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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one one seven – Double King Phenomenon

“w.a.n.g Batian, you harmed innocent people for your own selfish cause, it is a sin.” Yin Suye’s low voice rang directly over Capital’s s.p.a.ce.

Not only the people who just arrived at the scene heard it, even the people in Capital who were awakened by their battle could clearly hear what Yin Suye said about w.a.n.g Batian’s crime.

“How did you find out about this matter?”

When w.a.n.g Batian knew the limits of his lifespan, he tried many methods in order to survive longer, including an extremely cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y way like experimenting with people. However, doing a living experiment is not a glorious thing. Therefore, in order to prevent the matter from being exposed and affect his prestige in the human race, he concealed the whole thing very tightly. Those experiment specimen couldn’t run away, and those who helped him with the experiment were controlled by him, so w.a.n.g Batian has always been rea.s.sured. But he did not expect that not only Yin Suye knew about it, he also rescued those guinea pigs out. In front of evidence and witnesses, even if w.a.n.g Batian is the Supreme King, he won’t have any way to completely suppress this matter in a short time.

The betting chip in Yin Suye’s hand was too ruthless, choosing to expose all his evil deeds to the people of the world, leaving him with no time to prepare himself. And now, unless he has the ability to kill all the people who have heard about this matter, it will not be long before the good reputation he has acc.u.mulated disappear from this matter.

“w.a.n.g Batian, you refused the nature of life, and tried to change your fate/lifespan, this is a sin.” Yin Suye continued his words as if he did not hear w.a.n.g Batian’s question, talking by himself.

“My life is controlled by me, not the Heaven!”

Although w.a.n.g Batian don’t really care for the answer to his previous question, he scoffed at Yin Suye’s second accusation. Cultivation is originally a thing that goes against the Heaven. He has been continually winning in the struggle against Heaven1Meaning that cultivation is going against the Heaven because humans are not meant to be celestial being. And every time he managed to level up, he is considered a winner in his struggle against the Heaven before he managed to cultivate until the last stage. This is why, when he knows the limits of his life, he didn’t accept his fate but desperately sought the way to crack the law.

“Your third sin was that you want to kill me.” Yin Suye unhurriedly spat out, thinking that this the biggest crime among the crimes that w.a.n.g Batian has committed.

“As a Supreme King, I don’t have to be petty with a minor person.”

w.a.n.g Batian is not a fool. He felt that Yin Suye somehow had an insight that he(WBT) would kill him, that’s why he(YSY) keep going against him. This caused w.a.n.g Batian to hate Yin Suye in his heart, and at the same time he was annoyed with his own carelessness. However, he hated Yin Suye more at his way of doing thing like not leaving room for leeway. He(YSY) got into a fight with him and deliberately made such a big move, just so he could lure the people from Capital to come and completely exposed him to everyone. Facing everyone, w.a.n.g Batian had to defend himself first in order to save his image.

“Because you don’t want me to reveal your evil personality, and even more afraid that I will replace your position as the Supreme King. So when I just finished my Fate Subst.i.tution and was still very weak, you want to kill me, just to prevent the Double King Phenomenon.”

Yin Suye’s voice was very low and the calm on his face was a kind of indifference, but one don’t know why it makes people feel cold in the back, and they can’t help feeling a chill in their heart. This time, Yin Suye changed his usual style of talking very less and started to explain the ups and down of the matter in detailed. Although his words have a lot of ‘quality’, his purpose was just to let everyone believe his hypothesis and make them believe that he is on the same side with the Heavens! Because with this, he is already morally invincible!

“You are talking nonsense!”

Although w.a.n.g Batian said he didn’t believe it, but a storm has already brewing in his heart. The Double King Phenomenon?! Really Double King Phenomenon?! No wonder that Yin Suye can exude the pressure of a Supreme King before this and can compete with him; all of the answers are here!

Double King Phenomenon, this phenomenon is actually a situation that can never happen but only in the legend. Because there can only be one Supreme King. Once a race has two Supreme Kings at the same time, it means that one of the Supreme Kings must have done something not allowed by Heaven, so G.o.d chose a new one to replace the former Supreme King. Therefore, when Yin Suye mention about the Double King Phenomenon, w.a.n.g Batian knew that he is doomed.

