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Read This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome Chapter 867 – Nowhere To Run

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Chapter 867: Nowhere to Run

After saying goodbye to his sisters, Lu Xuan left the Holy Nun Gate, understanding that each movement of his would be tracked by Li Shou.

However, he already had an idea about where to go.

It was none other than the Tempest Ocean that took up 70% of the Tempest Ocean Realm.

Most of the Tempest Continent was controlled by the Xuanhuo Sect. They had been expanding their influence and arranging people at every corner of the continent for the past few years. No one could tell how many people were scattered all around the Tempest Continent.

The only thing they knew was that the Xuanhuo Sect had a base in every part of the land, to the point where they would be able to find a person belonging to the sect everywhere.

The only place where the Xuanhuo Sect had no jurisdiction was the Tempest Ocean. That was the only place where Lu Xuan could ensure that the pursuers from the Xuanhuo Sect would not catch up with him.

Lu Xuan had no choice but to try to combine all three flowers into one and step into the Consolidation Realm while he was still in the Tempest Ocean Realm. There was no restriction towards the realm of a higher level there.

The two problems that Lu Xuan was facing were the time and abundance of resources he would need to break through.

It was obvious that the Xuanhuo Sect would not give him that much time nor the chance to collect the resources he needed to strengthen himself.

However, the situation was different in the Tempest Ocean. Not only was the ocean not controlled by the Xuanhuo Sect, but it also hosted a ton of resources for one to scour.

It was a land of treasure, a place where the Four Holy Lands on the Tempest Continent sought to take over but did not have the ability to harvest its resources due to the extreme dangers that lurked among the ocean.

Despite being known as the Five Consolidations of the Four Holy Lands in the Tempest Ocean Realm, their t.i.tle was only limited to the Tempest Continent and not the Tempest Ocean as no one could clearly tell how many Consolidation Realm monster kings were lurking among the water.

In terms of ranking, the human cultivators were at the bottom. The reason that they were able to control the continent was that they could work together, while the monster kings preferred to work alone.

These monsters had been at each other’s throats for years and even treated others as food rather than living things. If they were to come to a common understanding and work together, it would be impossible for the humans to be where they were now.

It would be catastrophic if someone was able to bring the monster kings together.

The reason Lu Xuan knew about it was that someone managed to accomplish that in his previous life. A huge war broke out in the Tempest Ocean Realm, where Earth was even affected by it.

Fortunately, it wasn’t bound to happen for a few hundred years. Thus, Lu Xuan did not have to worry about it just yet.

Just a hundred miles away from the Holy Nun Gate, Li Shou stood on top of a mountain with his arms behind his back.

He had already felt that Lu Xuan had left the Holy Nun Gate and gave a sly and cold smile.

That Lin Ziyi, she keeps saying that she will protect Lu Xuan. Who would’ve thought that she chased him out not long after I left… Looks like words about her being a trustworthy person are fake.

“Lu Xuan! You will draw your last breath today! This is the price you’ll have to pay for offending me!”

The thought of being able to slay Lu Xuan made his smile grow even wider. His face was filled with expectation.

Li Shou waited for a few seconds before floating into the air and chased after Lu Xuan.

One day had pa.s.sed since then. High up in the sky, the Thunderbolt Wings flapped behind Lu Xuan as he cut through the sky at supersonic speed.

Despite how fast he was moving, he could feel that someone was closing in from behind.

Lu Xuan’s speed was already the fastest one could reach in the Three Flower Realm. He was even faster than Xiaoyao Hou, who used Xiaoyao Movement Art and Blood Escape to boost his speed. Even with that, Lu Xuan was able to catch up with Xiaoyao Hou instantly.

Yet, Li Shou was at a completely different level. As a cultivator in the Consolidation Realm, he was able to outrun Lu Xuan.

The difference in strength between the two realms was not something that could be compensated easily.

No matter how powerful the Three Flower Realm sounded, it was still part of the Divine Transformation Realm.

It was no secret that the gap between the Divine Transformation Realm and the Three Flower Realm was huge.

Even though Li Shou was the weakest among the Five Consolidations, he was still stronger than Lu Xuan.

Li Shou’s speed was slightly faster than Lu Xuan’s, and after a day of soaring through the sky, the former was catching up with the latter.

Lu Xuan knew he was now getting closer to the famous Tempest Ocean as he could hear the waves crashing against the rocks. However, the waves sounded more like monsters growling in the ocean.

Normal people would’ve gone crazy if they were to hear the monster-like growl. It was so loud that no conversation could be held.

Lu Xuan charged straight towards the Tempest Ocean without any hesitation.

“Do you think you can lose me once you enter the Tempest Ocean? In your dreams!”

Li Shou scoffed as he watched Lu Xuan slowly disappeared into the ocean after reaching the edge.

The vice-leader of the Xuanhuo Sect was a little frustrated as he could not believe that even after spending a full day, he had only shortened the distance between him and Lu Xuan but still could not catch up to his target.

It was unprecedented for a Consolidation Realm cultivator to struggle to catch up to a Three Flower Realm cultivator.

If word of it were to get out, Li Shou would’ve been the biggest joke of the decade.

He could not believe that a Three Flower Realm pract.i.tioner could actually reach such a speed.

The reason Li Shou was able to move that fast was only that he was in the Consolidation Realm, and his body was able to handle the intense wind speed. In comparison, if Xiaoyao Hou was in the Consolidation Realm, he would easily outrun Li Shou with his Xiaoyao Movement Art.

What Li Shou could not understand how Lu Xuan could be so powerful.

From his understanding, Lu Xuan had no weakness. He excelled in speed, power, magic, and spell. Li Shou knew that if Lu Xuan had to go or else he would be a threat in the future.

Li Shou charged into the Tempest Ocean and could now see the near hundred-meter tall waves. .h.i.tting the edge of the Tempest Continent.

Lu Xuan charged through waves after waves like a cannonball. In the midst of his travel, he spotted countless monsters hiding among the waves, ready to jump their prey.

Lu Xuan had become their target. Fortunately, Lu Xuan was faster than them, and none of them was able to catch up with him.

As he continued to travel through the ocean, he could feel the presence that was chasing after him getting closer.

“Lu Xuan! You’re dead!” Li Shou roared as soon as he saw Lu Xuan.

It only took a second for Li Shou to send out a firey hand towards Lu Xuan.


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