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Read This Curse Is Just Awesome Chapter 121 – Server (2)

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Chapter 121 – Server (2)

“Is this the switch for the channel’s power?”

“Yes.” BB nodded. “After you turn off the switch, remember to destroy the console. Otherwise, the server can still be controlled remotely.”


Standing up, Chen Yu held his sword and rushed back into the power grid.

After returning to the hall, following BB’s instructions, he pressed four b.u.t.tons and pulled the ceramic handle on the leftmost side.



The electrical grid in the tunnel behind him was immediately extinguished.

Then, Chen Yu swung his long sword and cut the control panel in half…

Zizi… Boom!

The table exploded.

Without the electrical grid’s barrier, in just a few minutes, BB ran and teleported all the way to the hall.

“This is it.” Chen Yu pointed at the metal door in front of him.

“Let me measure the thickness first.” BB stood where she was, shooting out low-frequency sound waves that were invisible to the naked eye from her bangs.

After a while, she nodded. “It’s not too thick. I can teleport through it.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Quickly.”

“But spatial displacement is limited by the radius of the plane. We have to be close to it so that we won’t be cut by the ‘edge’ of spatial displacement.”

“No problem.”

“Also… Give me the… Sword… Sword…” BB lowered her head. “It can increase the distance of translation.”

Hearing that, Chen Yu immediately stabbed the long sword back into BB’s head.

The two walked to the door and hugged each other.

BB closed her eyes to sense. “Lord, be tighter.”



“Lower your head slightly and retract your leg.”


“Straighten your back.”

“Okay, okay…”

“I’m going!”

As she said that, BB opened her eyes and activated the signal on the motherboard in her body. “Three, two…”



Chen Yu only felt a blur in front of his eyes. He did not feel any weightlessness or discomfort as he arrived at the other side of the metal door.

“Lord, it’s done.” BB released her grip, took two steps back, and looked around. “We’ve already entered.”

Behind the door, there was also a hall.

However, it was different from the former. This place was filled with animal and plant specimens.

Among them, there were humans…

Walking to a human specimen, Chen Yu carefully observed it.

He saw that the little boy’s internal organs had been hollowed out, and he was soaked in a liquid that was similar to formalin.

His brown eyes still retained the fear of dying.

BB walked over and looked at him for a while before bowing deeply to the little boy.

“This is the second human adult I’ve met.”

“…” Chen Yu did not reply. He walked along the path and arrived at the second door.

Creak, creak, creak–


Just as the two of them were about to use the same trick again and wanted to ‘teleport’ through, the door actually opened automatically.

Chen Yu and BB looked at each other as they waved the dust.

“Is it inviting us in?” Chen Yu asked.

“I think so.”

“Did it see that it couldn’t stop us, so it decided to go all out and beg us to spare its life?”

Chen Yu sneered and strode into the next hall filled with specimens.

Creak — Dong!

The third metal door opened.

“Sir… We…” BB hesitated.

“Don’t worry about it. Keep going.”






As the doors opened one by one, the two quickly approached the center of the s.p.a.ceship.

And the items placed in each hall were not limited to the specimens of animals and plants. There were more and more forms.

There were rusted steam engines.

There were paper books that had been through the vicissitudes of life.

There were cla.s.sic Apple 4S phones.

There were also precious antiques from certain dynasties.

Famous paintings, watches, cars, necklaces, flags of various countries were all included.

“I didn’t expect this alien civilization to be a collector.”

“What a brilliant civilization humanity is.” BB held up a book labeled ‘Const.i.tution’ and her thoughts were in a daze. “It actually collapsed just like that…”

“Oh, right.” Chen Yu suddenly asked, “What kind of attack methods does the server have?”

“I’m not sure. The alien server has always been a mystery. Glory doesn’t have much information about it, but we can guarantee that there is no high-energy mechanical reaction inside this old s.p.a.ceship.”

“I feel that this server is too fearless.” Chen Yu narrowed his eyes. “Is it playing the empty city strategy?”

“Why don’t we… Retreat?” BB suggested.


After a moment of silence, Chen Yu shook his head and continued walking forward.

The S Grade synthetic fluid was right in front of him. He, Chen Yu, had already taken off his pants. How could he go back?

He pa.s.sed through two more rooms.

When he reached the ninth hall, he found that the decorations around him had become specimens again.

However, they were no longer animals and plants from Earth..

They were a large, green-colored, strange creature…

Through his cervical vertebrae, limbs, tailbone, and other parts of his body, he could tell that they were probably ‘primates.’

“Lord Human, it’s an alien civilization!”

BB gripped the hilt of her sword above her head. “It’s recorded in the Glory Database.”

“They are the intelligent life forms that invaded Earth?”


“It should be abnormal for them to make themselves into specimens…” After circling around a specimen, Chen Yu was deep in thought. “In that case…”

Creak — Dong!

Before Chen Yu could come up with any a.n.a.lysis, another metal door opened.

When he came back to his senses, he heard the sound and looked over. He could see groups of black boxes soaked in liquid nitrogen behind the door.

“That must be the server.”

“Yes.” BB nodded.

“Very good…”

Chen Yu twisted his neck and released a force fluctuation of Level 1.2 as he walked step by step into the last hall.


BB also pulled out her long sword and cautiously followed beside Chen Yu.


Clang! Clang…

The two of them walked to the liquid nitrogen pool with heavy footsteps.

The metal door behind them closed with a ‘dong’ sound.

BB quickly turned around to take a look.

Chen Yu did not move. He just stared at the liquid nitrogen pool. “Come out. Your crystal is about to explode.”

Bloop, bloop, bloop…

The liquid nitrogen boiled.

Then, the hall lit up!


Pa! Pa! Pa…

The lights that looked like searchlights converged and projected a virtual image of a human female out of thin air.

“h.e.l.lo, human.” The female slowly raised her head.

“h.e.l.lo, alien server.” Chen Yu also looked at her.

However, BB’s expression changed drastically, and she retreated more than ten steps in fear. “How… How is this possible…”

“You… You are…”



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