At this point, he finally understood that he was thoroughly played by Yin Suye’s tricks. When Yin Suye first met him, he(YSY) deliberately showed his weakness to lower his(WBT) vigilance, and then threw out a bait – knowing how to extend his life, luring him to hook. At the same time, in order not to let anyone use the crime of colluding with the demon against him(YSY), Yin Suye first exposed the ident.i.ty of his companion as a demon and initiated the Fate Subst.i.tution to change their fate. When he finally confirmed his success in Fate Subst.i.tution, Yin Suye no longer concealed his strength, burst out with the strength of a Supreme King, and took him by surprise. Later, when he was still stunned by the development, he(YSY) deliberately brought those people who had been used by him to experiment, exposing what he did and letting him lose the heart of his citizen. Lastly, he mentioned about the story of the Double King Phenomenon, everyone would naturally mistake him(WBT) as the Supreme King who was not approved by the Heaven due to his previous evil deeds, so that the world would not continue to stand at his side. Because helping him means going against the G.o.d.

In this way, Yin Suye effortlessly justified his name as the new Supreme King and took the opportunity to transfer the human race’s support to his hands. In an instant, their position was completely reversed! This scheme from Yin Suye’s is extremely deep ah!

w.a.n.g Batian has never felt so regretful before. If he knew that Yin Suye might be a Supreme King earlier, he would definitely choose to kill him right away even if Yin Suye knew how to extend his life. At the very least, he is still the Supreme King with infinitely beautiful future, and won’t be in such a completely pa.s.sive situation.

“d.a.m.n you!” w.a.n.g Batian, who thought he had figured everything out, lost all of his reasoning in an instant.

The only thought in his mind was as long as Yin Suye is killed, he will still be the Supreme King above millions of people! Even if the group of fools refuse to accept him at that time, they could only surrender to his pressure as a Supreme King. Without thinking anymore further, w.a.n.g Batian mobilized all his power as the Supreme King. His whole body exuded a golden light, attacking towards Yin Suye…

Facing w.a.n.g Batian’s full-scale attack, Yin Suye’s expression was light and in his eyes were pure chilly. His calm expression looked like he has completely predicted the situation where w.a.n.g Batian will go out of control. His palm turned over, and a medicinal pill with a faint l.u.s.ter appeared in his hand. Without hesitation, he threw it directly into his mouth…

In an instant, Yin Suye’s body also burst out into a strong golden light… He raised his hand and received w.a.n.g Batian’s attack. The collision of the two forces, exploded with more beautiful fireworks…

The pill that Yin Suye has just eaten was prepared by himself long time ago, it was used to forcefully increase his strength. Although there will be serious aftereffects on his body, but the pill can improve ones’ strength by one stage, letting his power breakthrough directly from Imperial stage level 9 to Supreme King stage, which is why his strength can now be equal with w.a.n.g Batian.

When he first returned to Capital, Yin Suye already had the idea to deal with w.a.n.g Batian and replace his position. Double King Phenomenon will undoubtedly be his best excuse. ……

No matter how Yin Suye and w.a.n.g Batian fights, everyone around them could only feel the pressure like Mount Taishan weighing down on them. Those who dared to come here to watch the battle at close quarters were all stronger people, but under the strong pressure everyone only felt that breathing was difficult, became red in the face. When they saw that Yin Suye broke out with a golden light as well, a storm started raging in their heart.

Who can imagine that Yin Suye, who the higher society in the Capital never put in their eye, has such terrifying strength?! Golden light was a light unique to the Supreme King. In other words, Yin Suye really has the strength of a Supreme King?!

Although everyone started to listen to Yin Suye talking about Double King Phenomenon, but they always felt surreal. After all, Double King Phenomenon is only a thing in the legend. But when this phenomenon really happened, they simply couldn’t believe it. For a moment, everyone was completely convinced of Yin Suye’s hypothesis. They felt that w.a.n.g Batian must have done something wrong that G.o.d decided to make Yin Suye the new Supreme King.

After all, the power of the law is the root of the continent [Mowu Dalu]! It is an existence that no one can go against at!

One have to say that Yin Suye’s plan is very successful. He turned all the humans from w.a.n.g Batian’s side to his side without wasting any effort. In an instant, the way everyone looked at Yin Suye has completely changed! They could only think that Yin Suye’s gorgeous face is the most beautiful face they have seen. Under the golden light, yin Suye looked like a holy phoenix of 9 skies2九天神凤 – not sure what is this ah _(;3/ . Flashy yet sharp, arrogant and overbearing, aloof and decisive…

It’s really too dazzling!

Raw Word Count : 2849

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