will become an attack like this. The training grounds became h.e.l.l.

Though I was told before that Matthias is strong, I thought it was only a compliment. I can’t believe it was actually true.

“Saaave meeurgh…”

I heard a voice of someone crawling on the ground from among the dust storm. I backed away.


“It’s Alois. Princess…guhh!”

The thick smoke and cloud of dust gradually thinned, Alois appeared at the other side even though I was sure he was still fighting. He’s tattered and burnt here and there.

“Huh? Since when were you here?”

“Isn’t that cruel?! If I stayed there any longer… Uuugh… I’m absolutely going to get killed.”

Alois is in the verge of tears. When I saw the face of a sobbing man, it especially became impossible for me to give kind words.

“I slightly thought you’re no-good… This is a practice match so I expected Matthias will attack while thinking that. The spectators aren’t damaged at all… Then it just concerns Alois… No way, right?” (El)

That’s right. Not even a spark flew to the Knights standing beside me.

“What’s with that irresponsibility?! When I conveyed what Princess wanted, Lord Matthias smiled and then said ‘I see’ and started killing me with Advanced Magic! Especially after Princess waved at me, his eyes were not laughing!”

While Alois desperately appealed, voices of the other Knights reached us.

“Hey, Alois! You’re still in the middle of the match. Come back!”

“Look, they’re calling you.”

“No, thank you! This is the only safe zone. I continually trained without forgetting my regrets from the time I was a.s.signed to guard you, but I reconfirmed that the Princess and Lord Matthias are stronger. I will only ask this of you, so please save me!”

“That is, Matthias and I…”

When I answered Alois who had his hands in a worshiping manner, we heard someone’s fl.u.s.tered, loud voice.

“His Highness Prince Ricardo is approaching!”

Prince Ricardo? I inclined my head in question of the name that only I did not know. The peaceful atmosphere of the training area completely changed .

No one spoke. It’s unthinkable for a place as noisy as this, but it was wrapped in silence.

“What is happening here?”

“First Prince Ricardo appears to be coming here. He might have heard Lord Matthias visited.”

Alois told me in a low voice even as he bowed. I answered Alois without raising my head either.


“Prince Ricardo and Lord Matthias must be acquainted before entering the academy. Both of their social positions are as high as the clouds so I do not know it in detail. Which reminds me, why is the Princess also bowing her head?”

When I strained my ears, I faintly heard the sound of firm footsteps on the ground. Not just one person’s footstep. The sound grew little by little as the pace became faster.

“Why, you say? Of course, someone as great as a prince…”

Even I, understand that a prince is a person of a high position. It will be bad if he saw my face, but we never met so he may not know me.

“Uhmm… Excuse me for my impoliteness, but what is Princess’s relation to Lord Matthias?”

“He’s something like a guardian?”

I will be troubled if he asks again. Even until now, I still do not know the reason why Matthias kindly looks after me. Before, when he pressed me for questions and I said I was troubled how I should live after suddenly being thrown out, he was angry.

“I just have to make sure I will not abandon you, right?! I will follow Prince Elmer even if I die!” he pa.s.sionately stated, and it just became something unsaid since then.

“Lord Matthias is someone from the West Vern Family. They govern vast lands in the west, a great family that holds the name of Four Major Aristocrats. I cannot be compared to such an absurd social position. However, Princess addresses Lord Matthias with such familiarity… Then when it comes to it, the Princess is…? What in the world?”

Alois started worrying and fell silent. By the way, we’re having this conversation while we are kneeling and looking down like everyone.

The footsteps stop, and there are quiet arguing voices instead. Is that the voice of Matthias? It is unbearably anxious.

“That is…?”

As a conclusion, I did not see prince’s appearance. The person who appears to be the prince took the arm of Matthias who is turning to our direction. I only saw his back. Also, there is another tall man who also had his back turned.

Is he by any chance a prince?

I don’t know. But both of them must be great people. He looks like an important person so I was relieved he did not looked here.

I have a feeling that my eyes met Matthias for an instant. He had an unusually troubled expression when he looked at me but since the his companion is a prince, it may be inevitable.

“Do your best.”

I wordlessly said that by just moving my mouth, then I lowered my head again. It will be bad if I attracted attention.

After a while, the prince party left with light footsteps. The string of the tension was cut and sounds returned to the training area.

Matthias disappeared when I looked up, it seems like he was taken by the prince. I really felt they are actual friends.

“Amazing~~! I’ll boast about this in cla.s.s tomorrow!”

“You’re right.”

Including me, it goes without saying that all the students are excited.

For a while afterwards, our cla.s.smates who weren’t able to go to the Knight Order will look at us with eyes of the yearning. Thankfully, Alois seemed to have faded from everyone’s memory.

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