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Read Those Sweet Times Chapter 2 Part2

Those Sweet Times is a web novel completed by Jiu Xiao Qi, 酒小七.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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h.e.l.lo all!

With the end of The Most Majestic You, Those Sweet Times will be moving to
a Tuesday/Thursday release schedule. Enjoy!

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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 2 Part 2

Shen Zemu, holding the tray, slowly strode away with his long legs to
look for a table. Waiwai followed him and asked with uncertainty, “Is
‘grade school kid’ a new pickup line?”


“Yeah, Xiang Nuan is a G.o.ddess, how can she be a grade school kid.”
Waiwai murmured, then he remembered something. He lightly nudged
Shen Zemu’s elbow with a smile, “I heard that Xiang Nuan is also playing
Kings of Glory. How about it? Are you interested in carrying her?”

“If every member of our club needs my help, I would have died from
exhaustion long ago.”

“She’s different. She’s pretty.”

“So?” Shen Zemu indifferently lifted his eyebrows.

Waiwai suddenly realized that Shen Zemu was always chased after by
beautiful girls. Therefore, just being good looking wasn’t a good reason for
Shen Zemu to teach a girl how to play a game……

Waiwai was saddened by the fact that Shen Zemu was always surrounded
by pretty girls while he was just by himself. He sarcastically teased Shen Zemu,
“There are so many pretty girls chasing after you, why haven’t I seen you fall in
love? I know, you’re gay, right? Ha! Hahaha!”

Shen Zemu raised the corner of his eye and glanced over at him.

Waiwai’s heart skipped a beat, “You……aren’t interested in me, are you?”

“Even if I’m gay, I would still be picky. I can’t really fall for someone like you.”

Waiwai felt that he had been severely insulted. He stayed put and indignantly
watched the back of Shen Zemu as he walked away. “Hey! We can’t be friends

They were back to being friends that night.

When Xiang Nuan logged in the game that night, she found many WeChat friends
inviting her to play the game.

She was happily surprised.

Xiang Nuan told Min Lili, “Maybe they all discovered my superb talent underneath
my noobie look? They all have good senses.”

Min Lili was amused, “Please take a look at yourself in the mirror. They all came to
you because of your good looks. They have a very simple purpose. Don’t doubt it.”

Xiang Nuan still felt that not everyone was that superficial.

As she mulled it over, she received another invitation to form a team.

It was from president Waiwai. She hurriedly accepted.

After she was on the team, she found that Shen Zemu was in it as well. Looking at
his id, she lightly exhaled, her heart was beating faster.

Then she felt embarra.s.sed when she thought about what had happened at lunch

Shen Zemu didn’t say anything as if he didn’t know her again.

Xiang Nuan’s performance was no different than last night. She was either dying or
on the road to death. Min Lili glanced over at the screen on Xiang Nuan’s cell phone
from time to time while studying. After a while, Min Lili asked, “Nuannuan, why don’t
you turn the screen brighter?”

Xiang Nuan explained, “It’s dark because I got killed. It’ll come back after I get revived.”

Min Lili: “Oh, I see. I haven’t ever seen the screen light up.”

“Gah, do you know how to even have a conversation.” Xiang Nuan was ashamed,
pushing Min Lili’s head away.

Translated by Team DHH at


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