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Read This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome Chapter 577 – Confrontation Of The Divine Transformation Realm

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Chapter 577: Confrontation of the Divine Transformation Realm

The divine power was like a prison!

The terrifying threat spread everywhere, covering hundreds of miles around the scene within the blink of an eye.

Everyone was left stunned. There was only one explanation for such a terrifying pressure to be released: it was the work of the Old Ancestor in the Divine Transformation Realm.

One person said, “The Old Ancestor of Taichu Path has finally appeared, but I’m afraid he’s too late!”

Many people felt the same, also believing that it was too late.

However, they all thought that something was off. While it was obvious that not much time had pa.s.sed in reality, it felt as if it had been a century.

This was because Lu Xuan was a very efficient killer.

Even if there was a war between two Holy Lands, people couldn’t have been killed or injured this much during the battle without fighting for at least a few years.

Generally speaking, the people who died or got injured were the low-leveled cannon fodder.

High-level officials were often under close protection. It was only in the crucial battles that they would’ve been sacrificed to achieve their strategic purpose.

It was no different from how things were now. Lu Xuan had slaughtered the enemy one by one, who had been powerless to fight back. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Ever since Lu Xuan used the Thunder Dragon’s magic to blow through the mountain of Taichu Path, it did not take long until Lu Xuan had fought back. At least, it had not taken as long as everyone thought.

Now the chaotic scene was littered with corpses and injured people. Even the Sacred Son Yan Han, who had been a proud expert of Taichu Path for sustaining the next generation, was almost killed.

Even if he was not dead yet, he was pretty much out of breath!

At that moment, the Great Ancestor of Taichu Path had also appeared. Although many people believed that he had arrived late, he was actually very early.


People only heard a terrifying sound sweeping out and tingling people’s ears. Immediately afterward, they saw a huge hand being condensed from plenty of spirit qi in the sky that was at least a few meters long and wide. It fiercely pressed down towards Lu Xuan.

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

This hand had been formed very quickly, pressing downward at an even faster rate. All it took was one slap to make the sky fall apart.

It directly landed on Lu Xuan.


This big hand fell to the ground with immense force, leaving in the ground a large crater with a radius of thousands of meters. At the center of the crater was a big hand, while the center itself had cracks going in all directions.

At that moment, many people began to wonder, “Is Lu Xuan… dead?”

The attack that had landed just now was so fast that they were not able to react to it. Was Lu Xuan going to fall like this?

However, they looked up to find Lu Xuan in the sky a thousand meters from where they stood.

By the time that big hand condensed from qi had descended, he had already dodged it.

Thousands of meters seemed shorter, as Lu Xuan had instantly warped that far. His body was very strong, which was also terrifying.

From the depths of Taichu Path, a loud voice said, “Die!”

As it spoke, an even more terrifying pressure swept across.

Immediately afterward, people only saw that in the sky, the immense spirit qi was guided by a terrifying Spiritual Aether like a raging tide to form big hands. Dozens of qi-condensed hands were instantly formed.

Each qi-condensed hand was thousands of meters long and wide, blocking out the sun. It was as if a rain cloud was hanging in the air.


Everyone in the crowd sucked in a breath of cold air. The countless big hands were so terrifying that even if they were just hanging high up in the sky, it made everyone feel as if the world had been turned upside down.

If it had been them, they would have most likely been annihilated from just one of the big hands.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The numerous qi-condensed hands all attacked. To everyone’s surprise, they were displaying the ultimate fist technique. Suddenly, they all headed towards Lu Xuan like a torrent.

These hands had blocked off any escape routes that Lu Xuan could’ve taken. Not even Lu Xuan was able to counter the attack.

One person exclaimed in shock, “He is going to die!”

Even with the strength of one of the hands, such power would’ve been more terrifying than the all-out attack between Lu Xuan and Yan Han earlier.

After all, it was the Divine Transformation Realm. Even if Lu Xuan had great strength, there was no way for him to escape when he was surrounded by such a powerful attack.

At that moment, Lu Xuan looked at the numerous big hands that were descending upon him from the sky. Although they hadn’t landed on him yet, the wild tide from the descent made him feel as if boundless spirit qi was crushing his body to suffocate him.

As an ordinary expert who was half a step in the Divine Transformation Realm, there was no way for him to fight back!

Although Lu Xuan was a far better combatant than other cultivators who were half a step into the Divine Transformation Realm, he still did not dare to underestimate this horrifying attack.

He had to take all possible opportunities!

Just then, Lu Xuan also exploded.


A series of bright red circles formed. People could easily see spirit qi and blood directly bursting out and turning into a huge shock wave that spread in all directions, with Lu Xuan himself at the center.

Then, the Auric Flower on top of Lu Xuan’s head became increasingly brighter.


Lu Xuan immediately disappeared on the spot. When he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of a qi-condensed hand.

Lu Xuan let out a long roar before punching out with his fist.

Suddenly, a Golden Dragon covered with bright red qi and blood burst out from between his fingers and roared against the huge qi-condensed hand.


The impact made it seem as if the entire world was trembling. The huge Golden Dragon went on a rampage, directly colliding with the qi-condensed hand.

Suddenly, it burst into a terrifying light. It was as if a comet had hit the earth.

Just for a moment, it seemed as if the sky was falling apart!

Immediately afterward, people saw that the Golden Dragon had torn open the big qi-condensed hand and directly dispersed it.

Everyone saw that the qi-condensed hand had been beaten and collapsed. The primordial spirit contained within this hand was destroyed. All that remained was the endless spirit qi that was falling apart in front of everyone, like a huge snow mountain collapsing. Then the spirit qi scattered all across the sky.


All everyone heard was a cold hum before they saw that the spirit qi that had scattered from the collapse of the hand had condensed once again.

It only took a brief moment for the hand to return to its original form. Such an attack could be defeated once, but it could not be completely wiped out.

Behind Lu Xuan, more than a dozen hands that were condensed from spirit qi headed towards Lu Xuan until they were less than 100 meters behind him.


In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen hands had completely obscured the spot where Lu Xuan was just standing.


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