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Read This Curse Is Just Awesome Chapter 116 – Sword Qi, Crisscross! (1)

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Chapter 116 – Sword Qi, Crisscross! (1)

Hu, hu, hu…

The whistling wind caused Chen Yu to sway left and right as he fell.

However, his extraordinary balance allowed him to firmly control his center of gravity.


A few seconds later, he stepped firmly on the metal surface of the giant machine. He turned his direction and dashed toward the nearest engine.


As the distance between the two closed, a scorching hot air rushed toward him.

Chen Yu stopped and looked at the huge flame that was like a small mountain. He could not hide his shock.

One of the hundreds of engines was already so big…

Such a giant machine… It was really hard to imagine.

“Lord Human! Catch!”

At this moment, a BB call came from the sky.

Chen Yu looked up and saw a small black dot being thrown down.


He jumped up with all his strength and caught it. Before he landed, a voice came from within the small black dot, “Lord Human, please fix this communicator into your ear.”

“…Yes, it’s fixed.”

“Your vision is limited in the vicinity. I will also join CF’s cover and provide you with security.”


“The temperature around the engine is very high. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

“Then you can attack the A-Type engine while the giant machine is not aware of you.”


“There are two types of engines on the back and bottom of the enemy. The small B-Type and the large A-Type. A-Type…”

“I understand. A-Type has the greatest impact on its speed.”



Chen Yu landed on the ground. He covered his ears with his left hand and gripped his Tang blade tightly with his right hand. He asked, “Where is the nearest A-Type?”

“At 2 o’clock, it’s just past the four small engines. The flames it spits out are white.”


After receiving the information, he swept his eyes over the mecha that was in danger. Chen Yu burst out at full speed and rushed towards the 2 o’clock direction at lightning speed.




With every step, under the immense force, there would be a deafening sound of metal colliding.

Not long after, Chen Yu pa.s.sed through the three engines and saw the engine that was spewing white flames.

“What a high temperature.”

Touching his curly hair, Chen Yu did not hesitate and quickly closed in.

[Received damage: Qi and Blood +158]

[Received damage: Qi and Blood +270]

[Received damage: Qi and Blood +461]

[Received damage: Qi and Blood +708…]

The high temperature of the nozzle was terrifying.

As Chen Yu approached, the clothes on his body had already started to burn.

The skin that was exposed to the air also began to ooze oil and burn.

However, the reversal of the [Curse] allowed him to recover new skin and squeeze out the carbonized tissue.

The newly grown skin would be scorched at an even faster rate…


The unbearable burning pain made Chen Yu groan.

The high temperature entered his mouth, and his saliva instantly dried up. His tongue, mucous membranes, and retina all dried up.

However, he still walked forward, naked, and came to the edge of the engine by relying on his memory.

[Damage received: Blood Essence +2594]

[Damage received: Blood Essence +2677…]

“I’m almost at my limit…”

Chen Yu, whose entire body was oozing oil, roared silently. With a Level 1.2 strength and a Level 1.5 const.i.tution, he raised the glowing red Tang blade high up and stabbed it into the side of the engine!

“Ah ah!”


The sound of metal clashing resounded, and the sharp Tang blade pierced deep into the metal.


The blue current is escaping.


Crack… Crack…

Chen Yu’s muscles bulged and veins bulged all over his body, gradually widening the gap to reveal the mechanical components inside the engine.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The white flame of the engine, which had been burning hot, suddenly became smoother.

Without the protection of the insulating layer, the components exposed to the high temperature are also being destroyed.


Boom Boom…

“Lord Human, that engine is about to explode. Jump down! Quick!” BB shouted.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Yu pulled out the Tang blade and realized that the blade that had penetrated deep into the flames had already melted…

“Sir! Quick!”


Throwing away the Tang blade, Chen Yu bent his knees and straightened up!

His entire body bounced back more than ten meters.

Bzzz… Bzzz… Boom!!

Following that, the flames of the engine overflowed, and with a flash of electric light, it suddenly exploded!

The spreading air pressure sent Chen Yu ‘bouncing’ back for more than ten meters.

[Received damage: Qi and Blood +3211]


A mouthful of old blood spurted out.


Just as Chen Yu was about to fall, CF operating the mecha that had communicated with BB flew over, hugged Chen Yu, and turned in midair to block the explosion damage that followed closely behind.

“Cough… Cough cough…”

“Lord Human, are you alright?” CF asked nervously.

Chen Yu spat out the burnt mucous membrane and touched the top of his head. “I’m bald.”


“It’s good that I’m bald. It’s good that I’m bald…” Turning around, looking at the engine that was still exploding below, Chen Yu said, “Throw me over to BB.”


CF nodded heavily. After piloting the mecha to fly a few dozen meters into the air, he swung its hands and threw Chen Yu away.

To humans, the Glorious Light troops were respectful.

But at this moment, in CF’s heart, other than being respectful, he was more admiring towards Chen Yu…

CF: “Catch!”

BB: “Understood.”


BB made a sharp turn and dodged the oncoming plate. Then, she abruptly changed directions and flew in a Z shape to catch Chen Yu. At the same time, she opened the chest door.

“Lord… Lord, your skin…”

“What’s wrong with my skin?” Chen Yu patted the charred mess on his body, revealing his fair skin. “Isn’t this skin run?”

“This… What’s going on…” BB could not understand.

“Let’s not talk about it. How much can a damaged A-Type engine reduce its speed?”

BB immediately used the chip in his body to calculate. “Reduce its endurance by 3.35%.”

“It’s far from enough.”


Holding the chest door of the mech, Chen Yu lowered his head to look at the huge machine that was ‘waving’ its firepower. “I still have to go down and destroy it.”

“But your knife…” BB looked at Chen Yu.

“Yes, there’s no knife.” Chen Yu also looked at BB, especially at the hilt of the sword above her head. “But you have a sword.”

Hearing this, BB did not hesitate. She bent down and lowered her head, sending the hilt of the sword above her head to Chen Yu. “Sir… pull it out!”

“Then I’ll pull it out.”

“Mm! Pull it out.”

Standing on the mecha, Chen Yu steadied his body. He extended his hand and grabbed the hilt of BB’s sword with force.


In an instant, a sound that seemed to echo from the depths of his soul swept through her entire body.

The feeling of blood fusing together caused gooseb.u.mps to rise all over Chen Yu’s body.

“This is…” Chen Yu was shocked.

“What’s wrong with you?” BB was confused. “Pull it out?”


After a long silence, Chen Yu slowly pulled out his sword. For some reason, his eyes turned red uncontrollably.

“This is mine…”

“This is my sword…”

“I know it…”

“I’ve known it for many, many years…”

Gently stroking the sword, Chen Yu’s breathing quickened. “Where did this sword come from?”

“It’s been a part of me for as long as I can remember.” BB raised her head. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Why do I feel that it’s so familiar since I held it…”


“…” Chen Yu opened his right hand and compared the patterns on the hilt. His pupils constricted.

The palm patterns on his palm and the patterns on the hilt…

Were the same…


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